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You awake in some unknown place and must slash your way past scorpions and undead to obtain your freedom. Essentially a 1 hour demo with the hammer being the best thing since sliced bread when dealing with enemies. Low frame rate (20 regardless of settings, though consistent), but rose to 30 when playing it without recording software. It was a good introduction, but no way in hell would I recommend it for the price.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

Demons are invading and you are tasked with taking them out. Purchase and customize your load-out with an assortment of build styles ranging from speed demon to impenetrable tower. Campaign is short, doesn't seem to be anyone playing PvP and there are some cases of getting trapped in corners. Some attacks also have a delayed hit in their attack animation as seen with the last boss. I need to do some testing with the dodging hit boxes and attack delays between animations before I give a final verdict, but given the short campaign, ten bucks might be a bit much.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

Battlerite enters the Battle Royale market by transfering the skillshot style of MOBA into arena filled with loot. Explore, gear up your skills/armor and survive as 30 people battle for supremacy. No networking issues or frame issues to report, but their is a clear balancing concern with ranged vs melee and a good chunk of champion skills. Hacking and grouping in solo play is being reported as well, but I haven't seen much of either during my climb to Diamond. The overall issue is with the game itself. It is a cool diversion from the standard duels found in Battlerite, but it isn't worth the $20 price tag. I understand this is in development and they need some means to fund it, but it is only going to split an already dwindling player base from the original game.

I still need more time with it, but balancing makes it a really hard sell. It is an awesome concept, but item ranking and skill strength change the idea from being a skill based fight into a gear superior victor.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

Shoot your way through randomly generated levels with a pistol and shotgun against several enemy types that unlock the further you progress through the story. This is a look at the prologue, which introduces the core combat and general aesthetic. You can unlock equipment with random stats to improve your character, colors to change your weapon's appearance and collect casino tokens for a future shop. It runs well enough with the gunplay being fairly tight, albeit requiring some precise shots due to the enemy hit boxes. Given my eye sight, this leads to plenty of missed shots. I am still running through the story, so my final verdict will be reflected in the curate. If you played Unloved, then you will be used to the speed and aiming discipline of this game.

Disclosure: This game copy was provided by the developer via Curator Connect.

Take on the role of a mercenary to discover the reason for the planet's unending dusk and stop the forces responsible for it. You can play one of four current characters with their own advantages either solo or with four friends. Levels are randomly generated, leading to possible map nodes to explore hidden shops, dead ends and countless traps. If you die, you must spend currency you pick up from downed enemies to resurrect. At the end of each level (six so far), you are forced to take on a challenging boss that will unlock the next level once defeated. This leads the player back to the Engineer's hub area, allowing players to select their attack mods/stat modifiers, select skills or purchase bounties/trade in vouchers. It all comes together in a neat little package with just a few issues holding it back.

The random generation of levels can lead to larger area amounts and cause a feeling of fatigue when dealing with the multiple waves per area and large enemy health pools. It can drag on and make completing the level a chore, even with the enjoyable gameplay. There is also an issue with trap placement, hidden either by the area's design (pillars, rock formations) or the corpses piling up after a wave or two. (They don't decay). Given the amount of damage some of these traps cause, it can lead to a frustrating experience either with the risk of heavy damage or unexpected stun lock. Speaking of stun lock, certain character's attacks can allow you to completely immobilize a group of enemies by locked them in a set of stuns. It makes the game incredibly easy, especially in the first and fourth level. Thankfully, the addition of nightmare mode helps bring the much needed challenge.

Beat em up fans will be sure to find something to like here, but I would advise holding off for everyone else. It is off to a great start and has the technical issues down to a minimum.

Disclosure: This game is currently free to play in select regions and includes loot boxes. Please take special note of the prompt at the beginning of the video if you live in a European nation.

Select one of three pre-set loadouts, scavenge for equipment and be one of the four lucky players to enter the helicopter to escape a deadly snow storm. Game runs pretty well with a range of pistols, shotguns and rifles to complement the helmets/body armor. I really suck at shooting in this game, so I can't say for sure if there is any desyncing issues. Snowboards are surprisingly useful with the gliders falling short in travel options. Not much to say outside these snippets given the game is similar to other PUBG style shooters (including vehicles and attachments). Player counts are dropping slowly, so try it out while you still can.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

Following an attack on your camp, you must wander a small world for supplies in an attempt to rebuild. Kill bandits, rescue other survivors and craft support structures to help fend off the monsters hidden in the mists.

