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Riccardo Bosi, leader of AustraliaOne, explains that people in Australia (and other countries) who have turned into corporations will fall under the US Courts-Martial. This will be the basis for military tribunals and prosecute the corrupt Deep State.

In part 2 of the interview Anneke Lucas shares her hopeful vision for the future. She talks about the current power structure, the paedophilia by the elite, their mind-control and how they spend all their resources to hide their involvement into satanic ritual abuse. She does however see this toxic power pyramid crumbling down, as the collective awareness is raising. Our choice is whether we go with fear or love. When we go with love we move towards courage and truth. This will help us to get empowered.

Anneke Lucas had been abused as a child sex slave in the elite paedophile network that became later known in the Dutroux case. After a healing process that took decades, she now offers a unique insight into the psychology of her former abusers as well as the global power structure. "The power structure only exists to protect power abuse." Fifty years later, she realises that it was the lack of love lack of love that created the monsters who abused children and their life force as a substitute for true love ...

This video was part of the website adrenochrome.net where the substance could be bought with blockchain ADC-crypto (members only). Once we started to expose the website, it was brought down. An archive version of the website is still available: https://bit.ly/Adrnchrm

This video (part 2) shares a large data-dump, documents leaked on a usb-stick, that exposes an international network in the production and sale of adrenochrome. This network extends into the US, Germany, the UK and China, as these documents point out.

part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q1MLBb5j4mz1/

Download all 6 documents: https://bit.ly/3naLKV0 (Opens files in Telegram), or:

This video (part 1) shares a large data-dump, a paper trail of documents, that are the most shocking evidence of the existence of adrenochrome. The volume is extensive and points out that this happens on an industrial scale and is part of a world wide network.

Downloads: https://bit.ly/3naLKV0 (Opens files in Telegram), or:


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