Video: Steven Universe Future
Audio: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

I've been wanting to make this video for the longest time and now I am so glad it's finally complete.

Song: Bad Idea (ft. Shiloh Dynasty)
Clips: Mary Shelley's Frankenhole

A mashup at the request of my boyfriend. I am so happy with how it turned out. Some cuts may be obvious but that's because the quality of the vocal and instrumental versions of Lullaby for a Deadman differ.
EDIT: Just needed to tweak a few things.

Songs used:
Steven Universe - Shining Through (Why So Blue?) (Acapella)
Elena Siegman - Lullaby for a Deadman
Elena Siegman - Lullaby for a Deadman (INSTRUMENTAL)

Original upload: Sep 8, 2015

The trailer for my creepypasta channel.

I suggest turning up the volume for this.

Also, here are the clips I used that aren't mine:
MrCreepyPasta intro
The Creepy Dark
That Creepy Reading
Gateway of the Mind
Mr. Mix
Username 666
Un Chien Andalou
Illusion of Bias

And that photo of the bunny is from this website called The Rabbit House.
I of course drew the Red Raven Bunny mask myself.

I would also like to thank Mr. Nightmare, CreepsMcPasta, and KingSpook for inspiring me as well as the other narrators.

i̸̬͙̲͎̪̼͈͍̳̓̿̌ͨͩ̀̆͐̿͋̚͡'̷͇̟̰̠͍̱̐ͣͪ̂ͩͩ̿̃ͩ̂̉ͧ̽̃͗m̛̛͚̪̺͎̖̳͇͎̟̟̣̠̟̹͚̣͊̅̄͒̈̈́̋̄̚͢͞ ̡̭̯̹̪̺̥̝͎̯̳̆ͣ̓ͨͭ̎̓͗̎̓̀ͮ̚͘͜͞͝ͅs̵ͥ̓ͥͥͥ̑͋̐͌ͮ̑ͧ̾ͦ͆ͥͤ̂͞҉͓͈̙͈͙̮̤̙͙̠͓͖̝ť̏̋͋͟҉͓͉̹̭̗̀͜͟ḭ̢͇̻̘̥͈͉̤̿ͧ́̃͛̈́̐̉̀̊ͥͣ̐͐͊l̴̾ͥ̔͊̓̀̎̒̓̍ͭ̒̋̒̄͌̇̍͘͠҉̖̠̺̭͚͕̼̖̪̙͚̫̞ͅḻ̡̰̤̩̮͇̠ͦ̊̿̌̕ ̷̯̟͖͕̤͙̰͂ͦͭ̄ͯ̕͠h̴̷̡͍͙̲ͭ́͐͟͞ę̗͈̲̜͂̃̇ͫ̈́ͥ͌̒͢͢͝r̃̉ͯ̇̓̑̑̄͛͊͊̈ͣ҉̴̮̩̮̼͎̝͙̘͓͍̰̯̲̘̞̳͔͘͢͡e̡̯̱̹̗͕͙̅̾̌̀̅̏̂ͭ̊ͬͮ̀̕͝

Original upload: May 30, 2019

Am I the only one who heard something sexual in that line?
Or do I just have a sick mind?

Made with VSDC Video Editor
Footage (c) Rankin/Bass

Original upload: May 17, 2019

Joker - Fun and cheerful, he loves to joke around and help everyone have a good time. He is the older twin brother of Super Joker.

Cherub - Despite her sweet appearance, she is a swift fighter. She is also older than she looks. She is Angel's daughter.

Super Joker - After gaining superpowers from a witch's potion, Super now saves anyone in need. He is also sensitive and sometimes doesn't know his own strength. He is the younger twin brother of Joker.

Devil - An ancient evil released from the temple, Devil seeks to steal, cheat and gamble his way to absolute power. He is wickedly charming and is a strong manipulator. Most of his power was sealed in King Diamond's scepter which is why he is after it.

