EcuadorFreedom The goal of this tour is to bring you to places that are far-far off the beaten path. We'll be riding a combination of dirt and paved roads, but a majority of the tour is far away from paved roads. The goal is not to challenge you with highly technical offroading skills, but rather to take you to places that few people ever see and experience. You can only get to these places by leaving the pavement and, sometimes, the roads altogether. During this unforgettable tour we will leave the road completely behind when we load the motorcycles into a motorized canoe and float down the Napo River, deep in the Amazon River basin, through communities that are only accessible by this type of river canoe. This is also a ride high into the Andes; into small, isolated villages that time has forgotten, where farming is still done with the help of animals and the pace of life is to a very different rhythm from the rest of the world. We will not lack for comfort, however, staying in top-notch hotels, haciendas and lodges along the way with amazing meals, hot water and comfortable beds. This tour is for intermediate to advanced level riders. Endurance and stamina are required for portions of this trip particularly when we travel through the very remotest areas of Ecuador. What makes you happy? How do you find balance in your life?

Here, briefly, is our story.

We're proud to have become one of the leading motorcycle tour, and rental operations in South America, and each happy customer and visitor reminds us why we started this business.

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