Disclosure: This game is currently free to play. A third party account is required to play the game.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer. Special thanks to PlayBunny Lucy for joining me for this video and providing commentary. See 1:16:00 on for the winning match.

100 people are let loose in an abandoned section of the sea and must kill everyone to make it out alive. Battle Royale in a nutshell with plenty of similarities to PUBG (equipment/inventory loadouts, controls, camera). It runs a lot better than PUBG, but there are some stuttering and frame rate drops.

I cannot recommend the game due to the declining player count. The game needs to add more weapon variety and implement an incentive to keep playing, which will happen once they add skins to the game (unfortunately, most likely going to be in the form of loot boxes like their other game, Depth). Actually, this really would have benefited more as an extra mode in Depth. Either way, not a terrible addition to the Battle Royale competition, just one that appears to be losing interest soon after release.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

I am still playing through it to get an idea of general spawn rates, item variety and location. This video acts more to showcase the current build's stability (keep in mind, on 1440p resolution with a semi-beefy computer) and show the distance between locations. I do run into a few people and locate the airfield (prison and airfield are the big locations), which can be found at around 46 minutes in. I also try looting homes in single player to see if there are more items. Overall, this is a endurance test going from one location to another (no vehicles, very limited equipment/cooking crafting) in the vain of DayZ.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer. I also know nothing of the Touhou series.

Controls, movement animations, combat, skill usage, visual style, sound design, and stage layout ranged from serviceable to absolutely wonderful. The core issue is with this game version essentially being a thirty minute demo with frequent stuttering on fullscreen (even three second freezes). It runs at a 60 FPS rate outside of fullscreen, but you are stuck with 1280 x 720 as the highest window size. The game managed to crash as well, as seen when I died for the first time in this video. Bottom line, wait for the game to get some damn content.

Disclosure: This game is currently free for the first week and I decided to try it out. I did not purchase the game due to the reasons below.

This game is going to be compared to Dead by Daylight by many due to the main objective and the fact the developers are responsible for both. You can play as one of five runners attempting to capture nodes by either capturing them domination style or by using a set of three keys. The runner is armed with one of three classes, boiling down to healing, stunning, or disabling as long as you tag enough items on the map to accumulate the resource. One person takes on the role of the hunter, who goes around shooting runners to prevent the activation of two nodes needed to open the exist. Utilize guns, skills and the game's helpful reveal function to chase them down and execute three runners to win the match. At present, their is one map, two objective types (domination capture or key unlock method) and a set of skins acting as the incentive to keep playing. Unfortunately, the lack of maps and repetitive nature of the objectives makes it easy to lose interest after a couple of rounds. It is an extremely hard sell at $30 with frame rate issues (speed of characters and skill activation are taxing on the system and lead to resource hogging on the CPU) and unbalanced skills (hunters have a major advantage unless all 5 runners are on their game) making matters worse. I haven't had issues with netcode (my aim is just terrible in general, so hard to tell), but there is a problem with games not properly filling (as you can see with the second hunter match in this video).

Price is the main reason for my skip recommendation, but the core game play will need to be adjusted to account for the FPS elements. The reason something like Dead by Daylight works is the simple vulnerability and need to outsmart the opponent with environmental cues. Skills like mines and environmental props like bushes help make this possible, but turrets and revealing opponents on the map break down the balance further as long range weaponry and fixed fire torment runners. The short sensory deprivation immunity timers also make it easier for the runners to pin down hunters for extended periods of time, which isn't a problem if the team isn't coordinating, but a nightmare if they are. Ranged combat is the main problem in this scenario and it will be hard, but plausible, for Behaviour Digital to adjust things. I hope this can work, but for now, just avoid it.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought during the early access phase.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought while the game was in early access.

