What Do I Have for You? What stories, songs, ideas?
What do I have for you? Those words went through my head when I thought about,
how do I introduce my stuff to you - such different stuff.
So that's how I'm starting.
And today I have . . . We've Just Begun Defending Freedom

Here it is:
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I Welcome Love. One side of loving - being open to love.

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What are you doing on Valentine’s Day
when your sweetheart is no one
when you see others play . . .

One kind of love song. A song of longing for love.

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Yes, the drive to flourish is as natural as hunger for food. But most of us are not flourishing.

2 big questions: Just what is full flourishing? And is there any reliable method for heading in that direction?

Both questions get answered.

Soon: a mastermind for heading toward full flourishing.

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A free gift - 3 Quick, Easy, Effective Strategies.


Honor Umar Mulinde. This is a celebration of Umar Mulinde, a man with the courage to live his truth. He left Islam, despite Islam's persecution of Christians and especially of apostates.

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Umar Mulinde Umar Mulinde
He dared to choose
to follow his heart
to live his truth

He dared to defy
its hateful lie

"You leave.
You deserve to die."

We stand with this man
we defy
this hateful ban

against leaving if we choose
against living our own truth


Freedom chant. Political music.

One day it hits me. So many people are sure we're on a straight path to horror. And there is horror. BUT THE JOKER IS WILD. Lots of fabulous wild cards around. They change everything. We change everything.

Trump - a wild card. The forces of destruction - not wild at all. Planned. Planned. Planned. Biden - his obvious senility may not be according to plan. But it's irrelevant. The plan grinds on.

Join the wild cards. Be one of the wild cards. Weird, wonderful, wild!

The Joker Is Wild - political rap.

I know lots of you don't like rap. Yes, like many things it can be used to drum up violence and hatred. It can also light us up with enthusiasm, energy, determination.

So I say, THE JOKER IS WILD!!! With joy.

The Joker Is Wild.
And no one is sure of the rules of the game . . .

This is music to my ears. My kind of political rap, political music, political spoken word.

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9 Questions about Covid-19. Question #1. Not the usual stuff, about bats and wet markets, about the responsibility of the Chinese Communist Party and W.H.O. What is Question #1? Sherlock would say: Elementary, my dear Watson. Most likely, so will you.

This is an early response to the c-virus. May 2020. My core response, from the start - my Question #1: what’s the best treatment? I soon heard of an excellent one: HCQ. Within a few months I learned of a second, then a third. Since then I’ve come across 3 more. And I’ve created a site: https://SpeedTheSpread.info - meaning, speed the spread of truth, of facts, about the world-famous virus, with worldwide suppression of the effective reliable treatments. On SpeedTheSpread, the focus is on 3 treatments - Ivermectin, HCQ, and Budesonide - because those were the ones I knew of at the time. The first 2 are also preventatives.

Below, early sources.

By the way, here is an excellent source on the protocol used by Dr Zelenko and its effectiveness:
FROM MARCH 28 - https://youtu.be/1TJdjhd_XG8
There are dozens of further videos on his Youtube channel.

The treatment is a five day course consisting of:
Hydroxychloroquine - 200mg twice a day,
Zinc sulphate - 220 mg once a day,
Zithromax (Azithromycin) (an antibiotic) - 500 mg once a day - for secondary infections that frequently come with a serious virus.
This costs, in the US, approx $20 per course.


How do we get hydroxychloroquine? Good question. Million dollar question.

Here is the webpage with the video:

SAEED QURESHI, UNSUNG HERO. He came to the only logical conclusion: if an invalid test is used, there can be no valid results. He was referring to the drug dissolution test, used worldwide in the pharmaceutical industry. He not only recognized the flaw in the testing protocol, but created the solution.

More recently, he noted a fatal flaw in the testing for the world-famous virus: it has never been isolated, so one cannot test for it.

The recent logical conclusion is all the more important, as it makes invalid all Covid-19 testing.

He is an unsung hero. His initial logical conclusion was generally ignored. The current one is likewise not recognized by the mainstream.

Who is Saeed Qureshi? Watch the video.

And come to: https://TruthSummit.info/i/saeed-qureshi.html

JOE OLSON, ON FIRE TO GET THE TRUTH OUT. Joe Olson learned early about the crooked elite pocketing millions, using public money. He was just 14 the first time he saw it happen. In the past 10 years, Joe Olson has been a one-man powerhouse, writing over 200 articles - over 60 of them published by CanadaFreePress. He's also been interviewed many times and been a guest on many radio shows - including 5 times on the hugely popular Coast to Coast, which has an audience of 2 million.

For more, come to: https://TruthSummit.info/i/joe-olson.html

QUESTION: What should we focus on? Climate change hysteria? Islam? G5 technology? Anti-semitism? Anti-white fervor? Anti-West agitation? Marxism in its many permutations? If we need to choose only one issue, what is that one issue?
PROFESSOR EMERITUS McHORNSWOGGLE ANSWERS: I believe we would do well to be aware of and focus on the corrrrruption at the top, at mid levels and all the way down. Grrreed, perrrversions many of them sexual relating to children, hunger for power fueling corrruption, more grrreed, fearr of being found out, blackmail, deceptions, more blackmail, threats and murrrder most foul. Every issue matters, every issue must be dealt with, not just corruption. Each and every one.

Still, we would do verry well to be aware, whatever other concern we may be attending to, that we are dealing with quite unsavory levels of rrrot and corrrrruption.

Presidents and billionaires. Those that fancy themselves the elite, well above the rest of us. The appointed and the elected. Judges, media stars, talkshow hosts, so-called educators. The media, the government, the education system.

The lower down you get, the more it is fear and ignorance, much of it wilful ignorance - and rage, what one can best call the rage of the zombies.

