I wanna know what, who and how!?

Leaked dm's

"In recent years America has become a culture of bullying!" ~Jus

Chris Ulmer and his Fans are trying to take me down!

Well, here we go again. #kickvic #NickRekieta #rekietalaw

Original video:
PROOF That Vic Mignogna Is Guilty Of Sexualy Assaulting Monica Rial - (HERE'S THE EVIDENCED)

Special Books By special Kids doesn't deserve to have their comments removed.... With that being said.... #SBSK Reddit: SBSK Twitter: PETITION:

No shame

Just another shit commentary video.... you should probably just move along.


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Well, YouTube's Mob Rules policy has brought me here. And I assume that eventually people like me will be completely purged off the supposed "Platform".

Will BitChute keep their promise and continue being a platform which supports free expression?.... we shall see