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Emily welcomes back Sofia Smallstorm for another dive down the ole’ rabbit hole. This time they meander around Sofia’s July/Aug 2020 newsletter and deliver a tour through bio capitalism, health concerns, social and emotional harvesting, and the internet of bodies, which somehow ends at the brutality of the Comanches. Enjoy!

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Part 1: It’s Not About Your Health

- Vimeo deleted the last show with Sofia. It’s still available as an MP3
- Normalizing bio capitalism-humans and nature as batteries for financial markets
- Sweat coin to cryptocurrency-energy harvesting from movement
- Google’s Self Ledger is a digital record of behavior
- Are we just carriers of our genes?
- Disease prevention or human genetic coding?
- Putting the Third World on the Block Chain
- They will play games with your digital identity like they did with your mortgage
- Parallels between West World and Sofia’s newsletter
- The tech-no-logic of bio capitalism
- The Software of Life
- mRNA and the triple needle
- Human batteries for capitalism
- Downloading the Microsoft OS
- Sugar is programmable matter- from Emily’s mind to Brown’s paper to Catherine Austin Fitts’ mouth
- Using our bodies as computers
- Bioelectric signaling
- Crystals are a form of intelligence

Part 2: Outliers Are The Wrench in the Gears

- What is the intent for the OS?
- Allison McDowel l- wrenchinthegears.com
- Managed poverty
- Outliers: they both detest us and need us; we’re interesting
- Fear of death scares people into modifying their behavior
- This is a game of Simon Says
- Store owners are impersonating medical professionals
- The work of Peggy Hall
- Kamala Harris’ “Family, Friendly Schools Act”
- The social/emotional harvesting of traumatized and marginalized people
- KH: Ushering in the Deep Fake Reality
- Human Data is the real currency
- Redefining criminal behavior
- The internet of bodies
- Marshall McLuhan…the media is the message
- The chip body
- Technology or not?
- The Comanche fell for glamour magic, will we?
- Coincidences or synchronicities?

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Dani has a list of questions for Emily......lol. Enjoy! :)

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Michael and Emily get together once again discuss the synchronicities and symbols of the great unfolding mystery of our reality. A group workshop on the use of synchronicity in intelligence immediately followed. Please contact Emily at [email protected] if you would like to join us for the day of camp. Enjoy!

Topics Include:
- a little opening banter
- why names/nick names matter
- keifer or key-for
- when name changes = changes in reality
- time-traveling transgenderism
- Michael’s “camping” trip
- Camps David & Airy
- fun w/ maps
- Emily’s Asia experience
- our “afternoon” in Taft
- more fun w/ maps
- Little Fires Everywhere
- the bonfire of the kittens
- Synchronicity by F. David Peat…..and other “Synchronicities”
- Jung’s Scarab……Emily’s Scarab
- Tavistock, the CIA & synchronicities
- the shadows & echoes technique
- Craft Intl.
- Jesse Ventura
- Boston bombing
- predictor or reflector
- 4 lobes & the 5th element

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Welp, in this episode, we talked about what we were going to talk about at the end, in a separate patrons-only recording affectionately known as AFTERWORDS, and available on our Patreon accounts (see below for links). As such, we ended up chatting about Emily's recent trip to Central Cali, and the holographic reality her simulation created there. We also dive into the whole What's the deal with Austin? conversation, Emily's Tavistock conception, and a rambling stream of other things that you'll likely find no one else talking about on the web.

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I was delighted to be joined once again by one of my favorite guests, Chad Stuemke. We went back forth for 3 hours about what’s going on down below and up above. Enjoy!

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Part 1: Project Great Lakes
- what’s up in Michigan right now?
- the rise and fall of the petty dictator of Michigan
- Sliding = cat ’n’ mouse with the police on Sunday Funday
- Chad has release his latest work and debuts it here. :) https://chadstuemke.com/project-great...
- planes, ships & people go missing on a regular basis in the Great Lakes area
- Steven Kubacki case is weird…..and so is he.
- “Rethinking God & Existence”
- Emily recounts her short friendship with Sean Patrick after he “returned.”
- one skier’s cross country “trip”?
- just because things aren’t explained doesn’t mean there isn’t an explanation.
- is there a base under Lake Michigan……or under each of the Great Lakes for that matter?
- the geometry/frequency of hexafluoride
- Metatron’s Cube
- at least 3 ways to accomplish the magic
- the Pentagram over Michigan
- from the Traverse City Cherry Festival to the Great Lakes Triangle
- the ancient stone circle at the bottom of Grand Traverse Bay
- how natives believe gods enter and exit this realm
- Triangles
- Triangles within triangles
- directed asteroids
- the Kinross Incident…..two pilots went off in chase of a UFO……
- Inside the Earth by Radu Cinamar
- Lake Erie and The Search for The Admiral & Clevco
-The Legacy Project
- mining resources from other realities
- Project Magnet X2
- magnetic anomalies…..or UFOs?
- black holes, strange suns & fires

