So, the LGBTQ "PRIDE" parade happened with thousands of people with not much of social distancing and there was not much criticism or government action against it. You might think I am a discriminatory racist classist white man. Let me tell you who I am.

I am a Puerto Rican man who, at 50 years old have seen how we passed from the anti-discrimination era ( also was called the color-blind era ) of the '80s Where our idols were Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson ( when he was black ) Bill Cosby ( before the... ) Run DMC, and also Rob Halford and Freddy Mercury ( Both LGBTQ ), to the WOKE era that is the most contradictory era when it comes to discrimination, tolerance, etc.

I also remember that we were convinced in the '90s of the injustice that didn't allow same-sex marriages leaving homosexual partners out of the picture as if the relationship never happened. But there was an argument of the church back then that the legality for same-sex marriages were threatening the church freedom to refuse participation in an activity that THE BIBLE opposed. Christians were convinced by the LGBTQ community ( 2000-2010 ) that wasn't the purpose. My were we fooled.

Now there is my question: Is the LGBTQ community getting a pass when everyone including the Church aren’t? Why?

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The problem of buzz words as it is with group mentality is that bypasses elements required to do a real assessment of reality.

The book of Jude describes in verse 4, 8 and 11 how to recognize a false teacher in the Church.

Eather you tube buried the videos of migrants destroying businesses and properties to further the supposed victimhood image of them and the liberal government opportunistic political gain. If you find the show the world what is going

FAKE NEWS this time from Tame's and they were not careful. #EACrespo #fake #news

When activist disguises themselves as reporters the media lose credibility. Jim Acosta is a Democrat hack. Why is CNN keeping him? what's the purpose of CNN?

. #Jim #Acosta #fake #news

An introductory very short description of some of the reasons why I stop believing in socialism.


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