Howdy Reloaders. Here I summarized the SatterLee load development for my Savage 110 in 6.5CM. Adding in the Round Robin can help really point to what ladder charges will be best for your rifle. Both these techniques are velocity based. Satterlee relies on chrono readings, Round Robin relies on good steady shot placement down at your applied range. Enjoy!

First shots out of the new AR in 6x45 (6mm 223). Also proving a load on the Savage 110 in 6.5CM and for fun Shooting a SKS long range with tracers!

Took 4 days to build. Thx to Nathan @ The Reloading Press


Achieving better velocities using Starline Small Rifle Primed brass and CCI 250 magnum primers behind IMR 4451. Previously I was using Remington 7 1/2 and was just over 2600 with same temperature conditions. Still a work in progress

200 yards? Yup got that, 500, 750, 1000? Yes all day long..... Ok 1 Mile? Absolutely!
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Here im reviewing the 2018 Lee Auto Prime with Shell holders and the 3 Jaw Chuck with universal case spinner stud

2018 Lee NEW Auto Prime:

2018 Lee NEW Auto Prime with shell holders (Tool Kit as featured):

Lee Cutter with Ball Grip:

Lee Case Length Gauge for Lee Cutter:
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300AAC- https://amzn.to/2KoDX2d
308 Win- https://amzn.to/2MiUJ2Y

Lee 3 Jaw Chuck:

Lee 3 Jaw Spinner Stud (Drill Adapter):

Here set forth is the official video for The Reloaders Network CAN shoot challenge (pistol)

Let's see what you guys got!


Rules of the challenge:

New videos only.

Zero all you want.

10 Shots to make your hit. Count starts on first attempt. Standing, free handed

Target is a regular sized can; (12oz, please cover or remove label).

Honor system.

Any PISTOL caliber (Revolvers are A-OK!), no Red dots or scopes.....AR's aren't a traditional pistol so no lol

Be competitive, but have fun!

Enter in on this fun challenge of shooting a regular sized soda can/beer can at your furthest distance. 10 shots is all you got. Zero as much as you want.
Lets see your best! (New videos only)
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Testing if gas checks make a difference for our cast boolits

Want to make your own Gas Checks
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This video goes in depth of the new features Lee provides in the 2018 model presses.
The Lee Value Turret press and Lee Breech Lock Pro press are phenomenal valued presses for the new reloader to seasoned handloader.

Buy the Lee Value Turret Press Here:

Lee Value Turret Press kit (includes autodrum and accessory's):

Lee Breech Lock Pro here:

Stretching out the capabilities of a budget deer gun with the 208gr ELD bullet load developed using the Satterlee method.

The Eagles Perch here was @ 1010 yards. Enjoy!

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Finding out that the 230gr Lee design is just not that good. Though shooting zinc is very doable for 3006. Also for paper patching. Sizing your cast lead boolits to groove diameter before paper patching and sizing to finale size fixed my key holing issue

Tested the two accuracy nodes in a 28* Weather shift. Cool results

This is part 2 of load dev using the Scott Satterlee method.
Testing rounds at the velocity plateau (Satterlee) and Accuracy Window (Robin Round Testing). Got the best groups shot

See you guys next weekend!

First attempt in trying out the Scott Satterlee Load Development for the 30-06 using H4350 and a 208gr Hornady ELD Match bullet.
I'm combining both Satterlee and Robin Round Methods in this load development. Check it out!

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Here's a quick tip to load your rifle cases more efficiently on the Lee Breech Lock Pro or any other progressive press if your able to have a free station.

Unboxing and setting up the new 2018 Lee Breech Lock Pro press. My first impressions and opinions on this big value press. Enjoy!


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