Were Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego eunuchs, castrated by Nebuchadnezzar?

More Scriptural clarification on the identity of the Nicolaitans.

Understanding this helps to balance our feelings.

Things to consider when we are bombarded with questioning or doubting thoughts.

The false prophets birth the Beast and the Beast births Anti-Christ and Anti-Christ births the Dragon who is Falsehood the Devil incarnate in mankind.
Beware of the BEAST!

Revealing the proof for those willing to listen.

The definition of morality, prostitution, adultery and whoredom.

Sacrificing Children to Molech

Are the rules of Levitical Law meant to dress the body or the soul?

Do the early martyrs teach us a lesson on commitment? And does history not teach us a lesson on the dangers of negligence?

Searching for the One True God and eternal Life.

From the tower of Babel to the great flood, to Mystery Babylon, the path is clear and reveals the Great Deception which began in the Garden of Eden.

Revealing the stations of the cross from Jesus' perspective in fulfilling the Word of God through His prophets with perfect accuracy.

Wendy's article discussing the theory of Jesus being nailed through the wrists rather than the palms.

Some things we need to know and understand or our testimony is proven false and it all begins with understanding the Trinity.

We begin discussing one topic and that leads to so many more interconnected topics.

Revealing Mystery Babylon as Organized Religion.

A discussion on the importance of our embracing the Spirit of the Fear of the LORD. Without this Spirit anything we call faith is worthless.

People perish because they don't understand and so are incapable of avoiding evil when evil masquerading as righteousness presents itself.

Delving deeper into the idea of manifest destiny. Manifest destiny is the belief that God has a specific mission for all confessed believers in God.

Moses declares his blessings on the 12 tribes revealing each tribe's new kingdom position according to the 4 living creatures, the 4 compass points and the 4 horsemen. This is important to understand that we each recognize and understand our assigned tasks in the new creation.

Connecting the dots contained in the 12 tribes and the Old and New Kingdoms defined in Scripture, with Ezekiel's vision of the 4 living creatures as well as Zechariah's vision of the 4 horses.

Comparing the world's justice based upon the Knowledge of Good and Evil versus God's justice based upon the Tree of Life.

A discussion on a chapter which defines Godlessness in the Last Days.

These are the last 8 tribes of Israel and what they represent. We covered the first 4 tribes in part 1 @ https://www.bitchute.com/video/q4IInCZSs4OW/

This week we cover Ruben, Simeon, Levi and Judah.
Some trouble making this video without a suitable camera but the audio is good and the video quality is good except for a lull in the live picture feed in the middle.
Loads of good information from our LORD's Word if you take the time to look up the Scriptures I point at during our talk.


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Discussing Bible Issues Not Discussed These Days Within The Confines Of Organized Religion.
As the Bible states, there are two sides to wisdom. One side puts to death while the other side brings to life. One side comes from the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil while the other side comes from Jesus the Holy Spirit Tree of Life. Depending upon which side of wisdom a person uses to interpret Scripture, one will get a completely different understanding of what is written from each side of wisdom. I discuss only the wisdom offered by Jesus the Tree of Life and if you join me in listening to what I share with you from Scripture, you too will glean a completely different interpretation and understanding of what is recorded in the Law, Psalms and Prophets of both the Old and the New Testaments.