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Fulvic acid is unique: What it does for you, nothing else can do for you. There is no alternative, and our soil is totally poor in it.
Fulvic Miracle Cure Scares the system! It is the strongest antioxidant there is. It fights cancer among other things.
An amazing natural remedy, which they hide! It is called a miracle molecule for a reason.

Fulvic acid is a special substance with an extraordinary number of positive effects on the health of people, animals, and plants.

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Demon channeling Pastor Charles Lawson caught using lies and many Masonic hand signs and symbols as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

June 1, 2022

Do not take everything blindly, but also research it yourself; do your own homework.

An ex-Freemason once said:
‘You probably won’t hear from many other Freemasons who broke their oaths. One knows that by the time they are done, almost every church will be taken over.’

The images shown above represent the obelisk, 2 x 9 white stones at the entrance (99 = 66), or 19 at the left and 19 at the right, the symbol of the sun in the middle, and the mockery of burning and hanging Christians, and Christians to be eaten by lions, right in your face, from:

Temple Baptist Church
2100 Woodrow Drive, Knoxville, TN 37928, United States

Here, ‘The Lion of Judah hath prevailed!!!’ represents the Masonic Lion of the Masons. More about the Lion of the Freemasons later in this article.
The video compilation shows a lot more, not mentioned in this article!

Who is Jesus according to Freemasonry?
‘You have to remember, to them ‘Lucifer is good, Lucifer is the liberator, and Jesus is the suppressor, Lucifer is pure love; Jesus is impure love, Lucifer left heaven for you; Jesus was crucified because He was a false Messiah…
Freemasonry secretly hates Jesus Christ! And secretly Freemasonry is evil. They are saying, “Evil is good”, mocking the One who came to destroy evil.’

‘They say: ‘It is satan who is the god of our planet and the only god’. And they talk about the sacrifice of Lucifer; everything is being reversed! ‘Evil is good, Jesus is the enemy, and Lucifer sacrificed himself for you, not Jesus Christ’: the One who washed the feet of His disciples, and the only One they fear!
They believe in the fallen angels (33% of all the angels), led by the devil, and they revolt against God. These people make contact with these fallen angels, with the Royal Art of Freemasonry, called witchcraft!’

666 hand sign of the Freemasons
‘The hand sign which shows the number 666: it’s satan’s number, foretold by Jesus Christ. The number is mystical, and related to sex rituals within witchcraft. They hate Jesus! These disciples of Lucifer protect their religion not by words, but by symbols and signs. They mock you by displaying it in your face.’
Haven’t you noticed that Charles Lawson often mocks his audience in church, often mocks Christians, and often mocks Christianity? And haven’t you noticed that he often magnifies and glorifies Lucifer, satan, and the devil? For ears to hear… and they don’t even notice it!

They will lead you into the New World Order with their coming ‘Messiah’
‘Do you want to know what the New Order looks like, what the future holds, what horror is coming to our planet? As Jesus foretold us: “For then there will be great distress…” Welcome to the Masonic New World Order!
You are going to lose this battle, unless you are hidden in Jesus Christ, the only One who warned you that the New Age is a trap, and that it is the climax to be plaid out on planet earth. In New Age, darkness is sold as light, satan is being disguised, and it promotes the great deception of self-love and spirituality! It’s a New Satanic Age.’
The New Age has another gospel, dear people!

‘Christ’ is mentioned everywhere, but not Jesus Christ, or much less
‘This is the antichrist spirit, who will eventually manifest and appear to the world as one man. Yes, it’s clear that the enemy uses Biblical terms. Christ, the anti of the real Christ, is their savior!’

Do not put yourself under oath!
‘Jesus was very clear: “Do not be called master, for one is your Master”, and “What I tell you is this, do not put yourself under oath at all, but let your Yes mean Yes, and your No mean No”, and “What is whispered in your ear, proclaim it from the rooftops”.’ – Altiyan Childs

Why does Charles Lawson call his Sunday School ‘SSchool’? It reminds me a lot of the SS, and the 2 SS-lightning bolts as well.
‘Music’: why on earth does he depict a child playing with a snake, and… a hammer, used as the symbol of ‘the authority of the Master’?
And why does he show another snake in another image, called ‘Wednesday?’ Probably much more symbolism to see here, but.......More at the source

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More info about Freemasonry and Masons: https://eindtijdnieuws.com/?s=vrijmetselaars

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‘Astrale seks’ is een veel voorkomende praktijk, geprezen en aangemoedigd binnen de New Age. Zijn OBE’s tekenen van geestelijke vooruitgang? En hoe zit het met ascentie?

29 april 2022

In dit artikel gaan we deze praktijk blootleggen en laten we het bewijs ons duidelijk maken, dat deze occulte (verborgen) praktijk zowel gevaarlijk als demonisch is. Ook gaan we het uitgebreid hebben over het fenomeen slaapverlamming.

Wat is ‘astrale projectie’?
Astrale projectie is de praktijk van het moedwillig je geest of ziel loskoppelen van je lichaam, en rondreizen in een parallel spiritueel rijk, dat ‘het astrale rijk’ wordt genoemd. Dit is de naam, die wordt gegeven aan een onzichtbare dimensie recht boven ons.
Wanneer een deel van jou je fysieke lichaam verlaat, terwijl je lichaam nog leeft, wordt dit ‘astrale projectie’ genoemd. Buiten het lichaam bestaat een persoon, theoretisch gezien, als een ontlichaamde ziel: het ‘astrale lichaam’, ook wel psychosoma genoemd.

Out of Body Experience (OBE)
In die toestand ben je je volledig bewust, bijna als in een normale staat van bewustzijn, ook al is je fysieke lichaam misschien kilometers ver van je verwijderd en slaapt het nog. Deze ervaringen worden ook wel OBE's (Out of Body Experiences), of uittredingservaringen genoemd, omdat ze de scheiding van ons bewustzijn en lichaam omvatten...

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