The Early days,

If your looking for high RPM, this is that machine, for procuring high RPM,just remember to build it with safety in mind, i don't know much about the power input, but i am sure there are many variants of this design out there.from two phase to three phase, i think this is three phase....the noise out of this tells me, its possibly three phase, so if your into testing or prototyping, then use a three phase generator...,for those high rpm machines, this is really high rpm...so be careful, don't use soft metals...notice that he uses epoxy to contain the magnets, this can be dangerous on a high rpm device,if it were me, it would have slots...instead of epoxy.

Fusion centers.....the thought police.

Cheeks of the same Arse

Based on the Wankel engine design,except this design is using hardened Graphite to eliminate friction, whats important , is that hes using a computer to control the timing.which is actually very clever.

Hitler in Argentina ,not far from New Swabia Land.

Why was Hitler in New Swabia?, why were the Nazis interested in Antarctica?

Animals are more sensitive to GMOs than children....it seems that the animals can smell the difference in the plants,between GMO, and biological foods.

The uncensored version of the song

He believed that the drugs, AZT, used to cure HIV, were killing the patients faster than the HIV virus, he does not go into the origins of the HIV virus, but that's why his book is worth downloading.he does not mention the connection between SIV and HIV,or bio warfare, but he does give lots of hints.

Pedophilia has been hijacked by the United States, just like homosexuality was in the early 1980s, that's why there is so much disease among children,back in the early 1980s, homosexuals were blamed for causing HIV, and then they were ostracized, treated like out casts, the American governments are full of conservatives,Catholics protestants Jews, and religious groups, that are full of hatred of the rest of the world, its not good...for the future.


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