Thanks to government lassitude and thousands of people from China allowed to travel to locations all over Canada it is guaranteed that Canada is going to have a severe crisis in the coming months.
Presenting Positive Evidence for the Apollo Moon Landings. Yes it's long, there's lots of evidence!

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The Derpiest White Nationalist known as Hail Victory, aka Flail Fucktardedly, aka Fail Victory made a flat earth video in which he repeated a lot of flattarded bunkery, that had long been debunked. Of course this is not the first time this rube has posted disinformation to his channel. He has had a history of posting retarded videos about crisis actors, and against the fact of the moon landings. Flail, I mean Hail Victory whether knowingly or not, is participating in an unlikely COINTELPRO like operation.

Mobile phone ubiquity was reached in the early 2000s, such that, the internet is now home to a tier of people of whom are so mind numbingly stupid, so devoid or reason or intellectual discipline that it beggars belief. Irregardless, that they are not of sufficient intellectual accumen to opine on anything other than their favorite hamburgers or chicken nugget toppings, are now preaching an entirely new model of physics,earth, and the cosmos. Only it isn’t based on any actual math or physics, since these HFCS imbibing shortbus denizens are not even fit to calculate the change on their massive purchases of the aforementioned fastfood feedlot fare. As the ratio of fat to brain size increases, the ability to generate rational thought decreases proportionately.

Enter Hail Victory, the Derpiest of all White Nationalists.

Aircraft use gyroscopes that maintain earth's horizon.

Flat Earth Ring Laser Gyroscope Test

How to Pull Images from Satellites in Orbit (NOAA 15,18,19 and METEOR M2)

Tens of thousands of the extremist sect Chabad Lubavich, loyal to Israel only live in communities all over China. The destruction that supremacist Zionists have laid upon Europe in the past is a warning the Chinese would be wise to take heed and notice.

KMN: Chabad & Noahide Laws EXPOSED

SoWhat?: Nakam - How Jews tried to kill 6 Million Germans

I like the guy, but come on. You have to acknowledge reality. All he does is talk about Moslems and Trudeau, but never about the real problem which is political Zionism. The Raging Humanist and his Plaid Army is another shill for the Zionists. Ezra Levant is a scumbag.

Holohoax abomination of a building is egged, Canaduh declares national emergency

Down to 975 subscribers now... won't someone help Hoaxashian, he is the only one telling the truth.

I'm sorry everyone, I shouldn't make Hoaxashian videos :-DDD

Note: this changes the mac address computer identifier, not your IP address. For that, use TOR or VPN.

This works on Ubuntu and Raspian so should work on most systemd Linux distros.

Here is the text of the script enp0s7 to whatever your interface is):
# Provides: macc
# Required-Start:
# Required-Stop:
# Should-Start:
# Default-Start: 2
# Default-Stop:
# Short-Description: mac
# Description: mac
macchanger -r enp0s7

Don't forget to install macchanger:
sudo apt-get install macchanger

and make the file executable:
chmod 755

place the file in the init.d directory located at

This command writes it to the rc2.d list:
sudo update-rc.d defaults

check the run level 2 directory:
ls -l /etc/rc2.d

Oliver Stone's Documentary South of the Border demolishes the claims of neolibs and neocons alike, that the woes of Venezuela are due to "socialism". Styx even talks about the attempted CIA puppet Guan Avocado with a straight face, in the same video that he blames socialism and ignores all the US sabotage. Styxhexenhammer666 is intellectually dishonest and seems to be a neoliberal, if not neocon shill.

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Morris108's Bitchute channel - his last videos are here

RIP Morris108

Turd Flinging Monkey MGTOW dollfag weirdo

Clasik Obas(sans dreadlocks)

Hoaxashian complains
...and complains
and complains

Faceless Propagandist's Bitchute Channel

Message For Hoaxashian from Peekay Truth

It's about a friend of mine. Glad I'm not that guy!

Nuking Tel Aviv probably would be a humanitarian act at this point, they are not going to stop until they own the entire middle east or the world is ashes.

In the 2020s the movement begins, to liberate our planet. Take the Verdant pill.

On the first day of the new decade, with the most important post of the decade, I give you the meme for the decade. More than a meme, a new weltanshaung that will allay much of the existential dread preoccupying much of the current the body politic.

Many have talked about this subject from various angles, but no one I am aware of has been able to put together the pieces in the way I am about to outline.

This new paradigm trancends right or left thinking and is immune to criticism from both camps. It is immune to criticism from the right since it confirms many of their beliefs on the subject. It is immune to critique from the left since it portends the destruction of capitalism as we know it and only a filthy bourgeois would be against that.

