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My page on foldable electric bikes: https://www.ebikestoyou.com/foldable-electric-bikes-for-adults/

I bicycle Miramar Lake clockwise (to be on the waterside). I start on the lake’s dam and end at the parking lot I parked at. For a bit, I hop off the paved road and take the dirt trail down on the shoreline.

I’ve gotten the wind problem a lot more under control by using a plugin lavalier mic with an outdoor windscreen. The problem now is my positioning of it. I clipped it onto the handlebars so you hear a lot of rattling. Next time, I’ll try clipping it onto my shirt or something.

My website on ebikes: https://www.ebikestoyou.com

A point-of-view (POV) video of my bike ride on the Mission Bay pathway in San Diego, California. The pathway runs along much of the shoreline of Mission Bay. I ride the western portion of it in this video. It was on a December Saturday (12/09/2023) during offshore, Santa Ana, wind conditions. The high winds were more inland while conditions here on the coast were actually pretty still. The wind that you hear in the video was just from riding (I’ll try to figure out a way of covering my phone’s mic before the next ride). The temperature was perfect at around low to mid 70’s and sunny.

The pathway has a speed limit of eight miles an hour and it’s shared with walkers, joggers, roller bladers, and all sorts of vehicles such as skateboards, segways, scooters, of course other bicycles and ebikes. Motorized vehicles are not allowed and ebikes need to be used without power. It’s important to follow the basic rules of staying on the right and passing on the left with all the other traffic. The ride takes constant concentration as you pass often but also need to know when to not pass and cruise slowly for while (depending on what’s oncoming in the opposite direction). Other cyclists can also pass YOU at anytime so it’s always important to do a quick over-the-should check (unless you have side-view mirrors) just before you start your pass. I always slow and get prepared to brake whenever I’m around dogs too because they could jump out in front of you at any time.


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Point-of-view videos on bicycling and ebiking paths.