Stay tuned for my tutorial series on making & releasing your first game. I am completing the first couple of episodes at the moment.

In the mean time, enjoy this short Unboxing vid as we take a look at the Judy Hopps figure from Revoltech.

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Speedsculpting a lil' antbot pogchamp in SculptrVR
Thanks to Jayce Neal for the music.

Check back later for a link to the model (Exporting is being glitchy right now)

1.3 Hours sculpt
Using SculptrVR (Steam Version) with Occulus Quest 2
Captured with OBS Studio
Edited in Vegas 18

You know you screwed up when you make Chris Cuomo stop being retarded for a whole five minutes.

How to dodge the F.E.M.A. camps in 8 easy steps (with pictures!)
(I don't know who originally created this. Archiving it here.)

Agent 47 is back in IO Interactive's latest installment of the long running looter shooter action RPG franchise: HITMAN. An engaging globe-trotting spy thriller set in the not too distant cyberpunk dystopia. Today we see if the game is any good. (Spoiler: Yes but it's marred by online-only connectivity).

Games as a service are a blight.

Thanks to Jayce Neal for the music.

Why did ABC present this like it's real?
Don't just trust my video, verify for yourself:

Reuploading because it's fair use.
If the original creator wants this taken down, contact me and verify you have a stable version of this beautiful video accessible to the people .
(I did not create this, just archiving it)

Just wanted to make a short rant about how Biden Picked Kamala Harris.

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If you are interested in making video games without having to code, then this is exactly the video you need to watch. There's a lot of options out there, and very few right answers. In fact the RIGHT answer to this question will shock you.

Spoiler: Just use Unity. Learning C# especially in Unity is an order of magnitude easier than learning the proprietary alternatives in these "easy" and "codeless" game engines.

For anyone interested in getting started with C# and Unity - Brackey's has great tutorials for beginners and advanced users alike.

Background music:


Many great games have been made in the engines I rip on (except RPG maker). I think that these games are great DESPITE their "easy" engines, not because of them.

The BEST examples of games that come out of these engines tend to be very simplistic in terms of actual gameplay, and they stand out due to the brilliant art and stories. I love both Undertale and Hotline Miami (game maker studio) but it's aesthetics that makes these games stand out.

If you like working with these engines, that's great. At the end of the day everyone should use what they are most comfortable with.

I just argue that learning a programming language, and using a conventional engine will actually be quicker and easier than the "easy" alternatives.

The easy alternatives only appear "easy" because programming appears "hard".


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