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Though it's only a VEI2 eruption, the volcano on La Palma has proved to be very interesting, from confused roosters, to spectacular lava flows, to lightning and twisters!

At approximately 2:25am on Day 20 of the eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma, a series of large explosive ejections of lava force a breakthrough. The northern most vent wall apparently partially collapsed sending a torrent of lava down the mountain side. (LIVE FEED)

This Rooster simply refuses to give in, thinking it's dawn as the volcano brightens.

If you are working in these kill zones for the unvaxxed posing as "Medical Centers" BE WARNED. You are rapidly approaching a point of no return. Get out while you can. We know what you are doing. It's called murder. And you will not be indemnified. A memo from HHS will not allow you to commit GENOCIDE For Profit against We the People. You are complicit.

But if you've been a good little vax zombie, they will try and save you to further the agenda, with the very same treatments they scorn, or even ban.

Help Chris and Jennifer;

Anna Vandersteel "Steel Truth" ... MURDER IN PROGRESS: ARMY RANGER NEEDS YOUR HELP! ...


Sniffle, sniffle .... boo-hoo .... I hope the dripping sarcasm is evident!

WARNING: If at all possible DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL. In this video I share the stories of two people I know and their very different treatment by the Medical Pharma Cabal when they entered the House of Pain and Death .... My daughter-in-law turned around very quickly with the treatment protocol they gave her two months ago, but Chris continues to struggle to stay alive. His wife has been told by the hospital to prepare for his end of life. She refuses to give up ... :-(

Besides the obvious effectiveness against their Bio-Weapon, what else really pisses them off about Ivermectin? Think I know. Teaser, it has to do with 5G.

And the most inventive COVAX natural remedy yet.



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James Corbett nails it. Who could believe such BS. Well unfortunately a whole lot of sheople who were more than willing to give up freedom for security at the time, and trust the official science, did. Then flash forward to today. Sound familiar?

Is the Worldwide COVAX GENOCIDAL JAB actually a clinical trial? Hard to tell, but it would explain large numbers of people unaffected after the jab. We do know a certain number of people got placebos, just on account of those in healthcare and the vax manufacturing process, who have clandestinely tried to stop the madness in their own small way.
But if it is an organized "Clinical Trial", with a significant placebo group is unknown, it is something we should keep in mind for reasons explained in the video.

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data

Fauci Emails


Space Traveler in Alabama - Ivermectin Hydrogel and a Huge Volume of Related Info

100 Years of Suramin

Editorial: "My story of potential exposure to spike proteins via shedding from “vaccinated” people, and the potential suramin, shikimic acid, pine needle tea cure and prophylaxis"

Outro Music: Rodney Miller - AirDance Flying on Home - "Killavil Fancy / Hunter's Purse / Concertina / Providence"

Lot's of ways people prep, I've done many, but nothing gives us a feeling of security like the "Antares Flier". The "luxury" stuff like electricity aside, living in the Northeast, nothing more concerning than trying to stay warm here in the Winter. A prolonged mid-winter grid down here would equal a lot of people cold, hungry, sick, and dying. Lot's of people here have woodstoves, but most don't have enough wood to keep warm for extended periods, unless they have been heating strictly with wood for a while. The Antares under most conditions will keep us warm with dead fall sticks.

Not mentioned is the Antares also has a Camco Catalytic Propane Heater to keep it from freezing when we are not there.

Caged Bird Music ...

In this video I share evidence that the biological secret of the COVAX GENOCIDE, and the resulting GENOCIDAL JAB, is the exploitation of the ACE2 (Angiotensin Converting Enyzme2) Receptor by the Spike Protein. Just the now notorious Spike Protein is enough to sicken and even kill people. No virus needed.
"The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness"

And if you've been jabbed, you're now you're own life time spike protein factory.

It follows that if you take substances like Hydroxycloroquine, and others mentioned in the vid that interfere with the SPIKE PROTEIN BINDING it would be an effective cheap remedy. However that's not the agenda. Dr Faucensteins quick abandonment of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD with the first words out of his mouth showed they wanted nothing to do with that rabbit hole. And made sure it got shot down ASAP.

