Velvet Underground

Title: "Punch it Baby" 2008
Cover: driver in "Baby Driver" 2017;‘Baby Driver’ Star Ansel Elgort Receives CinemaCon’s Male Star of Tomorrow Award


Book: Jean Renoir by Andre Bazin


This link is to his book: Foundations of Science of War
Freedoms like inheritance most still be earned, have a gun yes, but learn to fight more.

Bk on rocket propellant.
Phase shift plasma turbine

Audio book of important clarifying text, vast and supremely useful.
Carl Schmitt was perhaps more important than the Further himself his ideas initiated the Reich but the NS failure to follow through and leave the Wiener Constitution, which made success in the end impossible. The Orthodox Jew Leo Strauss challenged Schmitt and he emended his writing. This version is the changed rendering mostly now more doubtful (the darkening case of semitic beliefs) over his brilliant mind. If these two things would have been not, then the Reich would have been permanent.

"Nomos of the Earth" by Carl Schmitt
The universal truths a Law beyond laws.

The realm of computer art which is photography painting film combined is the fulfillment of Kadinsky & Klee's perfection of modern art where an artist becomes a prophet.

Pictures of super model , showing some super expressions and clothes. 6'3" American,UT.

song :"Titanium"

includes the very impressive funeralcade of Marilyn Monroe


"Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
Boeing Aircraft 1986 ...a technically formal declaration of domestic war.
(It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society)

Experimental data bending becomes
controllable musical elements
in silence also

Based on Guy Richie's film,


Meaningful edit to supermodel Cara D.

"Don't let this be the end
because my heart can take it"
The dark Fate the last of her descendents.

Link to book: MI6 MI5 ordered to protect pedophiles
The name of James Bond can never be replaced but how could he work for the current regime?

As the song goes "they will never replace you... The coldest blood runs through my veins"
The last few releases had the MI6 ,M etc. (black money penny kills at JB)beginning to fall apart, these real life problems are why, art mirrors life. This song is also the key, no they will never as yet overcome James Bond ,You Know My Name.

US Army- "An infantryman's guide to combat in built-up areas"
This manual has everything you my need to maintain during any civil conflict, gun fights are difficult and deadly best learn all you can.

This is a link to a relevant book, "The 33 Strategies of War" , little known fact that not recognizing the human debt to the gods is a major criminal state, these lessons show how Athena is superior to Ares.

Music best intro video, S Crowe, the real and only JB007

sound and subconscious means to correction with nerve damage repair.
Where there is a will there is a way.

different jazz cover,to classic "Money" with comments from the devil.

Music video

Michael Jackson live Munich

Game of Thrones

James Dean, another example of the correct view;

a visual statement of my position on current events.


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