Eka - La dolce vita

Eka - Watch your step

The Gladiators live @willemeen_arnhem 07-10-2018

The Gladiators live @willemeen_arnhem 07-10-2018

Just got back from George Clinton and Parlaiment Funkadelic live at Musis Sacrum, Arnhem the Netherlands.
What a great concert! Glad I had the chance to see him just before his pension. ( Yes I know the video is bad)

Went to see Israel Vibration and the Roots Radics last night. Great concert! (Yeah I know, bad quality video......)

I got a Korg Volca sample yesterday. This is the first beat I made on it, my try out beat. Made with my own samples. I still have much to explore but it is a cool machine!

The shortest song I ever produced. I was in my garden and I made this short video of a woodlouse walking. When I watched it back this bassline and ping sound popped in my head. I made it right away. Added drums, did a lot of tweaking, tempo adjustments to get it follow the video as best as possible and this is the end result. This woodlouse got his own soundtrack now!

Dark slow tempo hip hop instrumental.



Hip Hop beat with Turkish samples

Hip Hop instrumental

Old school type Hip Hop beat

Slow Hip Hop beat with a relaxed jazz vibe

Dance track inspired by the star KIC 8462852 or Tabby's star


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