Morgoth's Review joins Henrik to talk about the many issues facing the United Kingdom. We begin on the Extinction Rebellion, a new climate weapon the globalists use to get even more money, power and influence. We talk about the promotion of bug eating and pod living. In the second part we discuss demographics, Islamization of England, rise in knife crime, corporate support of milkshake activism and Brexit.

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At Our Wits’ End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What It Means For the Future:


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Or Why those with power are the ones ultimately responsible for a growing nightmare of direct action. This video doesn't condone anything, but merely offers an alternative perspective on why it happens and where to place blame.

Video Inspired by RamZPaul:

Tim Wise's "Open Letter to White People":

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Reference and links

Dr Bruce Gilley, University homepage – Portland State

Dr Bruce Gilley on why he left the PSA (August 2017)

Original Paper [withdrawal notice] – Third World Quarterly

Oliver Traldi, The Case for Contrarianism - Quillette

Dr Jerry Coyne, article on the papers withdrawal – Why Evolution Is True

How Robert Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe – The Economist (Feb 2017)

Original video by 'Doom Guard'.

If anyone has any of his other videos, can upload them, please let me know.

Thumbnail was made by me.

Original video by 'Doom Guard'.

If anyone has any of his other videos, can upload them, please let me know.

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Thumbnail was made by me.

Re-Upload - Standard rhetoric from a documentary, but an interesting clip in any case. At the end you will realise that Jews didn't leave Germany, there was no need to, and the very fact they didn't is proof against the constant fear mongering of current day perception.

Thumbnail was made by me.



Democracy by nation:

Free speech support by region:

Support for free speech by ethnic group:

Support for free market by ethnic group:

Voting patterns in various nations:

Lighter skinned Hispanics and Asians are more likely to vote GOP

Black-White Income and IQ:

Asian American voting patterns:

Collectivism Genes:

IQ Genes:

The influence of the Catholic Church:


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Thumbnail was made by me.


Read a merciless demolition of the central claims of the Holocaust thesis by way of a probing examination of Raul Hilberg's canonical The Destruction of the European Jews. http://holocausthandbooks.com/index.php?main_page=1&page_id=3

Thumbnail was made by me.

Having a chat with Millennial Woes in Battersea Park. Enjoy!

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Did you know that everything important—good or bad—about America starts with black people? That's the new story we are being told about our country; Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains why.

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- A Green Beard in the Red Fire Ant: https://www.reed.edu/biology/professors/srenn/pages/teaching/2007_syllabus/2007_readings/a13_Keller_1998.pdf
- Hamilton's original paper coining his rule, in case you want to parse through it yourself before that video comes out, in 2024: http://www.uvm.edu/pdodds/files/papers/others/1964/hamilton1964a.pdf

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J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective": https://www.amazon.co.uk/J-Philippe-Rushton-History-Perspective/dp/1983273708/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1549614649&sr=1-3&keywords=philippe+rushton

"Race Differences in Ethnocentrism"
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Dutton E. (2018). Why are Non-Heterosexual Males Attracted to Religious Celibacy? A Case for the ‘Gay Shaman’ Theory. Mankind Quarterly, 59: 197-215

There are elevated levels of non-heterosexual orientation and pedophilia among male religious celibates, such as Catholic priests and certain shamans. Based on cross-cultural empirical studies, it is argued that the most likely explanation is that male homosexuality is associated not only with elevated religiousness, but also with pathologies which themselves predict hyper-religiosity and intense religious experiences. This is supported by evidence of elevated religiousness among homosexual males, elevated Neuroticism among Catholic priests, and evidence of schizophrenia among shamans. The discussion also observes an erotic dimension to intense religiousness, which may aid the maintenance of celibacy. Finally, it is suggested that these findings may partially explain how male homosexuality may have been an adaptive trait: a group with an associated optimum level of fervent, celibate religious devotees would have a higher average level of religiosity and be more successful in terms of group selection.


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