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Hey y'all! Thanks for stopping by. This week I'm talking about some of the plants that had enough of the year 2020. I hope you enjoy!

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Also, below I added links to the leca that I use if you're interested. I'm not sponsored by any of them, I just wanted to share 😊

Hydroponics farming:
Ikea leca:
Organic clay pebbles:

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Hey, what's up everyone! Thanks for joining me today. If you're new to my channel, I talk about #houseplant related topics and take you along plant shopping every now and then. If that's something that interests you, don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button 😉.

In this video I share my new plant mail with you guys. It's from an Etsy shop called Tropical Plants FL. Check them out here:

Also, check out my other unboxing video from The New Plant Co here:

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What's up everyone! In today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you the happiest plants in my collection - the ones that had the most growth since I got them. I hope you enjoy this video and thanks for stopping by!

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Wanna see a preview of some of my other plants? Check out my Plant intro:

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What's up you guys?! I just received these two new plants from my parents for my birthday and I decided to do a repotting video of when I repotted them into leca. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome back plant friends! Thanks for clicking on my video and supporting my channel.

In this week's video, I'll be unboxing plant mail from an Etsy shop called The New Plant Co. The second part of the video is of me repotting the plant I got from them. I go over my supplies and a little bit of what I do to repot my plants into leca...with a bit of a hiccup and change of plans towards the end.

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The New Plant Co Etsy shop:

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Hey plant friends! In this brief video, I show you the houseplants available at my local Home Depot. During the Spring and Summer, they usually have a bigger selection of plants, but I found on this trip that they just had some of the same basic houseplants. Almost all their houseplants are supplied by The Plant Stand of Arizona.

Leave me a comment which plant caught your eye and would have gone home with you.

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Welcome to Eclaire's Desert Jungle, and my first video. This channel focuses on houseplants, keeping them in leca in passive hydroponics, plant shopping (or sometimes just window shopping for plants), and just plants in general. If you're interested in these topics, please keep watching and don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button! I will try to upload videos once a week. Thanks!

In this video I'll give a quick overview to introduce you to my collection (100+ plants). Enjoy! If you liked this video, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up. I'd really appreciate it!

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My channel is all about houseplants, my current collection, how I take care of them without any soil, and every now and then, I'll be taking you along to go plant shopping (or window shopping for plants). Join me in my plant adventures with 100+ houseplants, ZERO soil. My plants aren't perfect, but I love them all anyway.

I'll be posting one video a week, on Wednesday mornings, so stay tuned! 😄