my special edit of the episode

I edited this for more succinct consumption.

Get ready for the Chunin Exams, American Idol Style!

Special CUt Carole and Tuesday Episode 17

Naruto Forms a Super Team with Killer B

Naruto Calls out a Transvestite

I wrote the english lyrics for this Video. Sheild Hero ending English Subtitled Lyrics Kimi No Namae

Carole is GUt Feels in Carole & Tuesday episode 14 Special Edit

Summer Anime Sampler 2019

Anime We watched:

00:20 Dr Stone
06:41 Pick up Girls in a Dungeon 2
11:56 Arifureta
17:22 Vinland Saga
23:19 Fire Force: Fire Brigade of Flames (Firefighter anime)
29:18 Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? (Cute girls excercising anime)
35:15 Tsuujou Kougeki (Milf Isekai anime)
41:23 Tejina Senpai
46:37 Bem
53:21 A Certain Scientific Accelerator
59:24 Sounan Desu ka? (Are you lost?)
1:04:55 Granbelm
1:10:40 Hinamatsuri

Our Army of Two Carole and Tuesday Special Edit ep 13.

Here it is Again. 2n Try, Loneliest Girl - Carole & Tuesday Performance AMV from Carole & Tuesday. This is from my Special Cut of Episode 12, but with better Audio and Better Rendering.

Light a Fire - Angela Performance AMV from Carole & Tuesday. There are clips from the show interlaced with Angela's performance on Mars Brightest.

What the Finale Should have Been Carole & Tuesday for episode 12. There are two amvs in this special cut of episode 12. one for Angela and one for Carole and Tuesday. These are an expression of the emotions that flow through them during their performances.

Anime Musician Troubles. Featuring K-On! and Beck Mongolian Chop Squad

Tuesday Needs Help in Carole & Tuesday episode 11 Special Edit.

Tuesday is Hurt in Carole & Tuesday episode 10 special edit

Tuesday is assulted in Carole and Tuesday episode 9. This a special edit where the story is very different by means of edit.

This is what the first episode of Carole and Tuesday should have been. This is a Special Edit of Carole and Tuesday

There was a lot of wasted potential in the original episode, I cut that out and keep the essentials. You would be surprised how characters change when you are particular about what is shown about them.

I edit Carole and Tuesday episode 7 cutting the fat and keeping the essentials.


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