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Negative Disincarnates by lisa renee

Media Manipulation by lisa renee

Recovering our Core Self

Blue Apples Stargate 2012 Wormholes by William Henry

Energetic Self-Mastery, Ending Victim-Victimizer Blame Games

Am I Being Psychically Attacked by Lisa Renee

separation of worlds - by Lisa renee

Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN If that f ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!

Parasites by Lisa renee

The Conditioning of Lunacy by lisa renee

Sphenoid Butterfly Activation

Poverty Consciousness by Lisa Renee

Re-education of Human Values by Lisa Renee

Censorship with the FT's (Freedom Teachings) is discussed in great detail. Some discussion of what the 'Stealth Shield' is. Rakmeister shares how he has developed his own line of information from the FT's and the expansions he has experienced from this. We discuss the many different representations of the FT's and where the 'official' version of histories and agendas begins and ends.

MUSIC: 'Spirit Of Life' by Blackmill

Status Update Aurora-Earth Perspective -EG 2015

12 Stargates Que-sites, Ark Gates: Controlling fractions / Status #UPDATED 2015-RMT

Hand/Palm-lines part


MUSIC: General Fuzz - Comfort Zone

Stephen shares recent revelations, ascension codes are discussed, fear in the KS group shield, some memories of life after Earth. Stephen has since left KS and we are planning to do the next follow up soon.

We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the True Nature of reality.

'Voyagers 2' by Ashayana Deane can be purchased here: : https://www.arhayas.com/collections/books/products/voyagers-the-secrets-of-amenti-volume-2-2nd-edition

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