Key Words: Norbert de Jonge, The Charity, Freedom, and Diversity Party, Stetson Hardwick, Areum LIng Kaiya, Amos Yee, The Almonesson Peace Foundation, Kino, Suwan Media Group, #Shay2020 and #FreeSpeechTube
#Pedophiles #AmosYee
PLEASE WATCH: Pedophiles are Grooming Adults | How NAMBLA will Legalize CSA: https://youtu.be/uejNL_cB0hU
Academia's 4-Point Plan to Legalize Pedophilia | Make it a "protected" Sexuality: https://youtu.be/_E6UVbUzHkU
Source Information:

FreespeechTube: https://www.freespeechtube.org/
Areum Ling Kaiya: (Shill or Amos Yee): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCril...
Daehaminguk Studios (Amos Studio): https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=...
JBSK1 : Same Link as Above: Areum Ling Kaiya
Stetson Hardwick:
The Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/13068060/ns...
Acceptance for Pedophiles (via Liberating Children): https://www.patheos.com/blogs/genevei...
Norbert De Jonge: Evil Man: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Evil...
Norbert De Jonge Polictal Partner Arrested: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Evil...
Stetson Hardwick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEzCs...

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China and Endangering Humanity with Misuse of AI #theAIOrganization #Facebook #GlobalEnslavement
Source Information: https://theaiorganization.com/google-...
Special Thanks to: #VictimsofCommunism (Victimsofcommunism.org)

The United Nations is hiring for a Disarmament, Demobilization, & Reintegration Officer in New York City. List of Red Flags, and More Information about the UN.

#Redflag #UN #globalconflicts

Please Watch: 2 + 2 = 5 | https://youtu.be/HTjM6S-kOmg
Source: United Nations
Music: Hell March

Classical music outside of copyright. From FreeSound
War Footage: Archive . org
Conflict zones: US Military data, cfr, & Stop Genocide

#Hollyweird #SpaceybodyCount | List of Kevin Spacey's Sexual Misconduct Accusers | Questions: Is this the 3rd or 4th Accuser to have died?

3 Deaths in 8 weeks, the DOJ opens an investigation at the Iowa, Glenwood Resource Center

A newer investigation was opened in 1965. Video to come. Part 1 is a Bizarre case where the Kinsey S*x Institute Manipulated the Judicial System to get a hold of P*rn that the FBI and Customs had confiscated. Please like and share if you can.

Source Material | FBI : https://vault.fbi.gov/Alfred%20Kinsey...
Suit Yourself & My collaboration on Kinsey Institute: https://youtu.be/tHjTYDDhfiQ
My FBI Stats Video: I just found out they were on the old channel. I will have to reupload. Sorry.

Please Watch: https://youtu.be/_E6UVbUzHkU

The Cover-Up is undeniable. A rapist, pedophile, sex-trafficker: Marc Dutroux, was protected, and 4 girls: 8,8,17,and 19 died because of it.

Part 1: Why and how is Marc Dutroux up for Parole. #humantrafficking #SerialKiller #kidnapping

Today: An American Maoist Communist thinks killing for Political Reasons is good & a Survivor of Communism Speaks Out.

Source Information:
Witness Project
Vladimir Jaffe: https://youtu.be/H47gx65yWU0
Rare Earth: https://youtu.be/YUCiADFjQG0
Manifesto of the Periodical | Revolutionary Young Men and Women | No. 1 Aug 1973 p. 1-7

The conspiracy to traffic children, with consent of the government, is real.
#childtrafficking #JamieDlux #Reallygraceful
Please See:
Jamie Dlux: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9SL...
Really Graceful: https://youtu.be/NIbXbzK-XIA

The United Nations has a Purpose, a Goal, and the United States of America must yield to it's power. #CSE
What Does the United Nations Do? #UN #UNESCO #USA