Part 2: Black Matter Lives
- the underground dance music scene is in bed with the global “agenda.”
- what came in with the switch from analog to digital
- Beatport technology
- the obedience train and the Branch Covidians
- DJ Jeff Mills
- his journey from Underground Resistance to Axis Records
- if it’s not ok to attack someone for not saying BLM, why on earth would it be ok to attack someone for saying it?
- DVS1 gets it on every level
- Jeff Mills creates highly innovative, other worldly techno…..why is he often forgotten?
- techno has black roots
- did Jeff Mills pick up on the the same energy of Detroit that Chad did?
- connecting the future and the past in the present…..time does not exist.
- exploring Axis Records
- did NASA want to study Jeff Mills?
- did Jeff Mills give us Disclosure?
- Project Power
- Kilindi Iyi
- Emily’s quatrefoil theory
- Templar’s Cross & portals
- the Funktion One Sound System
- can sound open up a portal to travel through if you resonate with it?
- are they scraping parties for info?
- secret societies are hiding this in plain sight
- vibrational imprints

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David Whitehead joins Emily for a wide ranging conversation that moves from the inner to the outer realms. Enjoy!

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Internal Alchemy Hour: If You Can Move Freely, You Can Think Freely
-David’s philosophy & his inner transformation
- balancing inner transition w/ outer world awareness
- an eclectic search for the truth
- holistic thinking is the goal
- how what is going on in the outside world mirrors what is going on inside of us
- how David became a truth warrior
- combating the inner lies
- the importance of physical training
- the process of discipline
- showing up & passing tests
- angles of approach
- how a great teacher helped David overcome his struggle w/ anxiety
- becoming his best emotionally, intellectually & mentally
- focus & foundation
- how to be your own “self”
- create a psychological immune system
- psychology of combat/competition
- shaping your mindset
- mind/body connection
- move consciously
- self responsibility
- don’t mess with the warrior class

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Strange Mosaic Hour: Our Opponent is Swinging Wildly
- what’s going on in BC
- Canada is being held hostage by Justin Trudeau
- Trudeau’s many scandals
- Canada is divided but people are waking up
- Canada is a globalist experiment
- David’s interview w/ Mikki Willis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52ziP...
- CV 1984
- Tedros/Gates
- Gates/Epstein
- massive protests
- skill set of propaganda
- Lockstep- from ancient times til the present
- incrementalism
- predictive programs
- poisoning the effective protocols
- the homeless population disproves the “virus” fears
- what we aren’t being told
- contradictions
- this is not about a pandemic
- the destruction of western civilization
- “The Great Reset”
- blending capitalism & communism
- why the war is in the west
- David’s analysis of our opponent from a fighter’s perspective
- things aren’t going as planned/ they are desperate
- factional warfare within secret societies
- the difference between confidence & narcissism
- Michael Tsarion
- recent episode on fallen angels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA6TW...

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Robert and Emily get together to celebrate their “Silver Anniversary” and mash a little matrix while they are at it. Enjoy!

Info on Robert’s event: https://robertphoenix.com/harvest-moo...

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Topics Include:
- the slow creep of medical fascism
- a crazy week in September?
- what is going on in the sky?
- the protests in Europe are HUGE
- they want us to get used to being poor
- bioethicist proposes a morality pill
- there is something more to the Sandia Labs whistleblower story
- television series “Amerika”
- the fire at Universal Studios burned the “masters.”
- was censorship part of Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal?
- Emily’s recent show with Sofia Smallstorm was censored by Vimeo
- cryptocurrency
- will the post office control the world?
- BLM is the product being sold at the empty sports stadiums
- Naomi Osaka has gone from bot to BLM activist
- white privilege
- UNITY 2020 is following exactly the script we said it would


Dani and Emily debate the value and purpose of "Shadowgate" and all of the hysteria around it.

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Robert and Emily reconvene to mash out some more of the never-ending supply of matrix…..lol. Enjoy!

