Even Farmers are sennding their seeds to space... the gravity affects the DNA, making their seeds more profitable...

Dr Rima Laibow

South American School respopnsible for south American Dictatorships

Why is Iran sending drones to Ukraine?

He also mentions proxy's in Ukraine in 2014

You still need a DNA birth cert, for this to work, and you need Schools, Maternity wards, police, and a centralized system for this to work.

Rather than Identifying a disease after the damage is done, would it not be better for men and women to be screened , before settling down and having children, the main problem is they are mixing the men and women and children, we saw this with Hugh Hefner and Alfred Kinsey, in the documentary, Kinsey's pedophiles, what they really need is a DNA Birth Certificate, with the combination of CISPR and Karryomapping, a technology that prevents disease, and maps it out.

The whole town decimated by genetic diseases and Congenital problems due to Incest Laws,and mixing.

Cons-angular marriage laws


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