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Constantijn zit vast in de Grote Beek, nu is hij LAB-RAT !
GGzE Hoofdlocatie Landgoed De Grote Beek – Dr. Poletlaan 40, 5626 ND Eindhoven

Constantijn zit vast in de Grote Beek, nu is hij LAB-RAT !
GGzE Hoofdlocatie Landgoed De Grote Beek – Dr. Poletlaan 40, 5626 ND Eindhoven

Inspired by true events, a group of friends discover an ancient coffin equipped with a strange mechanism that allows them to experience the world as a ghost. While their first attempt into the spirit world is innocent, the coffin soon brings out their most dangerous impulses and desires.

Do you really wanna go so far ?

compilation 2024-02-08

vrijmetselarij heeft niets te maken met de Illuminati

When I found this clip, my jaw dropped. It perfectly explains everything we see happening today.
Lost video from the 90's on mind control via microwave EMF the the TeleLIESvision
Now, imagine what we're capable of today in 2024....

specially for Ron, republished.

new single out now !

Des shorijorl shorei mek fareteku -soh
quorthei ei thes eia comes luhtei tu entertain us shorithsk letu-soh

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One media outlet recently described the highly funded and organized burgeoning international climate protest movement as, "based deeply on contemporary research and rigorous analysis of what has made social and revolutionary movements successful throughout history and while organised on flexible scale-uppable decentralised principles borne out of silicon valley start-ups, the movement also has another aspect deep in its core..."

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Listen sometimes backwards parts of movies, where the sentence is so profound.
A new world will be opened for you.

A Quest ;

I am within and with the body,
I am not the mind and i am not a person !

More info
The Dead Cult https://www.bitchute.com/video/SopLahNjKFzl/
Dutch, a so called 'wappie, a loser, a mad etc. Makes really sense ! So fragile and so strong. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bqVEJCSZ7OAp/
and last one about topic video ; you are not a person ; https://www.bitchute.com/video/4hGWth3eoFPh/

As ghastly witches prophesy that Macbeth, the Thane of Glamis, will soon become the King of Scotland, ambitious Lady Macbeth prompts her husband to act.

chip in slow motion to see it a bit better

That's the future ...


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