The Eminent Sire's Pontifications

In this episode I discuss the move in Canada to sexualize children, and our turn towards being a pedophile's safe haven.
I reference a coverup of a child pornographer who was a school bus driver, the cover up that happened, and the fact that schools and government across this nation are forcing sex upon children as young as 3.

In this episode I discuss Facebook's new 'social' add policy, why it is wrong, probably illegal, and definitely fraudulent.

Crowder explains what we need to do to stop the censoring.

In this episode I discuss the impending collapse of Canada, which is coming as a result of the deranged, depraved abuse, rape, molestation, and sexual mutilation of children by the schools, courts, government, and LGBT™, and how 2 generations of cowardice of the majority is why it isn't being stopped.


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