One runner up for the top 5 list I can think of would be A$AP Rocky - Babushka Boi

As per usual the gameplay footage was recorded to DVD in "High Quality" 720x480 resolution mode from a real game console, and I used s-video cables to record with. Friends don't let friends use composite cables.

it took me literally months to finish this. YTP/BCP is not my strong suit I suppose.

Combatting breeder-bourgeoisie bullshit narratives and also discussing the 2020 democratic candidate field. Bernie fuckin' Sanders for President!

I love saying "they" because people are thinking like, who the fuck is that? lol
but I mean if you watch the video you already know who "they" is and what I'm gonna say dude just leave me alone if you don't like it.

Mother fuck a republicunt fascist.

DVD-HQ recording with S-video 480i source signal. For all my fellow nerds out there. This video is EDITED! It's a straight playthrough from start to finish, but I recorded it out of order somewhat. You don't start the game with 6 dashes, or all the levels unlocked, etc.

I'm not gonna be cool with the motherfucking slaves, I'll treat 'em just like Joseph Stalin did in the USSR.

AP News CORRECT article "Best way to fight climate change? Plant a Trillion Trees." https://apnews.com/8ac33686b64a4fbc991997a72683b1c5
CORRECT Guardian Article "UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet" - https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/jun/02/un-report-meat-free-diet
"Going Vegan Could Reduce CO2 Emissions Up to 9.6 Billion Tons" article https://www.livekindly.com/going-vegan-could-reduce-co2-emissions-up-to-9-6-billion-tons/

Tell your friends to watch this video so they can LEARN the difference between childfree antinatalism and [evil] incel's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT fucking ideologies that only the most insincere twats in the world would make equivocations about. Especially whores (aka women) say this shit all the time, and it makes me sick, so I had to make this video.

Fucking bourgeoisie breeders are in fact a menace to the planet

Hey, this shitty ass website desynced the audio on my video again!
32-bit GNU/Linux distro being used in 2019 on a netbook computer from 2008! Still runs like a charm!

See the PERFECT audio version of the film here, because Bitchute totally fucked up the audio sync, sorry:
Co-starring Mickey Rourke, Tupac Shakur, Adrian Brody and Ted Levine. Directed by Julien Temple.

A brand new Bitchute Poop I just finished today after formulating for about a month, or maybe even more time. I was busy!

Description: Busytown gets caught in the "Oughts."

I don't even know why I deleted this to be honest.

The songs are:
Soulja Boy & Trill Sammy - Bricks
Soulja Boy - HML
Aesop Rock - Klutz
Riff Raff - As If Life Didn't Tear Us Apart
Soulja Boy - Overseas Drip

also, the songs are not in order from worst/best best/worst etc.

The gameplay is from a REAL GameCube recorded with s-video cables. What, did you think I would be a pussy ass emulator?

This video is licensed under a CC-BY-ND 4.0 International License.

Weed is legal in the state that I live in.
Sorry for being late to upload this.

Really stupid 2000s pop and r&b hits: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyNdsMWNLi_F6D4n5b9z4yOJrD2GwdKRT

tags: weed, 420, 420blazeit, Ganja, sesh, stoned, high, baked

A video I made as an update for my old YouTube account.

Just some Crysis 2 in SUPER-VIDEO (480i, "Super Video" in the 80s) quality with a few outtakes at the beginning :P

Wow this clip looks a hell of a lot worse on Bitchute than the original file looks.

Original DVD video recorded on Labor Day 2018. This let's play took me 3 days of nearly non-stop editing to produce.

It's pretty easy: Denounce anti-semetism and fight against it, or be a nazi motherfucking devil who gets eradicated with American-owned THAD missles and whatnot while you're asleep in bed with your "aryan" spouse, smartass.

Enjoy! Some were ripped by me, others found on archive.org
Obviously Warner Bros. owns the copyright to Looney Tunes.
I've just found out that one of these (Cheese Burglar) is a Noveltoon production, from Paramount Pictures, not Warner Bros.

Shut your fucking fascist mouths

Even though the game is ghetto I still love it.

I used kdenlive to edit this. Original video is from October 27th 2016 and was also made with Kdenlive. I don't use Wrongcrosoft Shitblows I use Kubuntu 18.04 GNU/Linux.

The greatest one-shot toon of all time.

I OBVIOUSLY DO NOT OWN THIS AT ALL. Ripped from my own Essentials of Daffy Duck DVD with VLC Media Player.


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