This new movement may be summed up in one word, one word to herald the end of climate hysteria.


Many have pieced together the that AGW is an opportunistic theory, that unfairly demonized the life giving molecule carbon dioxide, and takes advantage of the cyclic nature of earths climate in order to push agendas that have nothing to do with bettering the environment for all life on earth. Some have even discovered that for the vast majority of plant and animal life on earth, things would be better if the earth was warmer.

Contrary to alarmist claims that warmer climate means out of control wildfires, it actually means that more precipitation will fall on the whole; since warmer air holds more moisture than cold air.

The slight increase in Carbon dioxide is not resulting in a Venus like runaway greenhouse. In fact multiple satellite studies including by NASA have concluded that CO2 supplementation as result of human activity has been causing the edges of deserts to green and recede. You see, when there is more CO2 in the air, the plant's stomata don't have to open as long and in the process also lose water.

It is a fact. CO2 is documented as reversing desertification and is estimated as adding green mass in the equivalent of two times the continental US worth.

The term biomass is a term used in ecology to describe the total mass of living organisms in an ecosphere.

"The total live biomass on Earth is about 550–560 billion tonnes C,[1][5] and the total annual primary production of biomass is just over 100 billion tonnes C/yr"

"Forests account for 70–90% of terrestrial biomass, most of this biomass in trees."

Generally speaking, the more biomass, the better life is doing on earth.

"Most crops show that for any given level of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), increasing the CO2 level to 1,000 ppm will increase the photosynthesis by about 50% over ambient CO2 levels."

Why are the powers-that-shouldn't-be so concerned about quelling things that are intrinsically linked to a more robust biosphere? They have been eager to overstate the disasterous effects via such scare tactics as 'tipping points', 'climate catastrophe', etc. Yet, the top NASA climate scientist recently said that there are no accurate computer models for predicting climate.

We are told are on the brink of causing mass extinctions, as exemplified by climate dupe group Extinction Rebellion.

Yet in the past, there was much more CO2 on earth and it was much warmer. The biosphere was a lot more robust in the days of the dinosaurs, able to support massive reptiles and giant plants.

Which brings me to the crux of this presentation. The PTSB have always hoarded their power through scarcity, as Kropotkin wrote of the state of farmers not being able to "because taxation, rent and usury keep them always as near as possible to the margin of starvation"

Indeed today a lot of people don't have more than a paycheck keeping them from homelessness, and many pay more than half of their wage slave earnings to rent. Our food choices do not come fresh from the vine, tree, bush, or herb, but from practicises of tampering such as chemical pesticides, processing and Genetically modified foods.

Imagine that what they fear comes to pass. An exponential burgeoning of biomass as CO2 becomes more available, and warmth brings more precipitation, which brings forth even more biomass.

Forests also hold moisture, and stabilize climate. As the biomass of forests grows this effect will increase, so the fears of mass deserts are unlikely since the trend is that they are shrinking.

More people will have access to better food, as current climate zones render much of Europe and Canada unsuitable for many crops. People don't generally go to cold places for vacation, or if they do it is summer. Humans are suited to the tropics. Earth's climate has been too cold and CO2 depleted for too long. .

It is doubtful that the oceans woul

Some say Bowie is still alive

David Bowie – Station To Station – Live 1976

Station To Station was originally the opening track from David Bowie’s album, Station To Station, released in January 1976. The incredible live version, used as the audio on this video was recorded at the Nassau Coliseum, New York on the 23rd March 1976, and is taken from the Station To Station reissue box set, released in 2010.

On Bowie's 1976 “Isolar” tour, before the band took the stage, there was a screening of “Un Chien Andalou”, the 1929 silent surrealist short film. And then, the opening track of the show was Station To Station.

“It all became real when I sat on the stage watching them all file into the venue. We'd sound checked at 3ish and Buford Jones had the house audio dialled in. We were confident and well-rehearsed. It was this 21-year-old’s second time performing in front of tens of thousands of people and I could barely wait for the Dali film to end, and for me to fire up the Marshalls and get the show started, with my feedback/intro to Station to Station. For the first minute or so, standing there solo doin’ my thang, my knees would have been shaking…” - Stacy Heydon

I first came across the footage that Phillipe Bergeron shot himself 40 years ago, via the 60 seconds that he had posted, on January the 11th this year, the day after Bowie died,
Around that time I had been scouring the web, for material to flesh out my TVC-15 video: There is virtually no decent footage available from the ’76 tour. According to legend, a French TV station shot five songs at the final Paris show. A few minutes of that footage was shown on French TV, and featured fragments of three songs. And those fragments make up most of my TVC-15 video. According to the same legend, unfortunately, the reels of the five songs were misplaced when the TV station moved their archive, and they remain lost.