More glitches, texture issues and bugs as we cover Haworth Labs up until the train station, which acts as the point of no return. (Ending of Act 1 is coming. I was forced to end early due to lightning storms).

Disclosure: This game copy was bought while the game was in early access.

We are left with little answers as Arthur makes it out of the Parade and into the mainland. Sally is then put into the spotlight and the game play experience changes for the worse. It spends me a damn hour just to find a damn metal tube for filters.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer prior to full release. You can find comparison videos of the first early access version on this channel.

This is the first part of a full play through focusing primarily on the story and a couple of side quests. This portion covers Act 1 up until the end of Two Musketeers. Several technical glitches were experienced during the game play and a few crashes (one happens at the end of the video) were noticed during set up prior to recording. I will record and upload part 2 tomorrow.

Disclosure: This game copy was provided by the developer via Curator Connect.

Endless runner with a career mode (complete challenges to progress to the next level of challenges). Easy controls, quick to learn, but lootbox focus on unlocking skills make it a real grind (need to unlock the upgrade in order, so you cannot upgrade past level 1 until every other skill is level 1). The only major issue I ran into was the mouse input dropping completely, making it impossible to interact with the screen outside keyboard input. This also makes it so you cannot activate skate moves during a run if it happens. This can be considered game breaking. It is a great skate boarding game to waste a few minutes at a time, but the lootboxes (no microtransactions) skill unlocks are needed to realistically pass some of the latter challenges in campaign mode.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

The game relies on self-purpose as the story quests are in very short supply. You can earn money to buy and outfit a selection of ships, which allows for easier exploration. Mining doesn't feel like a chore due to the damage output of multiple lasers and trading can provide a good boost to income as well with the proper buy/sell information (screenshot station prices regularly). Combat is action oriented with tight controls. The ship can stop on a dime or strafe without feeling floaty. The talent tree also offers some useful upgrades for mining and scavenging, but the lack of resets makes the choices that much more imperative.

It is a decent introduction for things to come, but there are plenty of games in the genre that offer much more.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

Fully hand drawn environments and tactical combat make up the bulk of this game's appeal. It has a very unique art style that unfortunately begs the question, "how long will it take to finish if 2 main areas and a intro took several years?" That isn't to say their isn't content. The two areas are relatively small, but they offer replay value in the form of several factions that you can help or destroy. It isn't as much of a choice in the second area, but overall it took me 4 hours for the first run through. Once you finish, it sends you back to the first area to redo everything, but you can keep your gear.

Combat is tied to a skill and perk system that adds another layer of experimentation. Skills are available to unlock once your stats are high enough and give anything from dual wielding with no accuracy loss to lock picking. Negative perks can make you suicidal (thus randomly killing you so save often), go psycho and start shooting anyone or run away in a panic if so much as a paper cut happens. It makes fighting a pain, but the general top down shooting is engaging with plenty of guns and ammo lying around for you to plunder.

The UI is a bit of a mess and trying to interact with things on the ground can get infuriating. Frame rate remained steady with the only noticeable problem being loading screen freezes that seemed to be ironed. Dialog needs work as well. I really enjoyed myself with this one, but there is no telling how long this is going to take given the hand drawn environments. If you want to take the risk, you might have some fun experimenting with the character creation, but otherwise wait to see how things develop.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

Environments are pleasing to look at, but most of the portraits look terrible. Music has its’ moments, which also helps with the slow travel speeds. Better ships might off set this issue, but the game doesn't offer much in terms of other ships. You get a few shuttle class ships, but that is about it. Combat is workable, aside from quest balancing that can have you facing up to six space craft at once. The AI doesn't have the means to circle you like you can against them, so it isn't that hard to circumvent. The main issue with the current build is with the limited quest availability (about 2-3 hours worth). The map is large, but the majority of stations are barren in terms of shops and dialog options. Getting to them does provide the chance to see other ship types, but again, you cannot buy them yet. I would recommend holding off for now to see what the next few updates will bring.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

You are a cultist that decided to abandon the cult once a kraken was brought into the picture. From this point on, the game throws random text events at you to progress from one zone to another. For the first portion of the story, the game does have an interesting timed mechanic that will throw a boat, melee encounters or the kraken at you if you are not near a port. Once you defeat the kraken, the mechanic is removed and you have no sense of urgency to compel you forward. The lack of permanent saves made the urgency factor crucial to the experience, but now that it is removed, you have no issues going back from one section to another for repairs (outside running out of supplies, but the amount of money and supplies you run into makes this mechanic easy to deal with).

