Latino Trump supporters could be seen in Huntington Beach California chanting "USA" over curfew restrictions put into place by governor Gavin Newsom.

Antifa protestor gets knocked down into a nearby puddle after officer makes arrest, other Antifa and BLM supporters continue to mock the police.

This is a clip of former BlackLivesMatter protest leader Travis Nagdy (who was shot dead in a car jacking) at one of his rally's.

This is a clip from a anti vaccine protest in 2019 located in Washington DC.

Proud Boys member interviewed on the Kyle Rittenhouse case and the BlackLivesMatter movement.

Trump supporters gather to protests against the 2020 election fraud that had taken place in November.

Protestors in Dublin Ireland gathered to protest against lockdown restrictions implemented by their government.

NYC BLM residents gathered in Manhattan to demonstrate and protest against a BLM protest leader that was shot dead in a recent car jacking.

Thousands of Slovakian citizens gathered to protests against a lockdown mandate in the capital city of Bratislava.

Thousands of Anti Lockdown protestors took the the streets in late November against Covid19 lockdowns.

In Paris, in front of the university, university students protest for the new law of forbidden students to occupy the school. If anyone break this new law need to face 5year jail sentence.

Black Lives Matters protestors took to the streets of Manhattan NYC in honor of Travis Nagdy a BLM protest leader who was shot dead in a car jacking earlier this week.

Travis Nagdy a Black Lives Matter protest leader and activist was shot dead in a car jacking, The People in NYC gathered in Columbus Circle to show support.

Anti government and anti lockdown protests continue in Berlin Germany in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

The Multnomah County Democrats building in NE Portland was smashed up tonight by Antifa and BLM in a planned direct action. Almost immediately after the attack, the anarchist graffiti on the office was painted over.

Proud Boys clashed with far left activists such as Antifa and BLM members in Washinton DC.

American patriotic protestors sing The Star Spangled Banner at one of the many protests going around America against voter and election fraud.

Protestors in Huntington Beach California could be seen protesting against a curfew lockdown mandate proposed by governor Gavin Newsom.

Proud Boys protestors were heard chanting "We love Trump" and "Four more years" in Milwaukee Wisconsin outside Mayfair Mall.

A journalist shares his thoughts and opinions on the proud boys which attended the million maga march protests in Washington DC.

Italian police removed their helmets in an attempt to show solidarity with the Italian protestors against an Anti Lockdown protest.

US National Guards caught on camera arresting an Antifa protestor placing him in an unmarked vehicle.

Anfita and BLM supporters repeatedly harassed and degraded an innocent girl while anti protesting.

Belarusian police fired warning shots into the air in an attempt to push back the on coming protestors.

Protestors all across Denmark take to the streets protesting against lockdown measures for the covid19 pandemic as well as anti vaccines.


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