As if he had a chance lmao 😂


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It'd be a real shame if someone prevented this dumbass from chugging soy latte's (extra soy) at the Starcucks in Lodi, CA by his golf caddy bitch job.

SONG BY SO SLOB 187 https://youtu.be/Pt7XvTIWzC8

Next song will be.a backstreet boys song. Baby u choose

Eet my shorts

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In this episode I interview Truth Smoker, a local Kentuckian truther/jehovahs witness/flat earther who is only looking for two things in life and won't stop until he finds those two things.
What are they?

Smoker's channel:

Smoker's Twitter: @SmokerTruth

Giddy up pardners 🤠 Check this sh🐍t out:

Electric Messiah
Leper Messiah
Raging Messiah
Electric Messiah X

Intro Animation by 3DAL GREEN SCREENS

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I have big shit planned for this week but I am also currently accepting video requests. No matter how crazy your *suggestion* is, I'll 93% most likely do your video; And if I do you're getting a big fat shout out.
I might be visiting downtown Chicago so of there's any sights, locations, or attractions you would like to see, comment below because I'm sick of going to the same 3 places every time.
Know of any political movements/protests happening downtown Chicago? Let me know and I'll be there to make the sjw nerds dance on my strings effortlessly.
Peace & Prosperity, Mahalo 🤙🏻

Jee well would ya look at the time 👉🕦

Shout out to Beastmaster, keep that puppet tight on his strings

Coming to your plate from the creators of the TTF comes a new survival series... For SLOBS. Take a bite out of nature. Now that's so slob!

I review stuff that the average nerd won't review. Enjoy

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Does anyone know if Porkchop received my present in the mail?

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