Ten year old Union Tools 7" Hoe & Current Razor-Back 7" Onion Hoe (Same Hoe) Warning Some Hoeing Out of Frame; and inbound sharpening of hoes can be dangerous!

Short garden tour mid May

My Tomatoes For The 2022 Season

The Photo is of KBX, it's a heirloom Kellogg's Breakfast Cross that has potato leaf. The trays are Bat Tat toy box bins and the pots are Anderson rose pots 2 1/4 x 3 1/4. Thirty per tray. Three four foot shop lights on metal sawhorses; but, instead of raising the lights, I lower the tomatoes. Garden Peach, Rutgers, Russian Orange Plumb, Dinner Plate, Lurley's Paste, Hillbilly, and German Queen

Unlike other Ames Companies Hoes This Hoe Appears to be American Made, has a nice looking stain on the wood handle and a bright green grip; but the hoe will fall apart when used. Probably designed in a marketing meeting, not designed to be used. The blade of the hoe is attached with two spot welds, it will pop off will repeated serious use. Not One Of My Hoes!

My Apologies To All The Subscribers! I got a new phone awhile back, which is also my camera. And long story short, I shot the last three videos with the plastic film over the lens. Thanks for sticking with All My Hoes!

Rogue 7" Field Hoe with a 60" Ash Handle 70F60

Jim-Gem Fyrake Fire Rake

Union Nursery Hoe 2 1/2 inch wide; 70 - 90 years old. A small hoe to get into tight spaces. Can be used on three sides.

Seymour 7 inch Beet Hoe

Razor-Back 6 inch Beet Hoe
Please Read Entire Webpage Below and Comment! I find it misleading and less than truthfull!

Harbor Freight Predator Earth Auger with the optional 8 inch Auger

Six and a half inch Onion Hoe, that can be sharpened on three sides; a Yeoman & Company product.


The Garden Hand Hoe is an Amish American Made Hoe; made from recycled sawmill blades. It is six inches wide with a fifty-four inch handle, light, and very sharp; but not for heavy duty use, it's a precision cutting hoe. Not designed for busting sod, cutting hay, or pulling roots. May be too fine a blade for rocky or clay soils. I got mine from Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio.


Push-Pull Hoe Mfg. by Lanco Tools Lititz, PA; V shape with sharp edges easily glides thru soil with a push pull action.

Hoss Tools Oscillating Hoe and Corona Max Oscillating Hoe

German Red Hardneck Garlic on 8" spacing, 18" rows. Around 225 planted; you can count if you like, maybe 227; 75' rows. Hoss Dibble Attachment on Hoss Single Wheel Hoe.

LEE 600-R MR. PEA SHELLER I payed $32 it's worth it for me, but the hand crank is super cheap. I shell about a gallon each year not enough to justify the big money commercial shellers. DeWalt drill not included. Made to run on a cake mixer, but my mixer has no reverse and the sheller ran backwards.

Jang JP-1 seeder planting Boone County White dent corn. Using the A - 6 seed roller on 30" rows. Really the JP-1 can not plant deep enough for corn; but it will be hilled in a few weeks. For planting a bunch of corn use the Jang TD seeder.

Thirty Shots Under Two Minutes

American Standard Wheel Hoe with Planet Jr front wheel & Plow

Planting tomatoes with a Cordless Drill & Bulb Auger. My tomatoes are started from seed in 2 ¹/⁴ inch square rosepots 3 ¹/⁴ deep.
100 Plants:
25 - Garden Peach
12 - Black Mountain Pink 13 - KBX
12 - White Queen 13 - German Queen
25 - Lurley's Paste

Sequel to Planting with the Jang JP-1 Seeder
I wholeheartedly recommend all Hosstools Wheelhoes!

Peas one row
Lettuce two rows
Collard Greens two rows
Seven Top Turnip Greens three rows
Red Russian Kale three rows
Cilantro four rows (ok I have no idea why I planted so much Cilantro I did have a bunch of seed) will probably till under two and plant Dill.

Just some random stuff I saw this weekend. Max Michel is the really fast guy. The last shot is the Magpul Waffle Maker.

Just my thoughts on using the Jang JP-1 Seeder for the first time. Bottom line it's really good and really expensive; but it's not perfect.

The new just released Maglula 10/22 Lula Loader for Ruger BX Magizines


Shooting Ruger Charger with BX -25 mags and Bug Buster Scope. If you live somewhere that bans high capacity magazines; you need to move. I am shooting CCI Tactical 22LR the copper coated stuff.

I'm using a Hoss Tools dribble wheel hoe attachment on a single Hoss wheel hoe with the seeder attachment row marker planting garlic on 8" spacing with 18" rows.


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