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Nesara Gesara A Very New Exciting World - Share this now.
If you want to see some more light this is for you , an insight to the future of the world .
Great video
Video by : Charles Ward

Mass Arrests & Executions A list of 81 names of famous people who have been arrested or executed for crimes against humanity.
Video by : Alice Down The Rabbit Hole

Clone Charles v Prince Charles
Clone Charles interviewed on Sky News and the media thnk we are crazy enough to think a clone is Charles ?? they seem to forget we all know he has been arrested

On this very special and historic American weekend, please enjoy this beautiful rendition of God Bless the USA. NEVER FORGET those who sacrificed their very lives, and gave the last true measure of devotion, so we can continue to cherish breathing the fresh air of LIBERTY. We will forever remain “One Nation Under God...” ( Words of General Flynn )

Defend our Police (turn volume up)
Paid for by Donald J Trump.inc Approved by Donald J Trump
Video from Eric Trump

You're being scammed by enemies of America who occupy powerful positions in government and the media. November 2020 is the way we, the people, can fight back. Know your enemy. Ditch the masks. Rise.
Video : JOE M

I have taken a cut from a video by the [ Patriot Hour ]. titled ' Time to pay [H.R.Crimes]
This is a insight to the Clinton body count WWG!WGA

Nancy Pelosi has deleted the video of herself in Chinatown on Feb 24 saying that fears of the coronavirus were unwarranted.
She won’t be too happy if you send it VIRAL.
Video from : Vice President Mike [email protected]

SpeakerPelosi & @chuckschumer are willing to burn the country down to honor Floyd Taylor, I mean, George Taylor, ummm, I mean, George Kirby......

Trump gets a hole in one on Killary

Their greatest fear is you awake !!!
wwg1wga !!!

New Yorkers REFUSE to Let Mayor de Blasio Sleep - Look What They Did to FORCE Him Awake
video : nextnewsnetwork

Motivation & Dedication [Removing Evil Is A Must]
#RealEyesRealizeRealLies #WWG1WGA
Video from : The Patriot Hour

Q: You Are The News Now
News Unlocks Message. Future Proves Past
This was 1st released April 2019
Video from : Q-Anon Patriot


The pope vanishes into thin air live on tv
Their have been a lot of rumours that the pope is dead , so would he be replaced by a clone ???
I dont know the answer to this

Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal aged 33 [Antifa bitch] faces 80 years in prison after being arrested by the FBI ,hope she gets the full term !!!
Video from : Patriot news

AND, a REAL-TIME GOD NOD that will blow your 🧦's off💥
Video from : Kelli Ann Boatright .If you follow Q this is a must watch video

Triggered hosted by Donald Trump Jr and special guest President Donald Trump! Fathers day special.
( If you want to skip the intro f/f about 9 mins )
Video : Right Side Broadcasting Network


The do nothing Dems DO nothing !!!

In 2020 the UK began reviewing historic statues. Relics of Britain's past were removed from plinths. One long-debated statue remains in place: sex abuser Eric Gill's sculpture at the BBC. Isn't it time to bring it down?
The BBC's 'Monument to Paedophilia' That #Antifa & other leftists forgot to pull down ,Or do antifa and the left support Paedophillia ???

Go to Yandex search engine : type SRC USA , shocking !!!

Are We Forcing The EVIL Out Of The DARKNESS?
video : JustInformed Talk

A country in crisis .... Hope
video: The Patriot Hour


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