Topics Include:
- it all started with the Alex Jones debacle
- Shadowgate nonsense
- the characters all have symbolically suspicious names
- why is everything a gate?
- does gate = psyop?
- Weavers
- The Cult of Tore
- who is actually indicted by this “documentary?’
- Bannon arrest
- why are all of the arrests of people from the Trump side?
- Steve Bannon
- why Shadowgate was a psyop and what was it meant to distract from?
- attention economy
- funny how Shadowgate got over a million views (and was up for at least 36 hours) on YT before it was removed but Plandemic 2 (which is actually quite good) was taken down instantly?
- the DNC convention was embarrassing & bizarre
- Biden/Harris is the most racist ticket in recent history
- remembering Turncoat Tulsi’s glorious takedown of Kamala
- BLM doesn’t care about black people
- Uranians…..why are governments full of them?
- Susan B Anthony looks like Marla Hooch
- What’s the “deal” with Tim & Adam?
- current election speculations
- Chinese social engineering of the west
- the Mafia is respectable compared to politicians
- Robert’s upcoming event

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Michael and Emily get together for the first day of camp. This chat was followed by a private group workshop. If you would like to join us, email Emily at [email protected] for details.

Topics Include:
- Chatsworth House in England
- Chatsworth, CA
- Susquehanna River
- Rites of the 40th Parallel
- the power of walking in the healing process
- Disney Maps
- getting caught in story versus doing the personal work
- taking personal responsibility
- Michael’s weekend camping trip
- prison culture
- Tyson’s Corner
- corruption is highly organized in prison
- snitch programs
- men of integrity
- similarities between organized crime & government
- a listener’s magnetized game board analogy
- drawn to certain locations so program keeps running?
- magnetic attraction to Tyson’s Corner Mall
- what is Tyson’s Corner?
- Jordan Maxwell- education designed for us to think a certain way
- magnetism of technology running underground from Tyson’s Corner to Dulles, Langley, etc.
- the private schools and summer camps of Chatsworth and their founders
- Gaia Matrix

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Sonia Barrett joins Emily to continue their series on "The Human Game." This conversation is focused a recent post of Sonia's that generated a lot of chatter both externally and internally.

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Emily Moyer and Dani Katz discuss the ever evolving nature of the inner and outer terrains and how we observe and experience them leads to shifts in our positions.

Link to article Emily mentioned : https://www.zerohedge.com/political/a...

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Niish joins Emily for a wide ranging discussion on the current reality and how it is playing out on both a personal and collective level.

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Part 1:
- Niish & Emily discuss their new projects both of which reflect their organic, authentic approach to conversations rather than traditional interviews.
- evolution in media
- newer podcasts & podcasters are about flash, hypnotic indoctrination & often don’t credit original researchers
- in Gen Z we are dealing w/ the first generation of over immunized children
- the digitalization of children’s minds
- metals in the body + computer entrained brains + lack of context = current situation
- gene therapy
- the ramp up in projects after Tesla’s death
- 7g
- the reset has long range consequences
- inner dimensionality
- the black eye club & octopi
- symbolic scientific concepts of Fringe
- the social mosh pit of the recent riots (Michael Tracey interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd0yp... )
- the Black Dahlia connection to cattle mutilations

Part 2 is available @ Patreon.com/offplanetmedia
- water & hyponatremia
- people are being fattened up
- pleasure in the pain of doing the work yourself
- the inner health journey of getting to know yourself
- internal/external
- CV tentacles/octopus
- dreams vs. co-opted downloads
- black eyed club/adrenochrome
- biogenetics/ OCTU
- octopus programming
- underwater breathing/shape-shifting programs
- what are the masks hiding?
- the real virus co-opts cognitive functions
- mandelas/time slips
- analog vs. digital
- organic vs. synthetic

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Dani and I reviewed the new Netflix documentary "Athlete A." We also bantered about Bari Weiss, dished (or maybe dumped) on the "Darkhorse" and meandered about the word mandate. Enjoy!

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Robert Phoenix and Emily Moyer are back after a month and there was no shortage of matrix to mash. As a matter of fact, they’ll be back with a second part to this mash next week. Enjoy!

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Topics Include:
- COVID craziness rising in both Texas & California
- Gavin Newsom
- the Peter principle
- Lori Lightfoot
- Loretta Lynch
- unimpressive politicians
- Joe Biden
- is Tim Pool Trump’s new Alex Jones?
- what is the real purpose of Biden?
- the Tea Party doesn’t really get it
- what are we paying taxes for?
- war with China?
- first vaccine ready to be tested on the Army
- the murder of men’s right activist Marc Angelucci
- symbolic of a different kind of death of men’s rights
- Roosh V
- E. Michael Jones
- Owen Benjamin & Vox Day vs. Patreon
- mask bullshit
- mask fashion, S&M culture
- strange deaths
- Naya Riviera
- Nick Cordero
- Kelly Preston
- Robert’s October event


Emily Moyer and Dani Katz do an impromptu bonus episode to mull over the most spectacular shit show of a Joe Rogan podcast ever....(well except for that one with the guy who made Game Changers....lol).

Link to said shit show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRCzZ...

