Eigenstate Zero

"Fringe" taken from the upcoming album "Sensory Deception". In stores and streams November 1st, 2019.

Where density and gravity
Becomes infinite
On the fringes of fever
The existence of the singularity
A void of dreamers
On the fringes of fever

Psychotropic indulgences
On a path of ferocious descent
Gravitational attraction
A zero folding into one

Quantum entanglement
Unreality invading the soul
A demonic entity
Pushing through the event horizon

In the sulphurtracks of treason
Behind the morning star
Travelling beyond
Rim and reason
The world down falls

To noone nothing has become
When everything is said and done

On the fringes of fever
A void of dreamers
On the fringes of fever

Playing authenticly while...oh, hi Mark.

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Eigenstate Zero, swedish deathmetal. Deathmetal, liberty, art and bourbon.