James Brown official music video for 'Living in Copper IV'.

Intro provided by some random black dude

Griefing provided to you by future USMC Veteran MAGAmarine2003

Performed in front of a live audience

have another terrible video filmed live from the gullet of an awful game

Welcome to Copper IV enjoy your stay

Teamkillers on standby 24/7 for your convenience

I teamkilled this dude a few times and he gracefully provided me with almost 10 minutes of content.

Your favorite Mordhau racism expert here back with another video, special thanks to PC Gamer for their great mordhau review!
(Probably gonna start spacing out video releases some more, also please subscribe)

That Duke of David is a teamkiller I tell you hwat

The streaming community is soft

Shoulda stuck to your bing bing wahoo children games

Gonna be hard to beat this world record

Clips of people too lazy to use private channels

Women in Mordhau can be quite fragile creatures, that's why you're now finding this video on bitchute
link to my friends youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEILa5lAKq5RS2WHUi7vy8Q

This dude really wants me to slide in his DMs for some reason, I just wanted to play video games. (Sorry I had to re-upload, missed a few things I wanted to add in)

(((They're))) not gonna subvert the community guys

Thanks to Keith for the assist


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Alternate channel for when people get too raged for youtube