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Ed Layne




What would they say
If they knew the race you’ve made them run
Had taken away
All their chances to have ever won

Light will make your evil come undone
You’ve rigged the game
Time is here to quit your run

Their faces shine
Into the Watcher’s Eye
So safe and secure
They never want to question why
One says there’s nothing to fear
Another says there’s nothing to hide
And many say the world is grey
Some things are only black and white

The lie can never equal to the sum
Of all we’ve been
And all we ever will become

Who spoke the word
Which one has dared to speak out loud
The future has no cure
In the eyes of a vengeful crowd
So just go with the flow
The truth will never cut too deep
Until the vision has grown
In the dreamers who will die tonight in their sleep

There standing at the scene of the crime
The heir apparent believes
In escape from a guilty mind
Stare upon the ranks that fall into line
For the cross they bear is just a witness
To the sign of the times

Out in the cold
The masses sing of victory
Protecting what’s sold
A rearrangement of all history
Then they bow their heads
And swear allegiance to official lies
As they weep and bury all their dead
Offer up unholy sacrifice

Why the question will not cross the line
Is the mystery
That the answer seems to never find
All embrace with the collective kind
The hour is growing late
And it’s just another sign of the times
I will see you at the finish line
If we push on ahead
And we break the chains from our minds
We have seen what cannot be unseen
And we won’t give our love or our lives to the big machine
We are waiting for a sign of the times

Copyright 2019 Ed Layne


Created 3 years ago.

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