Just how to freeze peppers, so you don't get a big frozen hot mess.

Bolt action 22 LR; it takes the BX series 10/22 magazines, has a bolt handle large enough for an adult's hand, and it's stainless steel with a threaded barrel. What more could you want in a bolt 22 LR? It's the perfect companion for a stainless steel Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Finally, it's been years since I have shot a bolt action 22 LR, and the BX - 25 puts the fun back in bolt 22s. If you live somewhere that bans high capacity magazines, you need to move.

My method of saving Tomato Seeds. Besides saving money; every year tomato seeds are saved, the plants are adapting to your climate, soil, and your growing habits. The best tomato seeds are not store bought! All I grow are heirloom tomatoes, keeping the tomatoes my Grandparents grew viable for other generations.

You can do this fermentation process with anything that will hold water, that you can poke holes in the top. No need to go to additional expense to do it exactly like I do. However I have developed my method over twenty years, and it works for me. Critter cage is optional!

An Unloader for all 10/22 Magazines

Short story never drop a firearm it can go boom

Serial Number Dating “H&R 1871” 1986 – May 2008: First Letter H for H&R or N for NEF; Second Letter started in 1986 with A, 87 B, 88 C, and so on skipping the letters O and Q ending in May of 2008 with Y. After May of 2008 no serial number dating: CAC = SB1, CBA = SB2.

First Shots - Not a good video, just trying this out as 2A loving Americans Exodus from YouTube.


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