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In this short video, Mr.T covers the "Three Big Umbrella Agenda's" under which all the global attacks / sub agenda's on our lives and sovereignties are being launched against us...

"A person who tolerates being bullied and attacked, is no longer a self respecting human being, but instead a fearful slave!"

Are you still placing your hopes in Trump to stop the countless NWO attacks?

Whether you've realized it or not, if Americans and their militia groups don't quickly wake up and retaliate, then there will be no more America left soon. You'll be forcefully pushed off your land, your property, and be pushed into "Human Settlement Zones", also called "Smart Cities". Agenda2030 is the complete takeover of everything we like, need, want, desire, and live for.

Which side of history do you want to be on - the one that did nothing to stay awake and stop it, OR the side who fought back?
Watch this video for an in-depth explanation and pass it on to as many folks as possible - Many thanks! Mr. T

Mette Frederiksen is one of the Globalist mass murderers who quickly dodges for cover when the Danish press questions her colaboration in injuring and murdering her citizens!!

"Every dog has their day!"

Once you've heard this speech, you'll understand better just how the most dominant countries stay in control...

"When the masses can ignore mass genocide, then you know that society have become absolutely insane!"

This pilot filming is just one more puppet in the big sky crime cover-up, trying to normalize insanity by switching the focus from the obvious chemtrail spraying to him sending an "air drop" to the Singapore Airline pilot!

These sky terrorists should all be arrested and be sentenced to death (as these sick fuckers so easily justify poisoning millions of people, animals and all living organisms)

Wake The Fuck Up and Retaliate now!!!

When the masses in large fall for enough tyrannical traps (New Stupid Normals) then insanity becomes the order of the day!!

Wake Up & Retaliate!!!

"Self ownership is to realize that you own everything from your skin inwards, your children, your rights to unaffected movement, expression, voice, your assets and money - and NO-ONE has a larger claim over these than you do!"
Mr.T - Educated Traveler

Most of the world population swalled the 9/11 lies raw (just like the Convid Virus, the face nappies, the deceiving PCR tests, the fake jabs, the manufactured wars and so much more!!). It's high time to wake up and retaliate!

Especially send this to all the Jab'd folk you know. If coaching them won't wake them up, then maybe a little song might!

Folks just go along accepting this giant evil de-population program, as they never get to see the carnage from the largest kill-off in the history of human civilization - Please share the heck out of this, as folks MUST WAKE UP!!!

Sustainable development means "Constant and never ending fuckery!!!"

These evil bastards must be stopped and executed!!!

Stage actors: Trump "Good Cop" and Hillary "Bad Cop"
Employers: "Illuminati" The Globalist Cult
Signalling: Trump signals an illuminati sign at moment he mentions Hillary's name!

"Survival is not mandatory, but for those who do want to survive, then it pays to strive for it!"

"To know something is harmful towards yourself, and then still presuming it, is much worse than not knowing it was bad for you in the first place!"

Humanity can keep living in ignorance to the atrocities happening on this planet, or it can look the truth square in the eyes and take action to bring all evil culprits to justice! What world would you like, one that keeps collapsing and becomes more evil by the day, or one that keeps prospering with respect and justice as the order of the day?

Watch this video to the end, and you'll hear from one of the "evil doers" himself, exactly how his cult looks at us, and what insane shit is being done to us!!!

You know tyranny rules, when cops have lost every ounce of respect against their citizens!

"If madness is not stopped, then the madness becomes the new normal!"


Men should not be pussies! Because pussies don't help their fellow man - pussies just watch or run away. After that the bullies feel invincible, and get even more merciless and cruel towards innocent citizen's and you have pure tyranny prevailing from that point onwards!

"When government and their troops fear the people, then there's freedom - When the people fear the Government and their troops, then you have tyranny"

"If the mind is blind, then the eyes are useless!"

"It's easier to fool someone, than to convince them they've been fooled!"

We now see UN's contractors (Evergreen Aviation) paint our blue skies white with toxins every day, yet too many have bought the cabal's "condensation" lie and now think it's normal to see an entire grid in the sky, or countless of deliberate circles made by the spraying planes, who of course is not enroute to anywhere specific, but instead they are instructed to spray over certain regions, after which they return back to one of many military based for refueling and filling their chemical tanks.

Wake Up & Retaliate!!!


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Hi, I'm Mr.T - "Educated Traveler". Facing the evil Covid attacks on our sovereignties, I tried for a while to put out the truth in my YouTube channel about the Cabal's Agenda, yet after having had 12 videos kicked off and the channel frozen twice (as the truth narrative is no longer permitted!) then I decided to put all facts and truth exposing videos out in this BitChute channel instead. Please subscribe, like and share - Many thanks!

Proverb: "One voice that speaks out, speaks louder than ten thousand that stay silent!"