Rick and I chat about whats most important to center in on right now....STOP wasting valuable energy and resources on things you can't change....use that energy and time to prep and help others prep :)

Not sure who this guy is but he is pounding out the truth SLEDGE style :)

Todays Facebook stream

It would seem being unvaxxed is favorable to God :)

His name is Rick Walker, and ex CTV anchor who has infiltrated his way into the front doors of the freedom movement...this guy is 100% traitor!!

We are now faced with certain realities that can no longer be denied!

HERE is where we are now!

Cara McMinn is a brave woman who embarked on a journey to raise awareness to vaxxine injuries and collect stories from people who suffered from the kill jabs they are still mandating in Canada!

A BIG thanks to Kek vest for setting this stream up and doing his best under the circumstances

And God bless Cara McMinn for her intestinal fortitude and stamina to ride all this way to make a difference for people being unjustly ignored by the system that poisoned them!

You can reach Cara or donate at
[email protected]

Its time to go for broke!!

The Netherlands and the rest of Europe are embroiled in major civil discord...here is what's happening now.

This is a new invention of Justin Trudeau to combat common sense and crushing families! This is the introduction of critical race theory in our schools!


What led up to this...what's happening now and where it will end!

What an amazing patriot...walked all the way from BC to Ottawa Ontario to be there for Canada day and chat with MP's and MPP's about ending mandates and getting Canada back to the land of the living

Quite a great speech :)

Jordan Peterson makes some good points and I think more people should worry about what's happening with the kids...they are under perilous attacks from every side!

EVERY shooter who thinks they "Lead the freedom movement" need a wake up call...here it is!

Its time to stop worrying about waking people up and do this....

The newest adverse reaction that they are claiming is a new version of "Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome"

Up until now Canadians have been good hearted and that has been taken advantage of by "The powers that be"....its time to watch the change in pissed off people!

Its time to realize our only option is to unite together...if we don't we are doomed to what's coming!!

More info on the tales of our rogue crime minister!

This video is IMPORTANT to ALL Ontario residents alike!

Hi and sorry I've been gone so long but like everyone else I have to make ends meet ...I'm back to share some new and creepy stuff with you


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Its time to expose the stupidity and do THIS to squash it!

There is only one way we are defeating this!

Today we had a blast...come join us :)


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