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This is just a fraction of the insanity happening in China!

"Survival is not obligatory, but if you do want to survive, then it actually pays to strive for it!"

"The day we learn to trust our instincts in life, is the day we've learned how to live!" (and survive)

Please excuse poor quality of the video!

"Survival is not mandatory, but if you actually want to survive, then it pays to strive for it!"

The Cabal's plan is to create "Order out of chaos". We are going through the "let's create chaos" phase right now, but the tanks and NWO soldiers will be deployed IF we don't stop them creating this insane chaos!! The Cabal needs a big enough excuse to say "we had to intervene to create law and order again" (to be seen as the saviors, even though they created all the chaos in the 1st place!

Wake Up Folks and Retaliate!!!

(Video Clips are from Montreal Canada - The new Nazi Terrorists hired by the cabal i.e. George Soros)

And the question many of us ask during such insane times is "where are all the patriotic snipers when we really need them to remove all the evil scumbags fucking with our lives and planet?!"

Wake Up & Retaliate!!!

"Survival is not mandatory, but if you desire survival, then it certainly pays to strive for it!"

"Greed is the bottomless pit, that exhausts the culprit, without him ever reaching satisfaction!"

We've been lied to, bullied, attacked and had family members loose jobs, go out of business and killed off with their various covid attacks and jabs and so much more evil.., so now it's high time humanity rises up and punish these evil bastards!

"If the fish stinks, then it stinks from the head!"

"If snakes heads are not chopped off, then they keep biting and killing!"

"If the fish stinks, then it stinks from the head!"

The Cabal keeps Agenda 21 pushing forward in plane sight - but are the Sheeple paying attention? or are they too jabbed and dizzy by now to even notice trickery?

Everything we like, need, want and live for has been weaponized! It's part of Agenda 21 in order to kill off 7+ Billion people by the year 2030 (If we let the globalists get away with it!) - WAKE UP & RETALIATE!!!

"It's easier to fool someone, than to convince him he's been fooled in the 1st place!"

"When someone messes with a bull, then it has to give them it's horns, otherwise it's not a real bull!"

"A frightened and cowardly bull, ends up at the meat processing plant!"

If a cancer is not stopped, then it will spread! The same thing goes with tyranny. Wake Up & Retaliate now!!

Globalists challenged with shocking statistics about their de-population program...

"If the fish stinks, then it stinks from the head!"

Slides can cause long-term damage!

Nice speech Trudeau!

Keep in mind, the morgues are now ALSO starting to fill with murdered children!!! (not just conformist adults)

"Just because we left school, doesn't mean there's no more assholes out there!"


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Hi, I'm Mr.T - "Educated Traveler". Facing the evil Covid attacks on our sovereignties, I tried for a while to put out the truth in my YouTube channel about the Cabal's Agenda, yet after having had 12 videos kicked off and the channel frozen twice (as the truth narrative is no longer permitted!) then I decided to put all facts and truth exposing videos out in this BitChute channel instead. Please subscribe, like and share - Many thanks!

Proverb: "One voice that speaks out, speaks louder than ten thousand that stay silent!"