Mrs. Finicum brought the house down with a voice filled with a sweet and lovely thunder which reached into the heart of everyone in that convention hall. With more than five hundred souls in seats in the convention center venue known as "The Commons" at Bozeman, Montana, Jeanette Finicum wrapped every soul at the place with a rhapsody of innocence. There was nary a dry eye in the whole house. The beauty and dignity of one cowboy's stand for freedom galloped around Bozeman's proud new convention center, swirling like four strong winds in all directions, invisibly yet with felt presence. Everyone was moved. LaVoy Finicum speaks from beyond the clouds through the love of his noble and courageous wife.
I am overwhelmed by having witnessed Jeanette Finicum's touching presentation first-hand. The woman made me cry. She made everyone cry, either openly or silently inside their private minds. She tied all the presentations of all the speakers at the convention into one unified living symbol. She did it in a way which uplifted old-fashioned American family values, such as personal responsibility and property ownership and sweet liberty for every individual. And she immortalized LaVoy Finicum into the shimmering and volatile hallways of American history. She is the only person who could do that. He will always live on in her, and her love for him will spread his word.

There were at least 15 government informants holed-up at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. They posed as protestors. One, Mark McConnell, was even driving the jeep vehicle behind LaVoy Finicum's truck when the two vehicles were pulled over by the Oregon State Police. See other informants/agents named at Redoubt News, at this link -
Enjoy watching a two-faced lying-assed Federal agent lie to the media as soon as the ambush was over. He lied to gain the cowboys' trust, and then he lied about what happened when law enforcement murdered LaVoy Finicum. What a sweetheart, eh? Watch his face in the above video and learn the looks of a professional liar.

To protect various levels of corruption in high places which may include the BLM, the Clinton Foundation, and a Canadian company named Uranium One, the media imagined a sensational perception of come ranchers camping out at a deserted Federal wildlife complex (which customarily is vacated during January each year) the press and media was all over the place interviewing LaVoy Finicum and the two Bundy brothers and asking leading questions in hopes of getting the cowboys to make stupid statements indicating that they might turn violent if the FBI and State Police and Sheriff's department(s) did not back off. This video gives a good example of how the press and media sent out a public message that the cowboys -- who never threatened any law enforcement personnel -- were a "violent militia" which should be despised by all law-abiding Americans. In other words, the media hype pre-programmed officials' and law enforcement's perception of LaVoy Finicum as being an irresponsible anti-government threat to the peace.

After shooting at LaVoy Finicum ten times (with the final three shots to his back while his hands were in the air which killed him while trying to surrender), the oh-so-brave but damned by God idiot cops continued to fire non-lethal and gas rounds at the truck holding his passengers, one man with an FBI bullet in his shoulder and two un-harmed women, for five more minutes, all while the young woman in the truck was screaming that she was an EMT and wanted to help LaVoy,, who was bleeding out in the snow from the three shots to his back. The cops that day fired the first shot, and then the next three shots, and the FBI fired shots number five and six, and LaVoy never once put a gun in his hand to defend himself. In fact, he did not even put a gun in his hand after the seventh shot, a non-lethal round that hit him in his left side and caused him to grab for his side -- the very natural act anyone would do if hit that hard by a fired non-lethal round -- ;which the cops then used for an excuse to shoot him three times in the back, killing him, and later claiming they thought he was going for a gun when he reached for his wound. Total aggravation and attempted escalation by the cops who thought if they fired more rounds at the truck they could provoke the passengers to start shooting back, thus justifying murdering them all, leaving no witnesses to LaVoy's murder.

This video will haunt some cops on the Oregon State Police force as well as some FBI snipers -- all those who were involved in murdering an innocent man with his hands in the air. But at present time, the young idiots who murdered Mr. Finicum still think that they're the "good guys" and that LaVoy Finicum was the "bad guy". I'm sure that each cop and agent on the scene that devilish day had seen the rules of engagement for their operation, which was a military styled ambush. Those rules of engagement included the use of deadly (lethal) force, so the eager idiots with itchy trigger fingers shot at LaVoy a total of ten times that day, although LaVoy had no criminal record and there was no warrant issued for him. He had not even been charged with a crime! The cops who participated in the set-up and execution of LaVoy Finicum shall, I trust, live long enough to finally see through their intense training, programming, and conditioning which had turned them into something akin to robotic order-followers who had no reason to listen to their consciences (providing they still had a conscience after all their training) and literally committed murder on a husband, father, and Constitutionist, a rancher who had begun to talk out publicly about Bureau of Lands Management's violations of western-States' ranchers and farmers. They murdered an innocent man, and I do hope each one who pulled a trigger at LaVoy that day lives long enough to register proper guilt for blindly "following orders".

