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David Icke - Monday 6 April 2020

My Chimney Chef is a terracotta clay cooker that uses liquid fuel to boil, bake and steam food. It is designed in the form of a traditional British chimney; which is a stackable system that can be used as a radial heater with a hot plate for a pan or kettle. Or as a complete cooking solution that has an additional boiler, a steaming insert and a crown platter. On the drawing board are an Alembic distiller and Dehydrator which will add to the complete off-grid and sustainable cooking system using clay.

A great example of what fake news is all about. Repeat a lie over and over again and eventually it's sinks into the brain as truth.


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I am a designer, sculptor, pattern & mould maker. I am very much in to sustainability and off grid living. So as a ceramicist I have designed and made a terracotta clay slow cooker in the form of a traditional British chimney stack.