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Our heroes are messing up the place again and causing havoc, but will this result in a bingo on the buzzword bingos? tune in to find out!

Today on buzzword bingo, we have the slow realization that the writer of this show is most definitely not smarter than pekora. Pekora could write a better show if she wanted to.


Today our heros try not to screw up and make things worse. Let's see how they screw up. This is a buzzword bingo!

OMG the return of the legendary konosuba!

But is Konosuba still legendary or just a has-been. The buzzword bingo test will surely reveal the answer!

This is her forever song now

Congratulations for 1 million!

Witch and the Beast with commentary
Majo to Yajuu Let's Watch Episode 2

This show is like darker than black but better. It's like the 2000s anime are back!

Our favorite Elf girl is being weird again and neurotic, which is why we love her! Time for more Delicious Dungeons!!

OMG the new Trigger anime is here?

OMG OMG omg, is it gonna be any good? is there going to be some teenage angst? Is there going to be some boomer, out of time, out of place, advice.

Finally it's Here! The Next installment of the good version of this! Commentary about FLCL Grunge with some actual Grunge History! Like, what a deal!

Hitler Heimler is going to win and no one can stop him,

Except the guy who can make shit up.

Welcome. We shall speak grunge and grunge facts today. It's Gonna be great! you will learn so much!

So, basically, the idea is that we have these super strong soul reapers that are stronger than all the other soul reapers combined and they are so strong and all the do all day is be on their ass waiting for a hitler to invade the soul palace?

Aizen did a lot of shit, a lot of people died. but it wasn't a hitler trying to invade the soul palace. yup


Welcome to the best bleach episode there ever was. and it has a buzzword bingo, and this is it

No!, Kubo does not need cocaine. Cocaine will make him a worse writer. he's just naturally insane. welcome to buzzword bingo! we play buzzword bingo bleach edition!

Here it is at last, the episode of rent a girlfriend. where everything that happens here is basically in consequential and non sensical. that's the formula and it works. i mean, ur watching it aren't u?
we are playing buzzword bingo today. get ready for it

OMG it's Bleach time! Will our heroes defeat the nazis? do the soul reapers have a plan? are most of them dead? will I get a bingo? Find out now!

There's a dude who's more handsome and richer than kazuya, and he wants that chizuru body. but he's a creep. Rent a Girlfriend buzzword bingo is on break next week

so Bambie is going to fight some reapers. will she fail? will she blow someone up? Probably. bleach buzzword bingo is going on break next week

The Nazis with swords and gatling guns invade the soul society and raise some hell. will our heroes finally find a way to fight back? will the nazis counter? This is just like wrestling so the answer is duh.

The author is doing a nice trick to get the story going, he employed a plot device that has a nice rack. and a wacky pervert to boot.

Oh my God Ruka is back and she's worse than ever. Like when we see her, we know the show is going to waste our time with garbage. like damn, give us a break. Still better than a lot of other anime. This show gets too much hate compared to what other people supposedly say is good anime.

Hitler Hiemler invades the seireitei and fucks shit up. watch the sternritter destroy the incompetent captains. If only they had some kind of meeting and discussed what advantages they learned from the last invasion.

It's back! It's Here! The quincy nazis are here to raise some hell. will ichigo be able to do something this time? will rukia do anything more than be a pushover? is the zero squad going to do anything at all this time? tune in to find out who will win buzzword bingo!

Rent a Girlfriend Season 3 Buzzword Bingo Episode 1
She's back and sexier than ever, if you're into that post-honeymoon phase. It's the show that a ton of people love to hate, but for some reason megumin is better. for some reason.

Oshi no Ko Let's Watch Episode 11
We are going to see and commentate on the author's commentary of the entertainment industry in this episode of oshi no ko. That's what's what.


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