The Pedophile Agenda Marches forward. Doctor James Cantor: "Enter the underground world of pedophiles, and the maverick doctors who fight on their behalf." #Ipedophile #virpeds #lgbtq

#Psychomachia, Battle for the Soul, practice to protect... Shadow | Persona. Can a Virtue be bad? Examples of Sin vs. Virtue in our Modern World.
#SevenDeadlySins #SevenContraryVirtues #shadow #persona

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What’s worse than your mom finding your porn stash? How about, your mom making a porn film, and forcing you to watch it, all while being broadcast to millions of TV viewers. Pedophile Propaganda Alert! Please See: Pedophile Agenda Playlist #MumsMakePorn #ToxicFemininity #Grooming #pedophilia #MAPS #Porn

For a brief moment in time: The Democratic Socialists (Socialist Democrats) of Germany were considered LEFT. That is how the Socialists spin the narrative: They create, left, right, and center, simply as a means to keep control over you. "Why seize the means of Production when you can just legislate what happens to the Fruits of the Labor?" #SocialNeeds #DemocraticSocialism #GermanSocialism #CulturalMarxism #RevisionistsMarxists

Some Questions to Ask (because the left is pushing a Civil War 2.0 Narrative) Would there be a National Civil War, or rather…Would there be infighting in your State? #California, All eyes are on You.
#CivilWar #CivilWar2.0 #ColdCivilWar
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"Everyone and everything seems so distant, so hopeless, so odd....Thanks Capitalism!" So saith the Democratic Socialists. Response Video. #Propaganda #Socialism #DemocraticSocialism #Capitalism #CulturalMarxism

Brief Timeline on the Formation of Democratic Socialists of America and their Goal to have Complete Control over All aspects of Society. Just say No to #Socialism and all it's flavors: National, Democratic, Fabian, Etc. #Bernie2020 #JustsayNotoSocialism

This is a #Cocoscope, #Bitchute Exclusive. Fabian Socialism laid out a slow boil plan, they have nearly taken over the entire western society (whether it is Fabian or some other incarnation of Socialism, it doesn't matter). Socialism in Open Societies (#OpenBorders) will lead to .... #Totalitarianism (Either: Them or Them, but not US) #BernardShaw

PhilosophiCat Video on Open Society: https://youtu.be/bX3SB4GtECE
Part One: https://youtu.be/ql3DawbZ3Oc

Totalitarian | Total = Everything | -ian = the practice of | -rain a person who, a thing that. Totalitarian, a person who, is in the practice of, including everything. Islam = Complete and Unconditional Submission to Allah. Introduction: Fabian Socialists | George Bernard Shaw | Eugenics | Obsolete Man: https://youtu.be/4pkBW6foGAc #FabianSocialism #Islam #GeorgeBernardShaw #SermonontheMount

The Fabian Socialists (Fabian Society) are winning. They are the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The Collective is the goal, and if you do NOT contribute (even if you are old or disabled) you are Obsolete and will be ‘taken care of’. Fight #Socialism #communism #democraticsocialism #FabianSocialism and #GeorgeBernardShaw #BernardShaw #Fabiansociety #labourparty

We can choose to use our growing knowledge to enslave people in ways never dreamed of before, depersonalizing them, controlling them by means so carefully selected that they will perhaps never be aware of their loss of person-hood Please See: Mind Control Techniques: https://youtu.be/7nnay5ZskNk Ellen DeGeneres Blames Mormons for Suicide: https://youtu.be/O5bf4JGNuhM Kinsey Report (Pedophiles) : https://youtu.be/yDfuVcbKwMI #Psychiatry #Communism #Mindcontrol #Kinsey #Plato #Ideology #Socialism

Just another day and more "white privilege" spiel ... blah .. blah .. blah.. Did you know that Psychology Today attempted to define Whiteness? Did you know Jordan Peterson is advising us all to Not Be White? #JordanPeterson : #Caucasians #White #Whiteness

