Endless Journey

We explore the island paradise that is Koh Chang Thailand. We explore white sand beach from the far north. We explore the sights and sounds of a perfect morning during low tide. Enjoy!

We go on an adventure to Long Beach on Koh Chang Thailand. Long Beach is on the south east of Thailand’s 3rd largest island. The unspoiled jungle and coast is filled with spectacular views and a must see. It’s part of the island that is fairly seen due to its remoteness. Enjoy!

We go on a tour of the fishing village at Bang Bao on the southern end of Koh Chang island in Thailand. On the way to the fishing village we encounter a group of monkeys. At the fishing village we explore the market and the pier. At the end of the pier we are treated with a light house and a great view of the harbor. Enjoy!

I show you around white sand beach on the west side of the island of Koh Chang. Koh Chang, elephant island, is the 3rd largest island in Thailand in the east near the Cambodian border. I show you around the beach, the main part of town, enjoy some fresh seafood, watch the sunset and enjoy a spectacular fire show on the beach. Enjoy!

Klongtoey market is located near the port of Bangkok and the Chao phraya river in Bangkok. We explore the busy market and see the local Thai culture. The busy market is filled with activity as the vendors perform their daily activities. Enjoy the video!

One of the most famous roads in Bangkok now. The hub for backpackers coming into Thailand for the last 60 years has changed very dramatically and I will show you around. With the 1.6 million dollar remodel followed by COVID lockdowns the area is in dire straights. Enjoy the video!

We explore what has happened to one of the most popular night spots in all of Thailand. Ratchada night market was once a popular night spot for tourists and locals alike. When the tourists were not allowed into Thailand this once popular spots has fallen into ruins. Enjoy the video!

A unique Buddhist temple about 45 km outside of Bangkok Thailand. The main temple building stands 80 meters tall (1 meter for each year of Buddha’s life). It was built in 1985. Enjoy!

Wat Rachananddram in Bangkok Thailand. Built in 1846 under King Rama 3's reign. One of only 3 buildings ever built in this style and the only one remaining


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Travel and travel tip videos. I try to show the local culture in unique ways. I visit cultural sites and interact with the local people. The channel will always cover family friendly topics and can be viewed by all ages. I have traveled to over 40 countries and it is my passion to see and experience the world. If you want to see something or learn more about the countries I visit feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to research the topic and make content for my subscribers.