Earth Revolution

America's money... why is it valuable? Do you understand how the economy works? How do we and why should we overhaul the financial system? Think value!

Here I describe a variable-length term "Team Captain" job of helping organize the volunteers of your local city, county, or state. Next, many ideas regarding President Trump's rallies.

A good volunteer activity is to support a local patriot-themed crowdfund. In addition, the local volunteers could choose to support their favorite crowdfunds from around the USA.

From exploring the internet to exploring the universe, Patriot Search Engine is leading the way.

A soda company producing milk is the sponsor in the future of nano-sized cameras that rush to the site... WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FUTURE!

You can look for the group on!

You can find and join the group on


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A peaceful revolution to save the world.