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I was not expecting Husk to say that he used to be an overlord?!

What an appropriate time to watch this episode with Easter coming up. Also Happy Easter!

At this point I wouldn't want to play with the radio demon 😳

After 5 years it’s another exquisite day in the Hasbin Hotel with…interesting sinners to be rehabilitated

We have come to the dreaded glass bridge *sigh* oh god…

I couldn’t stand this one pair that couldn’t make a decision. JUST PLAY THE GAME XD

Ted is back and we are stepping back in time to 1993!

This was recorded on my birthday (26th January 2024)

Batman has actual wings now wtf?

Which 3 contenders is getting the boot of this gruelling test?

Continuation of Battleships

Last Reaction of 2023 and we end things with Battleships

The moment I have been waiting for! The TEMPTATION between Misty and Opaline

I cannot wait for the encounter between Opaline and Misty Ooooo bring out the popcorn! but as of now the deception creeps up onto the Ponies/Dragons of Ponyville

Also my mic has improved by a app called Timestamp

The second test involves a phone which brings me to one question: Truth Or Consequence?

Awww poor Stephen (299) had to choose with the umbrella BUT FOR GOD SAKE MAN I DONT WANNA HEAR NO REGURGITATION 🤢

They say Beyoncé is the queen of music
Well Opaline is the queen of RnB fire music!
She has done it again

I’m starting to become a JassyXRocky shipper. They play each other like siblings in this episode and it’s really cute

Oh and “Opaline comes to town”

The Penultimate of Chapter 5 is really smelly

Recorded on 25th October
My goodness the ponies in Bridlewood are so Emo with their feelings 🎶🖤


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