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I uploaded a video a while back about cheap firestarter ideas. Here are a few more I forgot to mention. I did this inside, so I never start a full fire like I wanted to. Nature was being mean. Later!

I just wanted to do a quick video on making a cup of dandelion "coffee". It's not actually coffee, as the drink has nothing to do with coffee beans. But it is very coffee-like and can be used as a substitute. Plus, it's free and has no caffeine. This is just one method of making a small amount. There are other ways to do it. For instance, if you want to do a whole bunch, it might be wise to use a food processor to grind up the roots and to roast them in the oven. These same methods can be used to make chicory "coffee" too! (using the roots of the blue flowered plants, or chicory, one often sees along highways).

Just another quick boring video. Pine needle tea is good. And super easy to make. I wanted to go full caveman and make this outside to demonstrate using a bow drill, kind of a 2 part video. But the wind today was terrible. I didn't want to risk a forest fire. Maybe we'll do the bow drill thing later as it's own separate video.

It is always good to have as many ways to do something as possible, especially when it comes to fire in certain situations. Plus, fire is fun. I wanted to share a couple of my fire starting things with you. Oh, and PS: you might notice a slight jump cut when I was doing the second method. Some jerk wad was hiking down the trail on his cell phone and screamed an expletive right when I was filming. My young nephews watch my videos, so I trimmed a few seconds out.

It's been dry for the last several weeks, and unseasonably hot, with just some drizzle coming finally this morning. We are experiencing what they call a high-moderate drought. So I did not think we would get any puffballs this year. Or at least nothing worth trying to eat. But I got lucky and came across these while doing my daily hike. I just wanted to demonstrate a quick way to fry and eat these that I like to do.

If you are interested, I started a Blog at: www.archaicarcher.com

This video is kind of boring. But I uploaded anyway. We were camping the other night in a local State Park. My sister left some eggs out, and this skunk showed up to steal them. I got super close to it. And, it didn't spray me. Skunks are cool. Poor video quality is due to me being cheap. Later!

If any of you are interested, I started a Blog because I got bored: www.archaicarcher.com

WARNING: FAKE VIDEO!! Sorry people, but this is fake. The kids wanted to do a scary bigfoot video so they could show their friends online, so we did. But this made me think: If we can take some poor quality footage of a dude in a ghillie suit walking out of a corn field, throw some scary music over top of it, add some narration to give it a creepy setup and back story, and do this all in about 10 minutes on a free video editor, then how many people claiming to have "evidence" are doing the same thing? How many people are making videos like this, but don't admit it is a setup? There are likely a lot. And some people have built quite a following on social media and video sharing sites with nothing but fake videos and stories. It's far too easy to do. And tempting. Oh well.

If any of you are interested, I started a Blog because I got bored: www.archaicarcher.com

I've gotten a few of these scam calls this week and decided to go ahead and share it, just in case someone out there might be getting the same call and aren't sure if they should respond or not. Rest assured, this is not a legit call. If you get one like this, it is FAKE! Don't give in and let the criminal trash get your money.

I was performing my daily anti-flab hiking, and decided to film cooking some milkweed. As usual, cheap phone with a crappy camera. My bad.

If any of you are interested, I started a Blog because I got bored: www.archaicarcher.com

I was out at a local State Park eating plants because they are free. Also, wild edibles for the most part are much more nutritious than their farmed/injected/organically-modified/steroid-filled/pesticide-laced counterparts. Just be careful on identifying them and pay attention to the area you get them from. This video was made for no reason btw. I was foraging, and happened to have my crappy phone on me.

If any of you are interested, I started a Blog because I got bored: www.archaicarcher.com

I went on Ebay and bought one of those burning laser thingies from China. It's probably the coolest thing I've ever bought. I can't stop playing with the thing. It's like, addicting or something.

If any of you are interested, I started a Blog because I got bored: www.archaicarcher.com

This video is for educational purposes. PLEASE always obey your local laws and exercise caution at all times. And if you are a criminal or terrorist of some type, please do not watch this video. Instead, take a long time to reconsider that whole breathing and living thing you are doing. It's really annoying.
Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

If any of you are interested, I started a Blog because I got bored: www.archaicarcher.com


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I am an outdoors type dude who grew up hunting, fishing, trapping, snorkeling, making and using primitive weapons, etc. I love traditional archery the most. So I like to occasionally do videos about those things. On the other end of the spectrum, I am a hobby programmer, a hobby robotics nerd, and an old-school gamer. Video content can be anywhere in between, or even something random about my world travels or something. Don't expect ultra HD videos though. Sorry, but I don't see the point in spending a fortune on camera equipment unless I am making money with it, which I never intend to do. I make videos for fun.

Later, humans.

Oh, and ps, I started a Blog if anyone's interested: www.archaicarcher.com