Lots of things offend us as God fearing Christians. So what do we do with these feelings and how do we conquer these temptations from Satan which whisper in our ear that we should lash out?
It is Psalms 15 which is quoted at the very end of this video.

Explaining the Sevenfold Spirit of God as opposed to the seven headed Beast.

Seven Spirits of God versus the Seven Heads of the Beast who is the devil manifest in mankind.

Searching for God is so much more than simply reading one book. It entails the study of all translations of the Bible; the searching out of definitions and phrases; and it requires some level of dedication. If you claim to be the light to guide others, how great is the darkness within you?

Are we dedicated servants in the service of God or do we think we are gods ourselves. There is a fine line in the sand between the two and yet it is a line never to be crossed.

Explaining the horn of our salvation: The sevenfold Spirit of God sustained by the four living creatures; interrupted by bears and squirrels: and finally this weeks video explaining the locust of the Bible.

The bones of TRUTH are the Word the Holy Scriptures.
The bones of LOVE are the Actions of TRUTH.
The bones of God are Jesus the Christ, TRUTH and LOVE manifest visibly in His One and Only ever begotten bodily FORM.

Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem and yet Scripture claims that Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt. Why? When? Where? Who? What? and How?

Everyone has a job to do and everyone's job is the same.
Search, find, train for battle, testify to the identity of God and His Christ and SHOUT to destroy the walls Falsehood the Devil builds and hides behind!

Let everything that hath breath declare that Jesus "IS" LORD and that LOVE is what He wants of His Creation.
Search the Scriptures for within them is found the river of Life. For wisdom does not come without study and understanding is the gift of God.

Can we understand prophecy by observing the weather? Or is our sun bright but no heat comes through? Are we clouds which produce gentle showers, hard rain or hail? Or are we clouds without rain?
Listen and learn or learn to listen but God will have His day.

Come let us reason together that the Spirit come and guide us in prayer to the One True God and Eternal Life that we might be delivered from this pandemic.

A Belated Easter message. Easter is a done deal. So now what do "YOU" believe about Easter.
Jesus said: "No one takes My life from me, but I lay it down of My own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from Father TRUTH in fulfillment of His Word the Holy Scriptures."

The people who are telling you that covid 19 is one of the plagues of the book of Revelation are deceivers and liars. Don't listen to them! Such claim that the Holy Spirit told them such things but it is not Jesus the Holy Spirit they are listening to, but it is their own wicked divination and imaginations they are listening to.

There are two sides to what is called wisdom.
There is the wisdom of the earth and the wisdom of God in the heavens.
And then there is the sky in between the two, which is a hodge-podge of both.

Some use divination to deduce that the signs of the times prove that we are in the Last Days. Are they right? Are wars, rumors of wars, climate change, flooding, disasters, pestilence, plague and civil unrest the signs we should be looking at?

We continue in our discussion of the Ark of God's Covenant and discuss the Mercy Seat of that Ark.

God is the light in the darkness, so yes, God hides in the darkness but what does that mean? Surprisingly enough our investigation takes us to the conscience of the human spirit.

Our last videos have explained wings, the table of presence, the seven channeled Menorah, the Show Bread Manna and Aaron's Rod. Now we put everything together at Bible Study to see the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

What Are Angel’s Wings :- https://youtu.be/Gg3Hw5vevEA
Discussing the Table Of Presence:- https://youtu.be/Gg3Hw5vevEA
The Menorah of the Temple:- https://youtu.be/4iBCqV61YnQ
The Commandments and the
Manna From Heaven:- https://youtu.be/UwFQl-GYNw0
Aaron’s Rod :- https://youtu.be/mQg1VD-NgEY

Taking a look at the contents of the Ark of the Covenant to reveal the Testimony, one of which is the rod of Aaron which budded, blossomed and bore almonds.

Commonality: a sharing of features or characteristics in common; possession or manifestation of common attributes. a feature or characteristic held in common.
The Word, the Law, the Manna and Jesus the bread from heaven.

The Menorah is also known as the seven channeled Candlestick or Lampstand which gives light within the temple. We know it as the sevenfold Spirit of God a.k.a. the "Holy Spirit".

This is the second in the series on the interior of the Temple Sanctuary of which we are that Temple. Here we discuss the Table of Presence.

Building the ARK of the COVENANT to help us understand the message the Temple Sanctuary portrays.

Knowing the basics will make us eligible to witness the principles at work.


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Discussing Bible Issues Not Discussed These Days Within The Confines Of Organized Religion.
As the Bible states, there are two sides to wisdom. One side puts to death while the other side brings to life. One side comes from the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil while the other side comes from Jesus the Holy Spirit Tree of Life. Depending upon which side of wisdom a person uses to interpret Scripture, one will get a completely different understanding of what is written from each side of wisdom. I discuss only the wisdom offered by Jesus the Tree of Life and if you join me in listening to what I share with you from Scripture, you too will glean a completely different interpretation and understanding of what is recorded in the Law, Psalms and Prophets of both the Old and the New Testaments.