OMG: Yet Another Antifa Group. Who will win? Who will rule over us? Today We Look at Yet another Splinter Group that Claims to Be Antifascists while Acting Like a Fascist..... Antifa| Lazy| Tucker Carlson| Ted Cruz.| Mike Isaacson | Polarization | Populism | Nationalism | Antifa on Tumblr | Teardown Houses | Postmodern | Color vs Colour | 53-years-ago |

Today we look at the brainwashing tools: dress codes, chanting and signing, and lastly confusing doctrine. Repost, but Updated, with information on how to combat these brainwashing techniques so that you can remain in control of your Mind. #Mindcontrol #brainwashing

Terms like Covert Special opts Censorship are not far off! 2.5 Years ago, YouTube Deleted this video, but Why? Indirect Censorship has grown exponentially. This was 2016, it is worse now. Don't let Censorship Win. Support smaller platforms, and those that genuinely believe in free speech.

One most understand the philosophical and guiding principals of all the key players in the One World Order, Borderless Society if one wishes to stop it. Neo-Feudalism and the End of Suffering at the Expense of...The pursuit of happiness.

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement
100s of Splinter Cell Groups are located across the USA. Many are calling for Revolutionary War. A 3rd Caravan of “climate refugees” is preparing to enter the USA, reports of guns and Molotov cocktails is circulating. RAM and other collectivist, communist, Antifa type groups are prepared to burn it all down, if the USA doesn’t just open the borders.

New Documentary is coming out about Jordan Peterson, the trailer...hmm... reminded me of Michael Jackson's Documentary by Martin Bashir. My thoughts on: #ShuthimDown

Family is important. Go out and experience some family Fun!

This will happen more and more, a boy or girl, thinks they are the opposite sex, mom will allow them to transition, the child will change their mind, and then have to attempt to go back...I see a future of lawsuits. (How many kids will become sterile.

The Great Transition of Human life: The Church of Perpetual Life and the Terasem Movement. ... This was the video that took down my Youtube page...At least...I think it is...Can't be sure because Youtube is so vague in everything they say.

The U.N. is full of people who believe in one thing: Plato’s Republic. Unelected, so-called intellectuals know what is best for the World…Oh…And you humans…you mean nothing.
Class Enemy Daz Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ7HL...

We hear about civil war all the time…and so I questioned: What does the Left think of Civil War? Well Sir, they think they would win…Her is one example of what they think.... California is the Key?

This was too important to not post again. Pedophiles are attempting to .... well Follow: Academia's 4-point Plan to Legalize Pedophilia: Four Step Plan: 1. Relativize (make it the same as everything else) 2. Humanize (make people feel sorry for them) 3. Normalize (all men are like that. all children are like that) and 4. Politicize (Get it to the ballots)

There is only Speech, and it must always be Free

Talk Hard | Happy Harry Hard-On | Pump Up the Volume ... Today is nothing new, the same game, just a different ideology, a different control...same Goal: Censorship: We remember MTV, Fox, Married with Children, Andrew Dice Clay, High School, Raw Truth, and the Character that fought True Censorship: Happy Harry Hard-on played by Christian Slater

Notice: Fair Use under Title 17 U.S.C.SS 107. I fought and Won the Copyright Strike on YouTube. This is a Re-upload from my YouTube Channel. We look at the political similarities of the 1970s left....ending with a list of Seriel Killers which peaked during this time.

We go deeper and deeper into the wormhole of the cultish personality overtaking the population through the unscientific "gender spectrum"

A quick overview of the most effect mind and behavioral techniques used

After 6-years, and 400+ Videos, YouTube Deleted my Channel without Warning, Without explanation. Please help me get my channel back. Please Share and Mirror, and see if any big platforms would be willing to help me get back my channel. Thank-you. #EliciaClegg

You must be Politically Correct. If you are not Politically Correct (Left-wing, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Anarchic-Syndaclist, or New Democrat) You will be shutdown, defamed, and belittled. You will be forced to capitulate to the Anti-Science, Anti-Reason, feel good world.

We Cover: Milgram's Obedience Experiment and 3 Different Interpretations of WHY PEOPLE OBEY
Companion videos to watch: **Social Media and the Psychology of Loneliness (Academy of Ideas): https://youtu.be/FQ40hdQVndI
Controlled Opposition | A Wolf in a Sheepdog’s Clothing: https://youtu.be/BGv9bRibMWE 26 Mind Control Techniques (Condensed Part 1 & 2): On Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8CexUAG3aqfZ/
Logic Lessons Infected with Propaganda: https://youtu.be/2-rUFMg54_E

A 'Virtuous Pedophile' Attempts to Explain He is Virtuous to Me, This is my Response: https://youtu.be/kcIX3Cw-F4A

Jordan Peterson is a Generation X - Boomer Cusp. He was 8 to 18 in the 1970s, meaning he saw the real damage Collectivism Causes. (Calling Peterson an Out-of-touch Boomer is Propaganda) Please see the following Video: https://youtu.be/_KnzFqZdmak
China: 91.59% Han. The most Ethno-State Collectivist Communist Country there is....This is what Population Control is like Under an Ethno-Nationalist-Socialist State: https://youtu.be/MfdzA1Ie8bE

What if we, the people, have found ourselves somehow caught up in a perpetual Moral Panic? Time and Time again: Through Fear, Guilt, and now Pleasure, our Controllers keep us in line, and keep us living in this, 1984, Brave New World.
From Academy of Ideas: Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure: https://youtu.be/tGkymdspups

Ted Talk, TedX, does it yet again. They are pushing Academia's 4-Point Plan to legalize Pedophilia. This Video was taken down. (Yeah??) I took the time to fully transcribe the Message Mirjam Heine pushed: Why our Perception of Pedophilia Has to Change...Because Pedo's can't help it, but YOU must accept them. NOPE!

Maptastic Uploads Pro NAMBLA Propaganda. Mr. Dapperton & Fans get a Pro MAP channel shut down, and Amos Yee is mad and threatens them, saying they are on the wrong side of history...AND tells Dapperton that "Everything you hold dearly will turn into ashes, remember this." My

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My Channel goal is to help people reach a state of Self-determination by recognizing: Mind-Control, Behavioral-Control, and Ideologies that seek to destroy the individual spark, the reason for living, doing, breathing, and simply being. Though the road is long and littered with debris, the sky dark, with ominous clouds; I believe humanity still has a chance, if only it would realize its own potential.