Philippe’s one minute of footage was only Super 8, but it was very well shot, and unlike anything I’d seen before. So I immediately contacted him, basically asking, “Is there more than 60 seconds, and can I have it please?” Eventually, we talked on the phone a bit, and Philippe agreed to let me have his footage for my use.

What came exceeded all expectations. It was beautiful material - close ups, long shots, pans and zooms and, unusually, plenty of band shots, from at least 5 totally different locations in the venue. The footage astonished me, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. However, it was silent, and moreover, there was no complete song, or even lengthy take. Just very short scenes, mostly less than 10 seconds, sometimes only 2 or 3 seconds, filmed throughout the entire show.

The detective work began to ascertain what songs were being performed to decide out what the best use of the footage would be. Breaking the reel down into its separate components meant I then had well over 50 mini scenes. Anyway, to cut a very long story short, among the other songs I did eventually identify, there was – crucially - several verifiable fragments of Station To Station. Although these Station To Station fragments only totaled less than a minute, an idea began to predominate: to re-purpose the entire footage, use every scene, avoid dipping into any other source, and synch it to the Nassau live version, and try to create the video that we have here.

I managed to use almost every second of Philippe’s footage. Where I have used a verified Station To Station scene, in its correct place, I have left it naked. In other places, the long cross fades, the superimposing, and other effects are devices to distract us from noticing that Bowie is not in fact singing the correct line, or indeed even the correct song. So, with that in mind, it would perhaps be best if you don’t pay too close attention to Bowie’s lips and the players hands!

I don’t know how many millions of digital manipulations I’ve made to produce this thing, but certainly more could be done to improve it. There are some compromises in this video that I am not content with, but after in excess of 200 hours of obsessive and often frustrating work, including stretches of profound desperation when there were many minutes of blank void to fill, and no material or imagination to fill them, I’ve decided that this will have to do.

So, after forty years, finally here is,

The return of the thin white duke.

Hope you dig it!

Do me an' yerself a favor - watch it in HD with the sound UP LOUD!

If anyone has any other footage, or ideas for another video project, of material from Bowie's classic period, do please get in touch: [email protected]

Putting this video together was another huge labour of love, made with love and with respect for the source.

I don't own the

In relentless and careless pursuit of their narrative, effete dolt-right meatheads Mr Obvious(or is it Mr Oblivious?), and Paul Joseph Watson mindlessly consume and shill meat industry hype.

Phytoestrogens are protective:

88 = Happy Holidays! Hope you're having a good one.

In this stream:
some Linux stuff, some dolt right stuff thanks to Mr Oblivious

Depending on your distro.

The latest incarnation of Ubuntu, with the default Gnome 3 desktop drew derision for it's touchscreen looking interface. As I point out, it is nothing to complain about since they have been going in this direction since at least 2012 as I show with screenshots. Ubuntu is a good transition for those who grew up on smartphones, but power users will be disappointed with it's awkward and slightly bloated interface. It looks nice though, and I ended up using it for about a week when it died when I was applying an update at the same time as burning a usb stick and watching videos. It sparked trying to start up again and I had enough with it's flakiness so I installed Ubuntu Studio. At least plain Ubuntu has a startup sound. Not for older PCs.

Ben Shapiro runs away and uses his children as human shields.

Nick Fuentes' IRL encounter with diminutive Zionist conservative pretender Ben Shapiro is remarkably similar to his encounter with a Shapiro stand-in during GTA5 gameplay.

Sources of Ben Shapiro street encounter footage from DJ Airwolf:
Ben Shapiro uses his own child as shield:
Ben Shapiro for free speech:

MX Linux is the top GNU/Linux distro in the world right now. Does it deserve this rank? Let's find out!

To a based distro that is, not one under the auspices of the pozzed Linux Foundation.

2015.. because it's 2015, Intel is no longer on top, AMD make the best processors. In the year of current year 2015 Intel decided to focus on Diversity and Inclusion, while AMD focused on making great products. Fastforward to 2019, and one is clearly dominating the other. Coincidence?

I'm not the sort to constantly disparage blacks, but enforced diversity is a really stupid idea in a field where you cannot scam or berate reality into making unsuitable people create a better product than a company that hires based on merit, and ignores skin colour which many of us thought was the hallmark of being anti racist. Now enforced equity is running Intel to the ground, hopefully. They have long deserved it. I have never used Intel, AMD always.


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