6:40 In: They know they must usher in #Tyranny to achieve #Equity of outcome. They think it is okay, because the outcome is all that matters. (Never-mind that #Socialism, & #Communism always fail) ... This leads to Universities telling teachers: Do NOT udge "quality" of writing when grading. #JohnStossel #Freemarket

The Left Thinks It Can Win Civil War: https://youtu.be/vz_ntlunVsw

1970s VS. Today: https://youtu.be/6OIPAW0C-K8

Controlled Opposition | Contel-Pro | Traitor Inside Your House: https://youtu.be/f6SilTJaU68

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#ControlledOpposition #InformationWarfare #war #Propaganda

The media says: She, She, she... Hmmm ... What does this do to criminal statistics. Also: Lawyer Claims: "She" Transgender, Male to Female, was in a lot of pain because of the surgery, that is why "she" committed this crime. What narrative are we spinning folks?
#Transgender #Ax #Axeattcker #Tinder

7:30 Monstrous Feminine | Compulsory Education Left the Boy feeling Like: He had a Transparent Existence. He Wrote a Book, After Beheading a Classmate: Desperate Song.
#UnbearableTransparencyofBeing #SeitoSakakibara #KobeSchoolMurders

We are not allowed to talk about this. What happens to the "other" in the relationship? Do they get to morn: mommy, daddy, sister, brother, son, daughter....How about Husband, Wife? Isolation and Loneliness are serious...Why promote destroying relationships? #TransgenderSpouse #RegretTransition #Transgender

Comprehensive List of Non-white Male Shooters ..(1979 to 2018 USA). This video was inspired by a post...who actually believed only White Males have Shot up Schools.

Part 1: When Future: School Shooter is Used as a Slur, Something Darker is Going On. Young White Males are the Target of Much Hatred in Society Right now. Today, We Expose the Myth: Only White Males are School Shooters.
Full Video of What Transpired regarding Catholic High School Students wearing #MAGA hats: https://youtu.be/UQyBHTTqb38

#Gillette Why Not Spotlight Men's ' Positive Attributes? Loyalty to a Brother.

Cocoscope & Bitchute Exclusive ... If this picture was with a little girl, and not a little boy dressed in drag, it would be considered a crime. Why doesn't society care about little boys? The picture of #Dragkid #Queenlactatia and #VioletChachki taken by #JFTurton ... The normalization of sexualization of children.

Why is Protecting Little Boys Considered Backwards? Intro: Hank From Iowa: #Dragkids #Queenlactatia
The Actual picture and commentary will be exclusively on Cocoscope and Bitchute. Thank you.

In the darkest of places, in the most desperate of times, there are those who shine their light and save lives. Pastor Lee runs a community home in South Korea, where he installed a baby box. #babybox #Jusarang #PastorLee

#trustednerd Ladies & Gentleman. Grown Biological Men, talking about their "pretend" periods, tampons, and bleeding...is NOT healthy. This Person asked MANY people: If he should teach 10-year-old girls how to use tampons in a Bathroom Stall. This Person goes to Women Only Gyms to see: "T*tts and P*ssy" <<<His words. He is Xenophobic & Wants to use Human Rights laws to Force women to touch his "female" Penis. This is unacceptable behavior, and would not be tolerated for anyone, #transgender should not be a pass to perverts exploiting children. #IstandwithMeghanMurphy

#RedFlag #LGBTQQIAAACPPF2K+ Warning Mothers, Fathers. This person has an unhealthy obsession with tampons, pads, and periods. This person wants to follow your 10-year-old daughter into a bathroom stall and teach her how to use tampons. This persons behavior is unacceptable for ALL adults, no matter what their SEX is. Video Detailing this Person's full obsessions will be available shortly on Bitchute & Cocoscope Exclusively.


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My Channel goal is to help people reach a state of Self-determination by recognizing: Mind-Control, Behavioral-Control, and Ideologies that seek to destroy the individual spark, the reason for living, doing, breathing, and simply being. Though the road is long and littered with debris, the sky dark, with ominous clouds; I believe humanity still has a chance, if only it would realize its own potential.