Blocking the ACE2 receptor binding and exploitation by the Spike Protein is key to limiting effects of exposure to shed spike proteins. For the vaxxed, this may be the key to having any chance of surviving for any length of time. But they will need to be always aware of the situation and ready to act, and willing to NEVER GO BACK TO THE PHARMA CABAL. They will never help with disease. Only with symptoms.

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Male and Female Hummingbirds up close battle over feeders .... 2nd unseen feeder is 15 feet away.

Easy to make, low potency Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil. This technique very well preserves all the essences of the plant including terpenes which are very difficult to capture due to their low vapor points vs other Cannabinoids. With a carefully timed and temperature controlled method, THC content is consistent, and batch strength can be modified by changing the ratios of the Coconut Oil and Cannabis. Topical use for rashes, bites, muscle pain, bone breaks, and many other skin disorders.

The game has changed dramatically with this new SCAMDEMIC danger, Shedding, or Contagious Vaccinosis, the unvaxxed being sickened by the vaxxed. Already, I'm curious to know of all the reported cases to VARS what percentage were people who used cannabis, or for that matter any naturapathic remedies? In other words are "Science Trusters" trusting strictly a needle, and a mask for their health, and care little about anything else?

At any rate ***NOT MEDICAL ADVICE*** your mileage may vary .... And as always, do your own research. That said, I've found few maladies it doesn't prove to offer not just relief of symptoms and pain for, but longer term healing.

For more on Cannabis Medicine and Science as it relates to Vax injuries, and protection for those of us who have not been injected, be sure to watch "CANNABIS CAN TREAT JAB INJURED - STOPS PRION DISEASE"

Cannabis generally, and CBD specifically, seem to have many medicinal effects that may be helpful for those injured by the GATES/FAUCI Gene Editing JAB.
Neuro-Protective, Neuro-Regenerative, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Seizure, Anti-Spasm, Anti-Nausea, Pro-Appetite. Immune Modulating, or Immune Enhancing, dose dependent.
This is NOT TO SAY Cannabinoids will be the miracle "take back" for the VAX injured. Only just that there is peer reviewed science in support of the notion that it could be beneficial for JAB victims.

Make the Medicine yourself:

RVK Newscast #95: The Volcano Area Has Changed Dramatically!
"We visited the volcano in Geldingadalir the same day that four new vents sprouted up in the area and it’s safe to say that the area has changed drastically. The lava is now around 10 million cubic metres in total with 5 cubic metres flowing out of those vents every second."

Who knows what the EAS test scheduled for this afternoon may bring, or not, but regardless, just my thoughts on The Storm, and true nature of the endeavor. The CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN are lurking in the background. And indeed the absolute whirlwind of insanity from the usual suspects, is evidence of that. Buckle up.

My first impression of this theater they called a hearing, was of just how grating the star witness was. It felt as though the game plan right from the start, was to make this swamp creature out to be the most helpless victim/ditz on the planet, and to further distract, just by raw annoyance.

By any admission, content validity aside, Ms Ford's testimony was like finger nails on the chalkboard. I debated just turning off the sound and reading the text later. But when you look into the REAL Ms Ford, the act becomes obvious.

This is info drawn from other sources, and only scratches the surface. Some are suggesting both Kavanaugh and Ford are part of the sting being conducted by POTUS and the team. I'm not sure where the angle is there, but regardless, no one should be surprised at who this woman really is

This silent video is my first upload to Bitchute. I believe that in a sane world the still "unsolved" Seth Rich murder would be the crime of the century, considering the ramifications. And the cabal media's deafening silence and quick backup of the official narrative demonstrates the gravity of it. While there is no direct evidence of DNC involvement, the circumstantial evidence makes it all but a lock ... so I wanted to give a Seth a "voice", even after his passing, because had he not leaked those emails, it is very likely we would now have an HRC POTUS ... and given the trail of death, destruction, and corruption around who has to be one of the most evil women in modern times, I shutter to think of where we would be.

The Seth Rich Case


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