It isn't a bad game at the end of the day, just not that engaging. The limited amount of upgrades and the max crew size of 6 makes the difficulty spike in the latter parts of the available story, but it also creates this sense of repetition for every fight. Once you get the automated pumps, winch and set your cannons, you are basically clicking mortars and side guns while holes and bracing becomes a mute concern. You can try to stick to only capturing ships instead of sinking them to changes things up, but you don't really need too outside a few story battles. Story length is around 9 hours, so you have a good chunk of content (including a ship battle mode where each fight gets progressively harder). Visual presentation is fine, no noticeable technical issues and the music does help set the mood. The major issue stems from the lack of upgrade options and lack of variety in combat, which made it harder for me to keep playing. Wait for a sale or for some more updates.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

20 levels (Act 4 still labeled as Work In Progress), 4 Bosses and RNG crafting ingredients make up the bulk of this game's content. Each level is generated using templates for the Act's theme and has several objectives that can be completed for extra money at the end. You get docked for being seen, taking hits or retrying. This is why assassinations help remove the risk of losing points (which baffles me it is locked until you return to the master for the first time). As far as difficulty goes, some generated levels can leave you with a key behind a rotating trap that cannot be traversed back, so restarting the game to re-roll the level helps. Bosses can be an absolute joke thanks to bombs, but they are fine if you stick to melee weapons. The main issue is the central balance of enemy number, type, and overall placement made difficult by the random generation. It doesn't help that if your sword breaks, you need to finish the level in order to return to town to either buy or make one. Translation is a bit off, music is rather fitting (if limited in terms of total tracks), and the aesthetic design is satisfying to look at. It isn't bad for the price point, but I would still wait for them to add another Act before jumping in.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

I played this while sitting in my wheelchair and managed to have little trouble following the motions. The cutting motions and visual feedback work perfectly, the three modes offer separate challenges to fit certain reflex levels (have hard time moving my arms for example), and the game maintains a steady frame rate. The crux of the worth argument is with the 10 included songs and the quality measured by personal taste. There is a website offering modded songs that can help pad your library (since music uploading isn't available), which helps alleviate the issue of content. I do apologize for not posting it, but if you are interested, type Beat Saver into a search engine and it should be visible on the front page. Amazing game that can offer a good work out. I wish they would explain the scoring system better though, which doesn't go based on how many notes are hit, but instead focuses on the complete stroke arc of your swing, how close to the center you hit and the follow through arc.

Disclosure: This game is currently free to play with three characters unlocked. You can grind a huge amount of levels (estimated 720 games for a random character) or buy a $25 pack to unlock the current total of 7. I did not purchase it.

Alright, I only win one match in this video. I have zero talent in brawlers such as this and have even less experience. The main purpose of me uploading it is to show off the lootbox system (similar to Overwatch), the server issues I encountered and give a general view of how the game works.

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

The main focus of your time will be spent hacking into the neon-colored hubs around the relatively small world and killing the defense programs spawned to defeat you. There are an assortment of weapons featuring a base design, then a primary attack function that determines how the weapon damage is applied. There are also stat increases and perks to unlock as you level up (all of which are permanent and cannot be reset) to strengthen your program. Hit detection and jumping responsiveness perform as intended, but there seems to be an issue where the character can get stuck on an invisible part of the terrain. This prevents you from strafing to that side and disappears as soon as you move to the opposite direction. This problem has resulted in my death on some occasions and pops up randomly. The game ends once you defeat the main hub and took me about 5 hours of leveling and weapon scouring to defeat it. There isn't much after this except for going through the game at a higher difficulty or with up to 10 people in multiplayer using the same character you have in single player. The shooting mechanics and jumping/strafing make this a blast to play, but the amusement starts to wear thin when you fight the same 8 (I could have miscounted) enemy types across the span of your time.


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