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Got dat Discord Setup now too. Looking for other creative ppl to shill their shit along with usual spergs. https://discord.gg/ugJJEFA

Still got dat gunt yo, but this time we get dat true Guntwave 80s #ItaloDisco sound. Shorter Stream Edit. Have a listen as it's quite different to the original track.

The Alex Jones tracks are also coming. I got a new Roland SP-404A sampler so I can vocode audio samples (i.e. Alex Jones sperging). I want to spend more time and polish with my main tracks so unless it's current drama I'm going to spend more time and make the best work I can. Trust me the Alex Jones track will be worth the wait.

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#Guntwave #guntgate #DaftGunt #Killstream

Daft Gunt - Got Dat Gunt (Beats EarJuice) Full Version
Sorry for the length but I wanted to have the full song.

Man got a tad high last night for the first time in ages. I wake up the next morning and I have finished this song with a whole bunch of vocoders and singing.

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Yo, Hope you enjoy. It will be going on Patreon as a matter of principle soon.

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#TommyC #rat #trap
I don't are about context. YOU DO NOT RAT! Tommy C is a self-confessed rat. He has no code, no honor and is a scummy dog. If Tommy C grew up where I am from (and many other places) he would be beat up for the lack of code. Apart from this he is as boring as shit so trying to make a song out of the whinging voice that drones on was hard and this isn't my best work (kinda shit which is fitting for Tommy C). Hopefully you enjoy the Rat Trap. At least the visuals came out alright.

Speaking of lack of code, Zanta Claws is a self-confessed music thief who was posting other peoples music as his own weekly on his channel. He helps Tommy C and finds content for him. Tommy C also defended this DISGUSTING behaviour. See Drumr828 video proving this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3nPJ...

Made with Reason 10 and my new fav Magic software for the visuals. The song came out with a sad tone which is fitting. This one goes out to my dad who is quite ill and stuck overseas.

Hopefully people know who Tommy C is.

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#Boogie1488 #Boggie2988 #Parody
Boogie I don't mind you but you just keep doing this to yourself. Enjoy another Boggie1488 song.

Made with Reason 10 (mainly just Rex loops for this one) and the Magic Visual software.

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Ralphwave. Cooked the new Juntao remix of the Killstream intro theme through the new software to make this killer music video with all the elements moving to the various frequencies and beats. There are a few transitions. Cool Synthwave track now with a fitting music vid. Enjoy

#killstream #ralphwave #synthwave

Boogie2988 Dropped into the studio to drop his new vocals. I hope you enjoy it. If your face melts easily then don't watch it and go away. These samples are already on YouTube and were recorded from Boogie's Twitch and the Killstream. Just because it's a song doesn't make it worse.

If you have watched my other music videos you will realise that this is like a part 2 but with Boogie samples instead of James Mathews. The beat works well so thought I would just update channel with new sounds and samples. All the music is my own and the music visuals is using the new software. So cool.

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#defranco #depression #betterhelp
After having recent mental health issues due to making too many YouTube videos while working a day job I thought I would share mu experience and how I got such great help via NeverHelp.com Make sure you check them out and get your 7 day trial today using the code phillipdecrack today.

Also if you are part of phillipdecrack Elite then I signed you up automatically. that's how much I believe in this service. * 7 day free trial is only available when signing up for 6 month package. All good thou. Totally worth the few hundred..... or so. You help me out by purchasing the service. WIN WIN! YAY.

The Song: Pissing in the Wind (aka: Social Justice) is my track. If you would like to use it then let me know.

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Tad annoyed as after 2 tries I couldn't render the visuals better than the preview. Need to get a capture card. See thumbnail compared to video. Colours aren't great and reds blend together. If I can make it better I will re-upload.

I made this a few weeks back after I upgraded to Reason 10 and finished off the loops and sequence with the fantastic new synths (all the risers and fx are synths now). Kind of Tech-House or techno. I keep making songs with no specific genre. There is also to bass drums. I was still thinking of changing a few elements and get it mastered professionally, but I'll do that if I get it released.

