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Transcript and second prophecy: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/two-prophecies-about-europe-1968-1937-a-90-year-old-norwegians-vision-from-god-when-the-oil-flows/

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Mmhhhhhh, WHY did BitChute 'just' post this video TWICE which I did not do?
For I posted this video 12 days ago, NOT today; here is proof: https://www.bitchute.com/video/qIsbB5uO0IP5/

Article including TRANSCRIPT shortened video: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/joseph-jordan-on-the-best-kept-secret-in-the-ufo-alien-realm-transcript/

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2nd upload attempt after trying 3 times!
BitChute along with YouTube doesn't want you to see these videos. Same Club.


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Don Moen in: ‘Many Freemasons and demon channeling exposed! How to better discern them’

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One of my comments:
Yes, satan is furious that I posted this video, I know. That's why he's using your misinformation. However, I know who Fritz Springmeier really is, a Freemason posing as a so-called 'christian'. In reality, he acts like a CON, a SHILL; he might even be a double agent.
Please open your eyes, https://eindtijdnieuws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Fritz-Springmeier-Freemason.jpeg And... I also pray for my enemies, such as Freemasons, Luciferians, occultists, New Agers, etc. And I know that most of these people are looking forward to the other Christ: the coming Antichrist. I hope this helps to open your eyes, being friends with the spiritual enemy in Fritz Springmeier. #FritzSpringmeier #JohnTodd #satan #pray

B@nned Video! This was my 5th upload attempt; I'm not joking.

More information you can find on: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/valse-claims-over-schietpartij-op-school-in-het-amerikaanse-nashville/

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2nd or actually 3rd upload attempt now due to sh@dowb@nning on all video platforms

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They don't want you to know this

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3rd upload attempt; they don't want you to know this

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Written article at: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/iron-dome-een-enorme-hoax-en-veredeld-vuurwerk-dat-geen-raketten-onderschept/

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Yes, the devil is furious about this exposé; they really don't want you to know this!

A transcript is coming soon today: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/barack-obama-en-bliksem-in-het-nieuws-nieuwe-antichrist-bevestiging/

(This was the 2nd upload attempt.)

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The complete article is here: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/fulvinezuur-verbeter-je-gezondheid-drastisch-met-dit-wonder-uit-de-natuur-getuigenissen/
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Fulvic acid is unique: What it does for you, nothing else can do for you. There is no alternative, and our soil is totally poor in it.
Fulvic Miracle Cure Scares the system! It is the strongest antioxidant there is. It fights cancer among other things.
An amazing natural remedy, which they hide! It is called a miracle molecule for a reason.

Fulvic acid is a special substance with an extraordinary number of positive effects on the health of people, animals, and plants.

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The article you can find here: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/oorzaak-jodenhaat-john-todd-over-het-verschil-tussen-joodse-en-luciferiaanse-mensen/

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