But the whole thing is shot through and through with currsed and vile corrrruption, and the higher you get, the more rot and corrrruption. A verry good thing to focus on, I would say.

Wear heavy gloves if you don't want to get your hands dirty. And make sure someone has your back.

And mind that, for corruption, you have corrrruptors. Remember the serrpent.

Verrry interrresting question.

Episode One. You have to start somewhere. Here's where I'm starting. I remember my simple childhood vision of rescuing the world. What I see is much more complex, more difficult. I still have the deep-down urge to help save the world. An added desire: to do what I can to encourage human flourishing.

So many people despair. So many people think it’s too late.
The words here are about doing what one can, taking another step and another.
Amazing all the distance we go, if we just take one step after another!!
Also, it matters that we know where we want to go.
Or as the saying goes, if you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else
What’s your longing?
What’s your discontent?
And what would you love?
What’s your dream?
Make it a vision
clear sharp strong
Love the vision
Be in the vision
with what you have
from where you are
pulled by the vision

DO WHAT YOU CAN! That's how you get there from here.
Motivational Thoughts. With a Beat. Listen, Learn, Do!!
If you’re feeling like, I’ll never get there, listen.
If you’re feeling like, I want a bit more energy, listen.
If you just feel like listening, great - listen, and keep on doing what you can!

I feel comfy as a pillow relaxed as a willow
soft and yet sturdy as can be
I feel unmasked like a hero
heart open to the one love
unguarded and safe as can be
seeing you
comfy as a cushion
relaxed as a mushroom deliciously cozy with me
Yet we're ready
to blow the quiet to have a riot
passionately . . .

AT HOME TO THE CORE - a tender romantic fun gentle passionate love song, a cappella.

I feel comfy as a pillow relaxed as a willow
soft and yet sturdy as can be
I feel unmasked like a hero
heart open to the one love
unguarded and safe as can be
seeing you comfy as a cushion
relaxed as a mushroom
deliciously cozy with me
Yet we're ready to blow the quiet to have a riot
passionately . . .

AT HOME TO THE CORE - a tender romantic love poem, gentle passionate love poetry.

come to the garden
it's our world
our world for the making
a garden in the making
come and love in this garden
come and work in this garden
a labor of love

For the full lyrics: https://elsasemporium.com/come-to-the-garden.html

I remember a carnival
and a stand with a doll
that kept popping up
each time it was knocked over


A poem of hope, encouragement, deep down commitment to going on.

Full poem at:

July 4th and 5th, 2019, Tommy Robinson is facing his 7th court case in a year. The charges are ludicrous: for instance, reading to his viewers what was on the BBC site the day before. So the cause can only be that he is an Enemy of the State.

The cost is outrageous: 100,000 pounds so far. The generosity of supporters has enabled Tommy to carry on. But the bills keep coming in. So if you can, please donate. https://www.tr.news/freedom-for-tommy

Even with his brilliant legal team, Tommy may be going back to jail - where he has already spent 13 weeks, most in solitary confinement so he had a better chance of staying alive.

All this is because Tommy Robinson tells the truth - about the overwhelmingly Muslim “grooming” gangs in Britain that target almost exclusively white non-Muslim girl children and very young women. He tells the truth also about Islam. He tells the truth about the European Union.

These are truths the anti-truth mainstream has done all it could to deny, to ignore.


Tommy’s actions take courage, in an anti-truth world. They also take, at the same time, being very careful. Tommy has done everything possible to stay within the law. At his own expense he has taken courses to make sure he knows every bit of applicable law.

All the same, the state has charged him.

This time, freedom of the press is at state - not just his freedom of the press.

And the venue this time: the Old Bailey, where murderers are tried. Tommy has been charged with things like, possibly hurting the feelings of a pedophile rapist.

Listen to all the details of Tommy’s excellently documented case against the state.

And please, if you can, donate: https://www.tr.news/freedom-for-tommy

News Flash!! Islam is Gone!!! No more Islam. No more Jihad, Sharia, Fatwas, Taqiyya, Halal, Islamic Lawfare. Freedom! Jubiliation! Celebration! Freedom words. Political words. Big announcement! A very very big important announcement! No more Islam. No more charges of Islamophobia. No more attacks on freedom of speech. No more Islam-endorsed genital mutilation. No more Islam-endorsed killing of apostates. No more Islam-endorsed attacks on Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Yazidis, atheists. No more Islam-endorsed assaults on non-Islamic women, homosexuals, non-Islamics. No more Islam. Islam is gone. Freedom!
For more, come to: http://elsasemporium.com/islam-is-gone-political-music.html

Islam - Who, What How. Islam for kids, age 8 and up. Fun, simple, clear, TRUTHFUL, and SHORT. Kids understand Islam in just 9 MINUTES. Adults too. Great for teachers and parents. Bill Warner rated it A+. GOAL: TO REACH ALL CHILDREN IN THE WEST, TO COUNTER THE UNTRUTHS TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS. So SHARE please!! Since July 2017, over 165,000 posting and video views on FB and Youtube. Translated into 4 languages. For anyone who isn’t sure: what are the 3 core parts of Islam? What is al Walaa wal Baraa? Here, in 9 MIN: the 3 core parts of Islam; the outcome, according to Islam; and some of the rules of Islam, which can’t be changed, according to Islam. For more, come to Live Freedom: http://LiveFreedom.net. Great membership site. FREEDOM FOR US. FREEDOM FOR ALL.


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Another focus: political correctness. Again, because it stands against good thinking, human rights and freedoms, discussion vs name-calling.

Then we have climate, the EU, the UN, and on.

And there is creativity - everything from spoken word, to comedy, to stories.