King Diamond - Softspoken and kind hearted, King Diamond simply wants his kingdom to be safe. He is not a good gambler and can make bad decisions. He has feelings for Queen of Hearts.

Queen of Hearts - She is materialistic and snobby. Even when she is in danger, she demands the royal treatment. Despite this, Queen is not mean, she is just spoiled. She sometimes reciprocates King Diamond's feelings.

Ace - Ace is a sarcastic fast talker and a skilled acrobat. She is a vigilante who can get herself out of almost any trouble. She is Joker's ex-girlfriend but they remain close friends.

Jack - He is a boastful knight who constantly brags about his heroism, even though Slingoland is usually saved by Joker, Cherub and Super Joker. He and Ace are cousins.

Angel - Angel is gentle and motherly. Though she isn't around much, she comes along when anyone, especially Cherub, is in a pickle. She is Cherub's mother.

Pirate - He is a swashbuckling adventurer who stops at nothing to get his treasure. He also has feelings for the Queen.

I didn't add the Devilkins in this video because they don't talk. They "speak" gibberish, growl and cackle.

Slingo (c) Blastworks Inc.
Character designs (c) Bob Parr

Original upload: Apr 25, 2019

So apparently Youcut has a fetish for cutting my videos short. I can't even put this and the comp together because there's "insufficient space" on my bigass SD card! So... FUCK IT. Here's the outro and tell me what you guys think.

Original upload: Apr 25, 2019

I'll list the episodes and memes I used later on. It took a while to clear the storage on my phone so I could compress and save the video. My phone is hot now and it needs some rest.

Ruby Gloom (c) Nelvana

Original upload: Apr 23, 2019

Video: Ruby Gloom S1E2

Original upload: Apr 11, 2019

Better late than never with this meme I guess.

Original upload: Mar 29, 2019

Original: Mushroom Melodies from KrainaGrzybowTV

Original upload: Mar 14, 2019

I am way too late with this meme but I don't give a fuck.

Original upload: Mar 10, 2019

The first of its kind, it is a combination of the bonfire meme and the smug hat dance meme.

Original upload: Jan 12, 2019

Happy Birthday to me! :P
Just a quick vid to get me back on track... And to be funny...

Original upload: Jan 9, 2019

Another smug hat girl this time with liveleak fail videos!

Original upload: Jan 2, 2019

Filled with fun moments from the stuff me and my boyfriend like as well as some fucked up moments in history.

In order of appearance:

Miser Brothers Theme
Muslim Dance Circle
The Great Mouse Detective
Caramelldansen 2018
TellTale Games The Walking Dead
Barefoot Gen
The 9-11 attacks (because dark humor is best humor)
Saints Row 2 & 3
Minecraft: Story Mode
Doki Doki Literarure Club
Rick and Morty
SpongeBob Squarepants
Monsters vs Aliens

I hope you enjoyed the video and don't forget to subscribe!
And if some of these moments disturbed you... Sorry.

EDIT: Moved the hat girl in certain clips.
EDIT EDIT: Added my very own watermark!

Original upload: Jul 2, 2018

Barrel from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Audio from Family Guy

Original upload: Jul 2, 2018

Mime from Animaniacs
Audio from Family Guy and Dragon Ball Z

Original upload Aug 5, 2018

So i was browsing available bachelors in the Harvest Moon games and came across this guy named Rock. I almost laughed out loud looking at him.

Original upload: Jul 31, 2018

Clip from Invader Zim

Original upload: Jul 13, 2018

I really enjoyed making this. This guy needs more love.

Mime from Animaniacs

Original upload: Jul 2, 2018

Captain Archibald Haddock from The Adventures of Tintin
Audio from Family Guy

Original upload: Jul 2, 2018

Loki and Hulk from The Avengers
Audio from South Park and a stock sound effect

Original upload: Jul 2, 2018

Him, Boomer, Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Ace D. Copular and Princess Morebucks from The Powerpuff Girls
Audio from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut


Original upload: Jul 2, 2018

Stork from the Canadian action cartoon Storm Hawks
Audio from Family Guy


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