My Apologies To All The Subscribers! I got a new phone awhile back, which is also my camera. And long story short, I shot the last three videos with the plastic film over the lens. Thanks for sticking with All My Hoes!

Rogue 7" Field Hoe with a 60" Ash Handle 70F60

Jim-Gem Fyrake Fire Rake

Union Nursery Hoe 2 1/2 inch wide; 70 - 90 years old. A small hoe to get into tight spaces. Can be used on three sides.

Seymour 7 inch Beet Hoe

Razor-Back 6 inch Beet Hoe
Please Read Entire Webpage Below and Comment! I find it misleading and less than truthfull!

Harbor Freight Predator Earth Auger with the optional 8 inch Auger

Six and a half inch Onion Hoe, that can be sharpened on three sides; a Yeoman & Company product.


The Garden Hand Hoe is an Amish American Made Hoe; made from recycled sawmill blades. It is six inches wide with a fifty-four inch handle, light, and very sharp; but not for heavy duty use, it's a precision cutting hoe. Not designed for busting sod, cutting hay, or pulling roots. May be too fine a blade for rocky or clay soils. I got mine from Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio.


Push-Pull Hoe Mfg. by Lanco Tools Lititz, PA; V shape with sharp edges easily glides thru soil with a push pull action.

Hoss Tools Oscillating Hoe and Corona Max Oscillating Hoe

German Red Hardneck Garlic on 8" spacing, 18" rows. Around 225 planted; you can count if you like, maybe 227; 75' rows. Hoss Dibble Attachment on Hoss Single Wheel Hoe.

LEE 600-R MR. PEA SHELLER I payed $32 it's worth it for me, but the hand crank is super cheap. I shell about a gallon each year not enough to justify the big money commercial shellers. DeWalt drill not included. Made to run on a cake mixer, but my mixer has no reverse and the sheller ran backwards.

Jang JP-1 seeder planting Boone County White dent corn. Using the A - 6 seed roller on 30" rows. Really the JP-1 can not plant deep enough for corn; but it will be hilled in a few weeks. For planting a bunch of corn use the Jang TD seeder.

Thirty Shots Under Two Minutes

American Standard Wheel Hoe with Planet Jr front wheel & Plow

Planting tomatoes with a Cordless Drill & Bulb Auger. My tomatoes are started from seed in 2 ¹/⁴ inch square rosepots 3 ¹/⁴ deep.
100 Plants:
25 - Garden Peach
12 - Black Mountain Pink 13 - KBX
12 - White Queen 13 - German Queen
25 - Lurley's Paste

Sequel to Planting with the Jang JP-1 Seeder
I wholeheartedly recommend all Hosstools Wheelhoes!

Peas one row
Lettuce two rows
Collard Greens two rows
Seven Top Turnip Greens three rows
Red Russian Kale three rows
Cilantro four rows (ok I have no idea why I planted so much Cilantro I did have a bunch of seed) will probably till under two and plant Dill.

Just some random stuff I saw this weekend. Max Michel is the really fast guy. The last shot is the Magpul Waffle Maker.

Just my thoughts on using the Jang JP-1 Seeder for the first time. Bottom line it's really good and really expensive; but it's not perfect.

The new just released Maglula 10/22 Lula Loader for Ruger BX Magizines


Shooting Ruger Charger with BX -25 mags and Bug Buster Scope. If you live somewhere that bans high capacity magazines; you need to move. I am shooting CCI Tactical 22LR the copper coated stuff.

I'm using a Hoss Tools dribble wheel hoe attachment on a single Hoss wheel hoe with the seeder attachment row marker planting garlic on 8" spacing with 18" rows.

Install Diversified Innovative products Ruger American Rifle Rail 11010-S

Manually working the jack handles of this hydraulic splitter generates up to 10 tons of splitting force, enough to split logs as long as 18 in. and as thick as 6-1/2 in. in diameter (depending on wood density).
Accepts logs up to 18 in. long and 6-1/2 in. diameter
Manually operated

Odd Targets 1, 3, 5 used scope; Even Targets 2, 4, 6 iron sights. Very dissatisfied with the scope. Just installed Ironsighter one piece see thru scope mount, and couldn't use the scope I wanted (not long enough) so I installed this one I had around. Stock comb not high enough for the tall Ironsighter, but it's a trade off when you are trying to use both sights and scope.

No shooting, nothing tactical, just me rambling about Harrington & Richardson H&R and New England Firearms NEF rifles and shotguns; this video is of my little shotguns: the Survivor & the Tamer

The stocks in this video are still made by Choate.

Serial Number Dating “H&R 1871” 1986 – May 2008: First Letter H for H&R or N for NEF; Second Letter started in 1986 with A, 87 B, 88 C, and so on skipping the letters O and Q ending in May of 2008 with Y. After May of 2008 no serial number dating: CAC = SB1, CBA = SB2.

Just how to freeze peppers, so you don't get a big frozen hot mess.


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