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The mock video/meme by the great and unparalleled Carpe Donktum, showing how manipulative and dishonest CNN really is. Twitter and one of the fathers of the toddlers in the video freaked out and complained about it, and now it's no longer available on Twatter. But the Internet is forever, so here we are.

This is the original title. Starts out with the confrontation between the MAGA kids and the Native American drummer petering out, and goes into those wackjob black Israelite dudes saying homophobic stuff. They even claimed that Trump was a homosexual!

Full video of the incident. It's in vertical mode, unfortunately. Originally titled 'mirror of Scar Yaqataz Banyamyan facebook video'

Originally entitled 'Native American mocked by MAGA hat wearing teens speaks out'
Interview with the Native American drummer that walked up to the kids. Makes false claims that he was scared for his life and that they surrounded him, etc.

This site, abcnews.live, is a fake news site run by an leftist.


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