A comical walk through an Asian wet-market.
(Note:- Anyone you see in video wearing a mask, has ridden a scooter to Market, they wear them for motor-vehicle exhaust pollution)

Specially for David Broadhurst

Westerners vacation in Asia

Self treatment for Prostate. Bloodroot capsules. Day#1.
Thanks to good friend Mia's research,  found the Australian supplier of bloodroot at Townsville, Qld Australia.
Capsules arrived this morning, I look forward to starting it, apparently there will be some nausea and minor side effects, I will see. 

After reading feedback on the product from Australia and America I'm feeling quite positive.

Re:- Bloodroot use.

Bloodroot capsules - 

This season's exquisite model, Davo, is modelling this year's salmon collection from the house of Aldi.

The Boy Hero of the Australian police.

Warnings about the New World order plan. Doctor Roberto Petrella.
Born on 05.05.1947 in Pratola Peligna (L'Aquila), he graduated in Medicine and Surgery on 09.04.1976 at the University of Milan.
Specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology on 14.11.1980 at the University of Ferrara.
Registered with the Order of Doctors of the Province of Teramo.


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