Too epic a rant to risk losing to censorship so I'm archiving here.

Source: https://www.periscope.tv/allidoisowen/1OyKAeyqyvbKb

#Impeachment #InfoWars #OwenShroyer

PLEASE NOTE: I do like like the main speaker in this video (he's a gay "all faiths"/spiritualistic dork). I only used him in this video compilation because his points here have nothing to do w/his retarded (misguided) personal philosophies ... they are simply the historically accurate/irrefutable explanation to this term we hear way too often ... "Judeo Christian".

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Michelle Malkin defends herself (and Nick) against the slimy Conservative Inc slander machine (TPUSA, YAF, etc). Thanks to Jeff Kuhner of WRKO radio for giving her the platform.

Credit: MichelleMalkin.com, https://wrko.iheart.com/
Source: From a WRKO radio stream.
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From a Periscope stream. Backing up for myself or anyone else who wants a copy on YT.

Credit: MichelleMalkin.com

Thumbnail: https://twitter.com/emerson_chris/status/1196265479620481024

From a while back (~01/2019). Figured I'd archive here. Another timeless clip.

From a fellow Nicker's YT channel - but don't want to link to his copy since YT may delete it (since Alex is in it)
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTISPpdPwRg

The big guy giving HW Bush the sendoff he deserved.

From America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes

PS: Sorry couldn't fit clip into a Tweet / content too good to cut down!

GIFs for everyone but you know who ... kind of interesting.

Classic clip, video author unknown


Short clip I made of Bill Whittle speaking about the zoomer/millennial generations. Music by XuriousMusic.

Actually few of these are 2019 for the record

- 00:00 | mixed couples the norm
- 01:00 | Doug Jones won 98% of black vote
- 05:40 | Identity Polics is real
- 08:00 | Same people, same patterns?
- 08:27 | GOP Color blindness policy must end
- 10:44 | Non-Christian people vote tribally

Timestamps to come ... eventually

24 minutes of non-stop black and red pills. Can you handle it?

Timestamps (some may be off, sorry!)

- 00:00 | Last White Election?
- 02:20 | Wake Up White People
- 04:40 | Demographic Winter: Pushed around at 65%?
- 06:59 | They're just buying time as Demographics change
- 08:26 | This is War. No more Reagan/Tip Oneil
- 13:01 | Herd Mentality Voters
- 15:20 | Future of Politics is Racial
- 17:40 | Whites WILL be a minority in US by 2040
- 20:00 | GOP does NOT represent you
- 22:19 | Socialism Meme must die

Most by https://twitter.com/NationalistTV


Matthew Drake / Illustrated Philosophy


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