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The police dont take any messing here ,well done to them

Watch this to see why i spelt Karma with c

This muslim scumbag was threatening to attack passengers so 1 passenger took action .Nice one !

OMG listen to them in sync at our favorite President’s Rally
Hey Liberals - this is how it’s done! We sing the National Anthem & by God we have American Flags EVERYWHERE at our events.
You can’t even show a flag at your debates Impeach This. Video from Todd with Trump .

BOSNIA: Thousands of Migrants (soldiers) are relocated to a migrant center
The Migrants stormed Bosnia after (smart) Bulgaria & Hungary closed their borders & blocked the "Balkan route"
These illegals plan to invade Germany & France next for the lifetime benefits & free housing

Here is Hamas showing how they use professional makeup artist’s & special effects to claim they have been attacked so it justifies Hamas then going onto kill innocent men, women & children.

This is for my American friends .. Enjoy


Pakistanis dressed up as fake Arabs fight over food outside a mosque while cussing in Punjabi. Which begs the question: How does one country produce so many rectums? How does Pakistan pull it off?

Proof that Soros has interfered with elections in Europe and other parts of the world

This was never the case until Sadiq Khan became mayor of London ,and for the safety of the public ,the sooner he is out the better

( My Hero) . His Holiness the 14th Dalai lama reminds that Europeans have a right to preserve their culture, nations and existence.

Peaceful religious man beats wife after she dares join in song.even stamping on her head #muslims

Islamic clerics have been caught selling girls as young as 9 for sex in so-called “pleasure marriages”.
Religious leaders were caught by the BBC offering temporary marriage licences which allows men to rape children under a warped version of Islam

If you ever wondered what police brutality looks like? Meet the French police. #GiletsJaunes,
And apparently these police are being brought in from other EU countries

Macron’s henchmen hand out some ‘European justice’ to medics....that’s right, actual medics!

This time its not a muslim ,hope they lock the bastard up and throw away the key

One of Ocasio-Cortez's constituents loses her mind over climate change during AOC's townhall meeting claims we only have a few months left: "We got to start eating babies! We don't have enough time! ... We have to get rid of the babies! . And AOC is ok with this it seems ?

Not uploaded anything for a short time but im back with this stunner hahaha enjoy !

This is such a waste and shows the stupidity of the EU unelected bureaucrats ,the sooner Britain leaves the EU the better

Never trust the Lib Dems dont forget Nick Clegg and how he changed his mind on university fees

This video just shows how thick they are

Diane Abbott says to Boris Johnson " bring it on" .. Well Diane he offered Labour a General Election twicw in recent weeks and your leader Corbyn chickened out .Even Labour supporters are laughing at her


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