This video was captured during a climate engineering operation in the Chicago area. It shows clearly the spraying being turned on and off and how it spreads over time. There is no audio. This is a typical solar radiation management operation. Video date 2019.

Claudia from Cabin Talk, interviews Dr. Marvin Herndon Phd about his experiences with the science community and the corruption surrounding research. He also explains how the IPCC and others were wrong about CO2 and the warming of the planet. And then he explains how geoengineering is causing the warming by spraying particulates in the sky. Website - nuclearplanet.com

Documentary film by Clifford Carnicom. Many views of the sky, through the years, before and after the aerosol assault began. He shows research and explains how geoengineering is changing the planet.
Dr. Carnicom website - carnicominstitute.org

A video that shows the ongoing Geoengineering operations, and suggestions on how we can explain to people what is going on in our skies. This video suggests that we download an app that will alert government officials automatically when we take a picture of a geoengineering operation in action. The picture will be sent with a message.

This documentary shows the ongoing Climate engineering operations, with discussion of concerned citizens at the 2008 Shasta County California Board of Supervisors meeting. Featuring Dane Wigington, researcher and Roslyn Peterson. This documentary was created and edited by Deborah Whitman from Environmentalvoices.org.
Dane Wigington - geoengineeringwatch.org

Roslyn talks about the impact on Agriculture from the ongoing geoengineering.

Shawn Stone from Buzzsaw, talks to Dane Wigington about the ongoing climate engineering and cover-up operations.

James Corbett and Spiro of Newsbud, talk about the history of weather modification by the US government, and how no concern is given for public health.

Lionel of Lionel Media, talks to Dane about the ongoing geoengineering operations that are the main destructive factor in climate problems.

CIA Director speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations about spraying all over the world with toxins.

In 1962, President Lyndon Johnson speaks about controlling the weather. He stated that "he who controls the weather will control the world."

Roslyn Peterson of the Agriculture Defense Coalition talks to the UN about weather modification with geoengineering.

Ian Baldwin and Rob talk about Geoengineering on the Cabin Talk Show.

Guadalajara experienced a massive hailstorm as much as 6 feet deep in places. Geoengineering sometimes uses chemical ice nucleation to create cool downs.


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