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How Milo Yiannopoulos still has a platform after him admitting he witnessed older men abusing much younger boys is something quite spectacular isn't it? Especially when a guy who made a distasteful fat joke has essentially been depersoned and deplatformed from almost the entire internet.

Look at all those "Conservative" red hat wearing #Maga chimps debasing themselves by carrying this pedo apologist (or pederasty apologist at the very least" around on a throne. People who prop up this kind of sickness should be marginalized until they exist no more within sight or sound.

This video was previously hosted on YouTube on the Bloody Fissures channel which is now been turned over to someone else. I created this video for BF so I'm publishing it on the platforms I run myself.

Tucker Carson interviewed Gab founder Andrew Torba 09/05/17.

In an article appearing on the Guardian back in March of 2014, Madeleine Bunting mused about how great multiculturalism is working. Visit the article on stopblamingwhitey.com: http://www.stopblamingwhitey.com/madeleine-bunting-of-the-guardian-knows-nothing-about-multiculturalism/

That is one smart 16 year old girl! Maybe there is hope.

And his follow up: https://youtu.be/9oZYkJoBrp8

The Truth on What Happened

Is it time for a bloody revolution yet?

CBS Journalist Assaulted by Left

Bunty King

I swear if one more of you ECelebs put out another video complaining about YouTube my head will explode.

If we want things to change we need to stop using Big Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well.

Very soon I will stop responding to comments on my videos. If you want to chat with me about my videos you will then have to come to my vid.me account here: https://vid.me/ElegantHarridan

I would like to be off YouTube completely soon. But a little channel like mine won't make a difference. It's going to take the big guns making a move. But they wont. Because they're cowards.

Just when I had lost all hope for Donald Trump, he blows my freaking mind with this.

Truly, I am.

Please pray for me in this coming difficult time.

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