Nazi lives don't matter.

¡Chingados los gentiles!
Babylon es una fuerza que está destruyendo todos de los communidades en la tierra, y para eso necesitamosnos usar igual cantidades de fuerza contra ellos. ¡Antinatalista antifascista vegano libre de hijos gente del todos los paises, unir!

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Use revolutionary violence against them.

The only reason fascists are emboldened in America in 2018 is because America is in-and-of-itself fascist and deserving of eradication. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You get what you deserve filthy philistines.

Starring the sexiest deer alive, Bambo.

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nothing more to read here folks, carry on. STOP. STOP READING HERE! 0///0

★❤★❤ I want that deer to fart on my face so damn much ★❤★❤

One of my favorite PS1 games.

This is a multiple segment run, with most "game overs" edited out for the sake of your viewing enjoyment.

technical stuff: I recorded this playthrough on DVD in HQ (720x480) quality with s-video cables as per usual, from a real NTSC-U Playstation 2 console.

Yes, I scanned the DVD case artwork myself. You're welcome. According to the cover art these episodes are ©1994 Dic Entertainment, L.P., a Cookie Jar company (and Sega of course). This obviously isn't my own work, however I did rip the DVD myself manually with a variety of open source software. Ask if you wanna know about how I record my videos, it's hard to explain concisely however I do use 100% open source software (I am a GNU/Linux user).

Recorded in s-video quality.

WARNING FOLKS: This DVD contains the ending of Sonic SatAM, so if you want to rewatch/watch the rest of the series still, then do not watch this video DVD.

Cultural marxism isn't even a fucking thing you stupid gentiles. Reich-wing devils, such as the Unibomber and Auguste Pinochet, made it up. It's an antisemetic canard spread solely by fascists who only deserve eradication or at very least a viciously long stint in the gulags.

A free market inherently implies a slave market. Destroy the slave market and crush the free market & its orthodox archbishops (or in laymen's terms, its preachers and proselytizers).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Brought to you in stunning 854x480 Bitchute-sanctioned resolution.

This is the last volume of the series until I can get a new VHS player and also find another car in this game that is capable of completing the Championship mode in 1st place. I beat the game with the Proton Wira before (used to be one of my more popular YT videos) and I have almost beat the game with the Mitsubishi Lancer a few times (best I've been able to get is 2nd place).

This video was originally uploaded some time in late 2016 on my banned YouTube account.

I'm not a big fan of this game but my videos on this game used to be some of my most popular on YouTube, so I thought I would reupload this one.

Recorded on DVD with s-video cables from the real game console and cartridge. Original upload date is likely January 17th 2017.

First game isn't so fun, but Barbie Secret Agent I actually enjoy quite a bit.

Recorded July 31st, 2018.

He sucks a fat dick (not in a good way).

My most well thought out video to date. Took nonstop editing for 3 days to get this done, but it's finally here. Recorded on Labour Day 2018! Comrades, unite against fascistas internationally ☭☭

Contact me if you would like the .iso file for this Let's play, so you can burn it and watch it on your own DVD player. The audio is a lot better on the original DVD, however my microphone port on my sound card isn't very good and that's why the audio sounds so rough here.

Recorded from a real DVD player/recorder with s-video cables (and OBS Studio, and easycap-somagic-linux). Kdenlive was used for the bulk of the editing and Audacity was used to record the LP audio. I also recorded the original game footage with a DVD. The DVD itself was made and burned with DVD Styler.


Antinatalist antifascist childfree vegan furry socialist GNU/Linux devotees of the world, unite!


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Featuring yours truly. Originally uploaded March 1st, 2016.

Stop breeding, folks. vhemt.org

This video was originally uploaded to my ex-YouTube channel, Emandudeguyperson, on November 27th 2016 I believe.

So here's the story with this volume: Recording this video destroyed my VCR. I mean it literally spewed out pieces at me. I was trying to re-record some footage for this and all the sudden it would only display tapes in black and white, with large bars of fuzz throughout the image, and then all the sudden I hear clicking noises as if the tape was jammed (it was not)...

Click click click click click PETUWEE, the tape door flies out, with some springs and other random odds and ends flying out along with it. I think I still have those pieces somewhere as a momento of this insane event.

I remember telling one of my family members about this incident, and he was like "after that did you get a call from somebody that said '7 DAYS'?" in reference to that movie, The Ring. We laughed a lot at that.

I later got a much better tape player, (although it did not have s-video input/output like this machine did/does--It was a VCR/DVD combo recorder but I still use the DVD portion because it is amazing, and it also has the ability to upscale s-video to HDMI) but I found out that it was eaten by rats a few months ago. Never leave your tech in the garage or rats will fucking annihilate it, it really sucks, I lost a lot of my radio transmitting equipment the exact same way (at the exact same time, too).

Nautzies = National Autists, better known as nazis. In other words, National Embarrassments.


Nautzie lives don't matter.

The main point of this video is to tell everybody about what happened to my long standing YouTube channel, and to explain that I most likely will be doing less gaming videos and more politically related ones simply because I want the gaming ones to be higher quality and well though out. However, this will always be a variety channel, in the same way that my YouTube channel was.

A Sadshark Productions classic.

Original description:
"I got this tape because I am a VCR, and my Uncle is a Nintendo 64.

Don't forget to purchase products."

This video was actually recorded from a VCR/DVD Recorder combo player that is capable of recording s-video quality VHS footage. The VCR player part actually exploded, but I will explain that in my next volume of this. Original release date for this video is early 2016.

first vid I made that utilized the newer intro style. A bit of an experimental piece here. Gameplay all recorded from the real console with s-video cables as per usual.

Reupped from my banned YouTube channel by the same name circa late 2016.

Antinatalist antifascist childfree vegans of the world, unite! vhemt.org

video reuploaded from my banned YouTube channel circa mid-2016 I wanna say.
Recorded from a real Xbox console with s-video cables using a DVD to record footage and Audacity to record my voice.

Reupload from Emandudeguyperson circa May 2016 if I'm not mistaken.

original description:

Recorded on DVD in HQ quality with s-video cables, from a real Playstation 2 console. VIdeo is a reupload from my banned YouTube channel, Emandudeguyperson.


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I am boycotting Google by not using any of their services (Maps, Search, Docs, Books, etc) and by no longer continuing to upload content on YouTube. I fully admit i still watch videos on YouTube, but only because most of my friends have yet to migrate here, and furthermore there is a lot more older style content. Because of this, I am trying to bring Bitchute up to speed with YT by occassionally uploading videos from there that I find noteworthy, and I am fully aware that in some cases they might be copyrighted but I simply am posting them in a manner I consider to be social commentary (posting them with my own context, narrative, interpretations, etc) which is protected under fair use laws in the United States.

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