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Dani and I recorded this yesterday. I can hardly remember what we talked about. We chatted a bit, caught up, tossed around some new ideas, disagreed about a few things but ended on something we agreed.....lol. Yay! Enjoy. :)

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Robert Phoenix and Emily Moyer engage in a 2 hour rambler about the ever increasing chaos that is apparently the new normal.....not that normal even exists anymore.

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Topics Include:
- honoring Randy and his work
- remembering our early shows
- Stranger Things
- Midnight Special
- specialized kids
- the worlds above and the worlds below
- portals to parallel universes
- parallel planets
- Covid death machines...i.e. ventilators
- WHO walks back almost everything
- riots/looting
- we are in a mass trauma ritual
- CV arc
- Washington state's role in all of this nonsense
- Costco & Walmart's role in social engineering
- the dystopia of Fry's Electronics
- supply chain shenanigans
- Nascar & BLM....WTF?
- Serbian athletes
- rapid culture shift
- the lockdown protestors
- the transition from CV to BLM protests/riots
- obeying apps is the new mind control economy
- Sunrise movement
- Social Marxism
- the new Holocaust
- shadows & echoes
- new Mandela effects
- immortal varieties
- latex overlays

Emily Moyer and Dani Katz have another rambling conversation about the current state of things. There are so many things at play here that if you focus in on anyone thing to the exclusion of all the others you will find yourself in one kind of trap or another. We are in a chaotic and fluid situation that requires staying in touch with our humanity while remaining flexible with our minds. We are both trying to rise to the challenge.

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Dani and I had kind of a rambling, wide ranging conversation about the current moment we are in.
Topics include:
- Google's incredible shrinking searches.
- how people's hatred (and in some cases, on the flip side....their love) of Trump prevents them from being able to think critically about whats really going on here.
- the penetration/transhumanism as spirituality programming running through Netflix's Midnight Gospel.
- Joe Rogan & co. as controlled opposition operatives (whether they know it or not).

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Many thanks to Dani for providing this description! :)
In this rollicking episode, Emily Moyer and I wax heady and truthy about London Real and the über-hyped Rose/Icke livestream, Dr Shiva's war with RFK, Dr. Buttar's questionable Covid theories, David Martin, Richie from Boston, Sonia Barrett's KPFK censoring (welcome to the club, Sonia!), Pizzagate and the Platonic solids, and a whole bunch more.

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Today I talk about what happened when I back slid after so much success with The Candida Diet. I also give updates on current activities and my carnivore experience.

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Emily Moyer and Sonia Barrett discuss 5G and preparing for moving into 6G.

A few days ago OffPlanet Radio did an interview with Sonia Barrett, titled: Sonia Barrett| The Human Game #9: Resets & Upgrades -Seg1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7uE...
After reviewing some of the comments Emily and Sonia decided to create an addendum to that interview that address 5G and misinterpretations and misunderstandings about this expanding technology/frequency. To find out more about:

Sonia Barrett and her work do visit

Sonia's article
The ushering in of a NEW ordered world, A time of resets and upgrades in the system

The Business of Disease Documentary

Off Planet Radio:



From Dani:
"Another impassioned conversation about a random smattering of topics, engaged in our sweaty workout clothes. Some things we touch in on: the pathogen sham, eugenicist Bill Gates, Brian Rose/London Real's censorship travails, the f-i-v-e GEEEEEEE/pathogen connection, Eric Weinstein's astounding arrogance, Derrick Broze's control issues, the CDC's diagnosis bonus system and Emily's sexy-ass arms" (says Dani)....lol.

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Hey guys! Continuing on in my discussion about experiences on various diets, today I recall my time on the "Standard American Diet." I also give updates on my Carnivore experience and all of my current activities.


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People always ask the question “When did you wake up?” When I think about it, the truth is that I was always kind of awake. While I didn’t always know the all of the details of the conspiracy, the level of mind control or the gravity of the situation we are in, I did know from day one that things weren’t as they seemed and that something was very wrong.
I always had the idea that there was what you thought was going on and what was really going on, and they were not usually the same thing. That perspective was then combined with an unusual set of life experiences and circumstances. My involvement in acting as a young child, my dedication to gymnastics for 20+ years of my life, my participation in the underground dance music scene for my entire adult life, having grown up in Los Angeles but having lived all over the country. These all played very key parts in my development as well as being vectors for another layer of hidden experiences and control to enter my life.
A series of event of events in 2005 led to a very harsh and more complete awakening to what is really going on, and more importantly, to who I really am. That process continues to this day.
My involvement with Randy Maugans and OffPlanet Radio offered me the opportunity to gain experience as both a co-host and producer as well as connect with others, who through their own unique experiences have come into a similar awareness. In 2020, after incredible years of working together, Randy and I parted ways and I am now flying solo. Please join us here to share in the process of moving the conversation forward and ultimately in creating a reality of our choosing.

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