I was going for my usual new style which is hard into the dirt. Lots of arps and filter sweeping dirty synths. Love it.

I didn't just use the vocoder for the Get Some sample there is a few other sounds in there. The bass line at the start, few things near the end, etc.

The visuals I am now making myself. I used Lilly from fiverr to do the dancing for this one then used Magic music studio and went crazy.

I got some more tracks in the works. One is a new version of a recording from when I was in a folk band so a tad different. It's the original version of Cream Bulbs (also on channel) but with vocals and structured.

Check out my other tracks as well as Mundanematt videos and random stuff. More content coming soon.

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A Character Assessment of Matt Jarbo the Hutt and why it doesn't matter if he apologized or not. He won't change he keeps repeating himself and his actions over and over again... because he's insane.

* Do Not Kick Matt in the Balls (That be wrong yo)!

Probably my last video about MundaneMatt. I just can't help myself. He just pissed me off enough that I'm now late for work typing this.

Lot's of Links and shout outs so let's do this:

Joy Sparkle BS Video Talking about the Apology:

Full KillStream Starring Matt but ANIMATED YAY:

World Class Bullshitters Steam where they have Matt on to discuss all the bullshit he stated with the Star Wars videos (Interesting stuff): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCJi0cN-m_o&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=1

Drummr828 and his video interviewing Matt's old friend. This is a great growing channel who also makes music (I am a Patron). Check him out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xqjYuyQYrY&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=2

Harmful Opinions Part 1 of 9 Expose on the Candid App and all the Bullshit that occurred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQYSw5g2yCI&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=5

The Carousel Music is a Field Recording from Free Sound: klankbeeld__barrel-organ-of-carousel (Thanks Klankbeeld). Heaps of great sounds recorded at free sound that anyone can download and use.

Intro EarJuice Logo https://www.youtube.com/user/theMaxGFX

The Other Music is My Own. You can find me on Mind.com @Anime https://minds.com/anime

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Yal need to MacGuyver out the door and watch Ozark if you haven't seen it yet. Here's a video about why you need to watch it and some general info about Season 2 which just dropped onto Netflix 31st August 2018. If you love crime dramas such as Breaking Bad, True Detective, Mindhunter then just watch the first episode of Season 1. Trust me. This show deserves way more hype and praise than what it's getting atm.

Hope you enjoy the video. My editing skills are always getting better and hopefully I can actually be funny some times now.

Background Music is my Drop Bears theme for the horror movie I'm working on (see Drop Bear channel). The hardcore song it the end is an old Speedfreak track. Look up Bloodyfist records to find more like it.

I also have a new intro:
Intro Credit https://www.youtube.com/user/theMaxGFX

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Channels and content getting false flagged a lot atm, it's annoying, stop it. Also Matt kicked off this new trend, his response to Metokur and the fact he is also buying subs. Every since my Mundanematt parody song was flagged I just have to talk about him and take him down a peg. He deserves it regardless.

Made this back on Reason 4 (or something) back when I was DJing. Exciting times. There was a longer live version but was used for mash-ups with other tracks so was pretty simple.

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Flagged after an hour on YouTube here is the original version. Made with Reason 10 (which is so good).

A tech-house track to celebrate MundaneMatt's moment to shine.

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You can find me on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC98E3IsLmBwP64UjcLIODoQ

This was taken down while I was sharing on the morning Kumite. I'm now thinking it was someone watching the Stream trying to get some attention and fuel drama, however it did go down with just one flag so quickly. I made a video about it and it inspired me to make more content on YouTube apart from songs.

Made with Reason 8. This is a joke/funny song within the context of using James Mathew's own words right back at him. Like one big F.U to the media narrative. This is not meant to be offensive to anyone accept James Mathews.

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You can find me on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC98E3IsLmBwP64UjcLIODoQ

I'm going to change my name from C.Smasher to EarJuice. Just waiting for YouTube to let me do this. I'm trying to be more family friendly.


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