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New Video Explains The Deep State’s LONG Range Plan To Destroy America
This may be hard to watch at times, but it’s a must see. If you don’t know your enemy, you are doomed to be defeated.

The GOP nominee for the NYC mayoral election.Curtis Sliwa [Guardian Angels founder ] and his team
physically removed looters from a Footlocker.

WHO staffer says climate lockdowns may be necessary 6.23.21
From restrictions on your thermostat to restrictions of movement. CO2 ration cards are also being suggested.

Princess Diana is the Queen of Britain Nothing can stop what is coming !!!
Video from : PrincessDiana_Q

Bobby Powell shares Jan 6 video- Listen to who has copies now

The propaganda of the new normality of the globalists has reached a new level. No one is hiding anything anymore. Stay the fuck away from the kids you filthy trannies.

This is writen on the Covid Vaccine Victims Telegram Channel , please join them....
Please ask others to come forward and submit their story.
All videos I am doing will be going up on the CVV website as well ❤️
Again: A special thank you to Pam & Jeff for having the courage to speak out and to Bill for being an excellent videographer and capturing my vision for this project. Victims & their stories
Link https://t.me/covidvaccinevictims

CJ Truth's EPIC Good News! TOP 15 PLUS 15 Forensic Audits! FBI [FF] Lies! Q: Climate Scam TRILLIONS
Video from ChristanPatriotNews

A 17 minute compilation of voter fraud in 2020
This video keeps getting removed from youtube


I have joined some video clips here , are they clues that JFK.JR is alive ?? I would like to think he is
I have other videos on my list with possibilities that he might be alive

Navarro " Fauci nixed lifesaving Covid drug to spite Trump"

Trump addresses the assembly at Mike Lindell’s "Frank Speech" rally in Wisconsin via video cast.

Epic Q Super Proof! BQQMS + Blackout Coming! Trump Speech! UT OK WA VA MO CO Audits! Dark to Light! VIDEO : ChristianPatriotNews

Pink Floyd' Roger Waters tells Mark Zuckerberg to fuck off after attempting to license his song 'Another Brick In The Wall' to promote Instagram .
Nice to see some people can't be bought

They both told us. They both warned us. The general public largely ignored them, however.
Today - we face the very real threat they spoke of.
Today - we must make a choice whether we want to continue living free, or whether we take a bended knee to Communism, and bow down to this “monolithic conspiracy”?

Young people ARE NOT SUSCEPTIBLE to CHINA virus.
So why the drive to have kids vaccinated?
The ‘vaccine’ is FIFTY TIMES MORE LIKELY to cause death in children than the CHINA virus. Former VP of Pfizer Dr Michael Yeadon


Q+ Trump & Scavino Decode [Infiltration] Not Invasion! We The People Mourn The Cost! No Greater Love
video by : ChristanPatriotNews

Leaked footage from Guangzhou, China shows a que several kilometers long of people lining up for vaccinations.
A partial lockdown was announced in the city due to a local outbreak of covid in one of the districts.
China have always tried to depopulate, looks like they will now succeed

Is Q Back? Fact Vs. Fiction: The Choice Is Yours! Flynn “Prepare For The Storm!” Deep State PANIC in DC
Video from : ChristianPatriotNews

Sidney Powell, “Trump will be reinstated!” Lin Wood & General Flynn Agree: Trump Won! Q: Watch The Water


Trump Won by MILLIONS! Vows to Return to White House! China’s 10 TRILLION Dollar Tab! Lindell’s Absolutely 9-0 Packets Proofs & Lawsuits
video: ChristianPatriotNews

Why Trump Had To Endorse Experimental Vaccines! Fauci, Gates, Big Pharm BUSTED! The [DS] Depopulation Agenda! MSM Control Thru Fear
Video :ChristianPatriotNews


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