Be Sure to Watch: 14:36 The Cry of #Freedom #HongKong
Empires Rise and Fall, what happens if the Largest Empire Falls?
Source Information:
The end video clip from YouTube channel Zeducation: https://youtu.be/m64bidCNIYA

Many Nations Fall Without A Single Shot Fired. What is War? #CFR #CivilWar2.0

Source Information:
2 + 2 = 5: https://youtu.be/EHAuGA7gqFU
The Art of War … Sun Tzu
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism … Lifton
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man … Author John Perkins

#SocialJustice #climateJustice #politicalchildren
Children as young as 4 need to be activists. Teaching is a Political act and kids have a cultural responsibility to hand over their sovereignty to the World Government in order to have Social Justice, help promote Multiculturalism and prevent a Climate Disaster.

Benjamin A Boyce: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm13...
Source Information: American Historical Association: Investigation of the Social Studies in the Schools. (1934).

Kristine Barnett changed adopted daughter's age from 8 to 22 in order to abandon her and focus on her and her son's 15-minutes of Fame.

Movie Mentioned: The Imposter about Frederic Bourdin

You, yes YOU! Are #Queerphobic, if.. You are a capitalist, heteronormative, homosexual, against socialism and #pedophilia. Oh...apparently: Being against child molestation is a Social Construct made up by queerphobic, heterosupremacist, lesbian feminists. Hmmm

A Pro Pedophile, Pedo Apologist, M.A.P. Alley: Tagged me in a Post. Is Amos Yee (now Kino) attempting to make a Comeback? PLEASE see my Pedophile Agenda Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E6UV...

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Today we look at Queer Theory through the eyes of the left, and the movements that helped formulate the Theory and how Planned Parenthood is Teaching this Sexual Theory Today.

Planned Parenthood: Healthy, Happy, and Hot: https://www.ippf.org/sites/default/fi...
The Gift Documentary: https://youtu.be/oN4w8e432_o
Old News clip on HIV: https://youtu.be/X23vKiBE88E
Background on Queer Theory: http://guides.library.illinois.edu/qu...

• Website: EliciaClegg.com
• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiuw...
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Godfather of Queer Theory: #Foucault . Leaders: Gayle Rubin, Pat (Patrick) Califa, and Judith Butler. Leading, #leftwing #postmodern Ideology. It's all about sex, sex, sex...(with everything and ANYONE...even...babies. BABIES

1. How did this NOT harm the Green Party?
2. Why is Daniel Cohn-Bendit NOT in jail?
3. Who wrote the Wikipedia Page on Daniel?
4. Why is Daniel still in Power?
5. Germans are NOT allowed to homeschool.
#GermanGreenParty #Commune #SexualLiberation #1970s

I've been in South Korea, and just wanted to do a simple story, before getting back to our normally scheduled programs.

#Johannesburg #CBD | Riots Escalate in #SouthAfrica
This is What Social Justice and Socialism Leads to. Video from Inside a Police Van Under Attack By Rioters in Johannesburg South Africa.
Please see Youtube Channel: Loving Life: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBirds...

Sophie Lewis is a Proud Family Abolitionist ...Yes, there are Feminists pushing for the end of family, genetically related families are oppressive and (to her) the cause of all societal ills. Also: What is this Anti-work Movement? #MarxistFeminism #communisation #familyabolition

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#Antifa: Willem Van Spronsen is NOT a martyr. Today's firebombs are simply reminiscent of failed attempts by 1970s Left-Wing Terrorists.
#ICE #Borders
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#JeffreyEpstein #Institutional #Connections:
• Trilateral Commission
• The Council on Foreign Relations CFR
• New York Academy of Science
• Rockefeller University
• Santa Fe Institute
• Theoretical Biology Initiative at Princeton
• University of Pennsylvania
• Advisory Committee at Harvard University for: Mind, Brain & Behavior
Chinese Tycoon: Wang Zhenhua charged with: Child Sexual Abuse
JonBenet Ramsey Photographer Indicted for Child Porn
Source: https://web.archive.org/web/201309191...


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