He was obviously attemtping to draw the government's fire away from the passengers in his truck. After all, he had already been shot at four times when his truck came to a stop in the snow beside the roadblock, and then was shot at two more times when he opened the door and stepped out of the truck with his hands up. Six times, by that point, LaVoy had been shot at, and he knew the cops wanted to kill him, yet he still never put a gun in his hand to defend himself. Instead he walked through the deep snow as quickly as he could to force the shooting cops to aim away from his truck, in which the male passenger already had been shot through the roof by an FBI sniper, and there were two ladies in the back seat of his pickup truck.

LaVoy Finicum had no criminal record, and there was no warrant for his arrest. He was not accused of any crime. Yet the FBI and the Oregon State Police were put to the task of setting up a highway trap for LaVoy Finicum. The FBI's informants who had stayed at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge as a weeks-long protest had informed the FBI and OSP that LaVoy would be travelling a certain highway at a certain time. FBI knew about his plan to speak at a town gathering of nearly four hundred people in John Day, Oregon. They knew LaVoy would be travelling with the two Bundy brothers and a few others. Oregon Governor Kate Brown was freaking out and insisted that the FBI prevent LaVoy from getting to that meeting, so the FBI started creating the trap on the highway the day before LaVoy would be leaving to drive to his meeting. They brought out snowmobiles, they cut branches off of trees beside the road block so they coulld shoot down from trees. They had a contingency of five or more Oregon State Police vehicles placed just back down the highway from where the road block was set up. Those vehicles were to wait behind trees until LaVoy drove past, and then they would pull in behind LaVoy and pull him over. The OSP cops were in radio contact with the OSP cops and FBI snipers at the roadblock. There were two -- not one, but two aircraft flying over the scene on the morning LaVoy was pulled over by the cops. Everything in the cops' plan was in place. Lots of cops and FBI snipers, snowmobiles, shooting perches in roadside trees, and two -- not one, but two -- FBI aircraft flying overhead taking film footage in real time. So LaVoy was stopped, and I'll be damned! A stupid trigger-happy cop shot LaVoy's truck while he was sitting still on the road! Watch this video to learn possible reasons why that cop did shoot LaVoy's truck -- and remember always -- this whole ambush was set up to snare a rancher, a father and husband who had no criminal record and for whom there was no warrant for his arrest. This video is an updated of one Curt Kruse posted previously, and it includes FBI footage from the 2nd FBI surveillance aircraft.

When LaVoy Finicum stopped for the Oregon State Police, who had pursued him and ordered him to stop his pickup truck, he sat there waiting for a cop to come up to the window with a ticket book in his hand, but that did not happen. Instead, while LaVoy idled his truck waiting, the idiot cops took a shot at his truck. The bullet struck the mirror mount on right-hand side of the truck. LaVoy drove away. The cops who shot at his truck knew there was a deadly road block not far ahead up that road, and apparently they wanted him to flee after they had stopped him. Anyway, as he approached the road block around a bend in the road, the cops and FBI agents who were waiting for him there fired three shots into the front of LaVoy's truck. He dodged their parked vehicles, which made the road block by parking across the highway shoulder to shoulder. To miss hitting their trucks and killing some of them, LaVoy pulled into the snowbank beside the road and his truck bogged down. He immediately jumped out of his truck with both hands in the air, because by that time he had already been shot at four times. As he stood up to get out of the truck, and damned-by-God idiot FBI agent shot two more shots at him while he stood there with both hands up and no gun in either hand. One of those shots went through the top of the truck and hit Ryan Bundy in the shoulder. The other shot missed completely and apparently got buried in the snow. The FBI denied shooting at LaVoy with those two shots, but the County Sheriff's department which investigated the shooting scene caught the FBI in their lie. The liar was officer Astarita, an FBI sniper.

Questioning the alleged gun said to have been found in LaVoy's inside jacket pocket after he was shot dead by three bullets in his back while his hands were in the air in gesture of surrender. Bear in mind that LaVoy got out of his truck with his hands in the air after being shot at by Oregon State Police and the FBI four times. As he walked away from his truck to draw fire to himself in order to keep the cops from shooting the women in the back seat of his truck, the FBI shot at him twice, then hit him with a non-lethal round, causing him to reach for his side. The cops claim he was reaching for a gun, but each time he grabbed his side where the non-lethal round had hit him, he quickly raised his hands back up in the air WITH NO GUN IN HIS HAND EITHER TIME. LaVoy never once put a gun in his hand, while the cops shot at him ten times.

A "forensic" examination of the roadblock where the Oregon State Police, with help from the FBI, assassinated LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy Finicum had no criminal record and there was no warrant for his arrest when they murdered him with three shots to the back. He was a rancher who had been granting interviews with national media regarding the offenses committed by the Bureau of Lands Management (BLM). View all videos in this series and see the truth about the ultimate censorship -- Murder! -- by an abusive government.

A forensic-styled analysis by Curt Kruse of the assassination of LaVoy Finicum.


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