Electronic Fighting Syndicate

Former Electronic Fighting Champion Rodrigo has a new overly polite attitude...and it seems to rub some people the wrong way.

Suave Steve talks about the upcoming Violent Show in Tokyo event and intros his new chef/bodyguard.

Sir Sugrim does an interview from Suave Steve's luxury penthouse as Suave Steve badmouths other competitors

Interviewer Sir Sugrim angers Pete Mysterio Sr. by bringing up rumours.
Also asks about his tag team partner, Cyclone Sid.

Everyone likes Tyson, conversely everyone hates Asshole Chris!

Pete Mysterio Sr. calls out Slumlord Paul and announces the Street Fighter Dec.2018 tournament.
The aftermath will be posted in our next video.
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A video game fighting league influenced by the world of professional wrestling with the exception of our tournaments are not predetermined.