At least 45,000 people died within 3 days of their injection according to one of TWELVE USA databases (whistleblower just filed in court). Go to 3:45
The 'vaccines' are lethal experimental gmo injections with nanotech.
The 'tests' are finding an exosome, a piece of you that is actually function of resiliency.
The 'swabs' are literally weapons as well as feed for a genetic database.
The 'masks' are also literal weapons on multiple levels.
The 'app' is the barcode system of the beast.
The 'health' and 'care' systems are home to murderers
They couldn't beat us so they are turning us against ourselves don't fall prey and use this time to get prepared for what's coming.$/invite/@EducationalPurposes:1



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Thank you for finding this! It's a work in progress :)
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